Inuyasha relaxed into the cool water of the river, letting out a sigh of relief as the swift, cool liquid swept over his heat-plagued body. He was two weeks into his first aptly-named 'heat', and, so-far, it was very stressful on the young hanyou's mind.

The way Kaede and Myoga had explained it, that was because these 'heats' were a strictly demonic phenomenon, and were not meant to be experienced around humans, as some of what humans consider to be normal social interactions, are actually signs that you are interested in bedding, and maybe even mating, with that particular individual. So, when Miroku smiled at him, he felt an overwhelming desire to do certain things with Miroku's "staff." Realizing no good would come from sticking around, he had decided to take off into the woods to get away before things got out of hand, and now he desperately needed to blow off some steam.

He glanced around and listened to ensure that there was no-one else around. Satisfied that he was all-alone, he reached down to his throbbing member and began pumping with one hand, as he put the other to work on his sensitive nipples.

"Oh, fuck…" Inuyasha moaned in pleasure.


Kouga scowled in disgust as he surveyed the carcass of yet another one of his scouts.

"Fucking lion-demons…" he muttered angrily under his breath.

This was the seventh wolf-demon in the last two-weeks to be violently raped, killed and partially eaten.

"Well, at least we don't have to worry about them anymore. For now, anyway…" Hakkaku said.

"What? Their last attack happened only hours ago, why wouldn't we have to worry about them?" Kouga asked incredulously.

"Our remaining scouts, who have been tracking them, say that they have decided to continue on with their northern migration back to their den."

"Screw that!" Kouga exclaimed. "The lion-demons have always danced on the line, but this time they violated our treaty when they crossed onto our lands and raped and killed our packmates!"

With that, Kouga gathered a small hunting party of about six of his strongest warriors, including Ginta and Hakkaku, and lead them all through the woods in the direction of the lion's-den.


Rikiya settled down for camp as the sun began its slow descent. His pride had made quick work of turning the small clearing in the forest into a small village, complete with small houses and even a headman's house for himself, although he felt much more comfortable sleeping out by the fire.

Koki collapsed next to him, breathing heavily and visibly exhausted.

"Man, Rikiya." He said between breaths. "It sure is hard work being newly-mated. Nothing but sex sex sex all day long! You sure are lucky not to be mated, yet!"

"Yeah, lucky-me." He muttered sarcastically.

"Hey, cheer-up." Koki said, giving Rikiya a slap on the back. "Someday, you'll find a mate that doesn't 'smell like shit'!" He exclaimed with accompanying air-quotes and a laugh.

"Well, it's not my fault that lion-demons don't appeal to me. I guess I'm just picky."

"Yeah, waaaay too picky. Remember last time? You had, like, five potential mates all-over you, and you ran off and hid!" He said, finishing with a cackle.

Rikiya scowled. He stood and started walking away.

"Where the hell are you going?" Koki called.

"I'm going to bathe in the river; I need to cool off."

"Oh right, you're still in heat. Well, have fun!"

Rikiya shook his head angrily as he disappeared into the forest.


Inuyasha's breath quickened as he increased his pace. His cheeks were stained a light pink.

He opened his half-lidded, lust-glazed eyes and froze.

A large, red-eyed demon stood just a few feet away from him; he looked like he was ready to pounce.

"Hello," He breathed huskily. "Did you know that you smell absolutely delicious?"