A/N: Just a little oneshot set somewhere in between "A Spectre Calls" and "Puppy Love".

Annie placed a hand over her mouth, trying to cover the irrovocable grin threatening to spread up her face, as she and Tom leant quietly against the doorway to the attic. She and Tom had only come up to relieve Hal of his babysitting duties, but obviously the time had slipped the vampire's radar, because they caught him unawares in the middle of story time.

"... all the bad things, such as goblins and faeries, came out to play. So hearing all this, the girl took a large coat with a hood to cover her golden hair, and journied away to see it for herself," Hal told the baby, who lay cooing in his arms, oblivious to his other audience. "Humanity was very gullible back then, you have no idea..."

Tom frowned, and leaned close to Annie, "Wha' story is 'e tellin'?"

Annie shook her head. "I have no idea."

"... she was trapped! Don't worry, because when she noticed a human figure approaching, she shook off her hood to reveal her hair. The light was dazzling," he flourished his fingers, which Eve tried contentedly to grab. "And it scared all the goblins and monsters away."

Eve blew a bubble, and started stirring. Hal made a face somewhere between a smile and a grimace, and as he made to place Eve back into her crib, he asked her softly, "Shall we continue this tomorrow?"

Annie took this as the moment to intervene, "As long as you take an extra turn, I'm sure she'd be delighted to hear more about the greasy-haired goblins."

Hal started slightly at her voice, but masked it with a quizzical frown. "Greasy-haired?"

"Well, if they're scared of a girl's shiny golden hair, the odds are they aren't familiar to the concept of shampoo." elaborated Annie, joining him at the crib.

Hal smirked sheepishly. "You were listening to all of that?"

"No, we both were." Annie gestured to Tom. "What story were you telling her, anyway?"

"The Buried Moon. It's a fairy tale from the eighteen-hundreds."

"Well, I'm sure she loved it." Annie said, as Eve gurgled happily and sucked on her thumb. Hal smiled at the baby; genuinely smiled.

It was moments like this that Annie wished would stay as eternal and frozen as she was. Moments of amity, of family.

I didn't know how to end it. I hope that was ok.

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