The Misadventures of Yukari Yakumo

Foreword by Hebiko Bimyouna

Greetings. Thank you for purchasing this book. Just as a warning, this book will not contain: Purple Prose, Gratuitous Sex Scenes, Bishounen Male Leads, pretentious female leads, dialogue that no-one in the real world will ever use, or Gothic Lolitas.

If you like these things, please feel free to put this book down, perhaps even return it for your money back, and buy Tokage Reiketsu's book. I guess it'll just show the high idiot to normal person ratio in this world...

Oh, I'm sorry, I got a tad bitter, for a second. I guess I'm worried about the inevitable popularity of my competition's book. But if you're someone who likes to read, trust me when I say that my book is better for you... what? Oh, I'm meant to be talking about myself? But what would I say?

Hold on, you just typed all those questions out, didn't you? Oh, fine, I'll tell you some information you might like to hear...

I am Hebiko Bimyouna, although that isn't my real surname... I'm two hundred and thirty five years old, and I must admit, I have never shown an interest in writing, and perhaps that might show in my work. I apologise if I do. My true intention is to show that real readers will prefer my works over the... pretentious works of... certain others.

If this foreword is intended to be a message to my readers, I guess I'd better wish you luck. My books are intended to be short, and episodic, with no real ending, (and in the case of books beyond this one, no real beginning either) that is, until the last of my series.

When that will be, I have no idea, but I imagine this will be fun nonetheless. If not for you, certainly for me. I've really enjoyed just... STICKING IT to that pompous, air-headed, arrogant, perverted, bitchy... oh, you're still typing? Sorry.

...I guess I should inform you of the unavoidable. These characters were designed from real people, any resemblance to non-fictional characters is fully intentional. However, unlike Tokage, I have acquired permission from the Youkai involved in this story. If you want proof, I have a small slip of paper with the signatures of all those involved...

Finally, I want to thank you for buying this book and sticking with it, presuming you haven't put it down after my act of audience ultra-filtration at the beginning of this foreword, as you're still reading, right? Yes, thank you for buying this book, I'm intending on saving up to donate to the school for Human Children... you know, in the human village. Apparently one of the guys in this book works there or something.

Alright, with that, I'm gonna let you read on! Enjoy the fruits of my labour!