Chapter one: Memories


It was warm July night in London. As I was walking down the street, I saw two girls staring at me and wispering. I winked at them and they blushed and started giggling. I smirked. Everybody just loves me. Except Katherine the bitch and her little doppelganger Elena. After I found out that Katherine wasn't in the tomb, I realised I don't need her. And for Elena, well, she was happy with my brother. And my broody little brother was happy with her. I couldn't be so selfish and take Elena from Stefan. He is my little brother , I will always love him and I will never let anyone hurt him, especially me. After all, I'm his big bro, I'm supposed to be there for him and watch his back and all that shitty brotherly things. And, I will find some pretty and nice girl to be my princess of darkness and she WON'T be a Petrova doppelganger!

Few weeks ago, I decided I need a break from everything. So, I went to London. My mother was from England and she lived in London before her family moved to America and she met my idiotic father... Well, my father didn't know that she was a witch. Not Bonnie kind of witch, but the real one- with wand and broom and stuff like that. Stefan and I were wizards, too. Luckily, our father didn't know about it, because he would kill us if he knew. Our mother protected us with a spell which blocked our powers until we were 23 years old. Boy, I was so fucking shocked when I made a stone turn into a wine glass just by thinking about that!

When I unlocked my powers, I educated about magic. I found my mother's old school books with spells in a basement of the Boarding House. I loved magic. I loved everything about it. The feeling of power going through my veins when I cast a spell, wind rushing through my hair while I'm flying, joy and happiness when I make Stefan's hair pink and long...

Anyways, once upon a time, I was a member of The Order of the Phoenix. It's funny, really, how it happened. I was in Hogsmead, in Honeydukes' . While I was picking my favourite candies ( blood flavoured) seven Death Eaters came into the shop. They wanted to take the shopkeeper, Andrea Mason with them. She was good friend with James Potter and well known member of The Order of the Phoenix. I couldn't let the Death Eaters to take her. She was always nice to me, and I didn't even need to compell her to give me free sweets and chocolate. Women... I just love they love me...

However, I stunned all of the Death Eaters before they could even blink. Super vampire speed! Ha! Beat that if you can! That Flitwick guy saw me stunning the Death Eaters ( he didnt do anything about them ,little coward , I'm sure he's a Ravenclaw, they never do anything )and he told Dumbledore about me- how awesome I am. Dumbledore asked me to join the club... And he didn't regret it. I was the most useful member of the Order. My job was to spy Death Eaters and it was really easy because, well, I am a vampire!

I met lots of cool guys in the Order. Me, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and James Potter were the best friends. I didn't like their school friend, Peter Pettigrew, very much , I always felt like I shouldn't trust his little rat face... But James told me not to worry, Peter is ok. When James and Lily died, everyone blamed Sirius. I just knew that Peter told Voldemort where they were, but everyone said I'm nuts. So, I went to America. I really didn't have the reason to be in England anymore, one of my best friends was dead, the other one was in the worst jail in the whole world... James's child had no parents. I asked Dumbledore to let me keep Harry, but, no. Smart Dumbledore always knows the best! Hell , I am older than him and he tells me what to do!

I was really angry and dissapointed when I left London. I just wanted to move from the wizarding world and all that Voldemort is dead ,yay! shit for a few years... Everyone thought Voldemort was dead. I wasn't so sure about that. Such an evil person couldn't just die! He was the worst kind of evil, but he was really smart, he couldn't just let himself die! And, when James's boy was in the fourth year of Hogwarts, Voldemort kinda came back...

Of course, Dumbledore the savior reunited The Order of the Phoenix. He sent me a letter few weeks ago. Stefans's face was hilarious, he looked so '' I want to eat you, owl''. Man, I thought that after all of these years he won't look at poor owl like it's something to eat! I mean, it's like I want to eat a postman when he delivers me a letter! Duh!

I was almost excited when I got a letter, it was getting boring in Mystic Falls. I think that my dearest little bro Steffie- poo is going to propose Elena- boo! Gross! I never loved all that lovely – dovely things!

I took the plane to London. I could aparate to London( yes, I am that awesome) but this was funnier. All the girls on the plane were practically drolling over me...Ha ha, this is going to be funny!