The heat of disire in Fairy Tail

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Lucy lay in her bed with open eyes and listen to the rain pattering outside.

She sighed and cuddled herself in her new quilt.

It was too quiet in the room seemed to her and lifted her head to throw an eye on her sofa in the corner.

It was empty. She sighed and stood up out of bed with a bored look.

He was not here.

No wonder it was so quiet in her apartment.

She walked with a shuffling gait towards the kitchen to pour a glass of milk.

She heard the sound of the rain and still decided to call on Plue.

She took a sip of her glass with ice cold milk, and went into her room to retrieve her keys.

- I open the gate of the dog, Nicolas!

A poof was heard before the white Plue with carrot nose and white body came up and waved their hands.

- Puun puun!

Lucy smiled and Plue began to dance around and clap his hands in rhythm.

Lucy sighed again, she was really bored.

"Where was he ? He usually always be here when I wake up .." thought Lucy, and sighed, her eyes fixed on her window.

Plue had settled on her bed and sat next to her gazing out the window too.

- Pun?

Lucy shook her head and smiled at Plue.

Plue said no more, but looked only to his owner who was sitting with empty eyes and looked out the window.

- Where are you Natsu? , Lucy sighed and dropped her head on the window sill.

She closed her brown eyes and listened to the rain that beat against her window.

Plue patted his owner on his back before he went back to his spirit world.

Lucy fell asleep shortly there after and did not notice when the window of her room opened and out jumped a man entered.

The man looked at Lucy and pulled off his coat he had to protect a bit from the hard rain outside.

Happy was not with him this time because he hated the rain. He was after all a cat.

The man ran his hand through her damp pink hair and walked over to Lucy.

He lifted her into his arms and carried her to her bed and laid her down gently.

He would just get up to grab the blanket when Lucy grabbed his arm and pulled him down with them in bed.

First Natsu shrugged and looked at Lucy, but she was still asleep.

He tried to release her grip, but it was as if Lucy would not let his arm at all.

Lucy, however, drew Natsu closer to her enormous breasts.

Natsu tried to wake Lucy but she really slept like a log.

Natsu sighed and tried to breath with his face pressed into her huge bust.

- Natsu ... murmured Lucy and Natsu froze.

"Was she awake?" thought Natsu and lifted his head as much as he could to check on Lucy.

Lucy was still asleep with his eyes closed and Natsu sighed out of relief.

- Natsu .. the tickle ... , Lucy mumbled and giggled.

"What the hell she dreams about?" thought Natsu and ripped away from her chest and took a deep breath.

- Natsu .. Your horny flame! , Lucy giggled again and pulled Natsu with him in motion so he was over her.

- Touch me .. yes .. there ... touch me ... more .. so nice .. , Lucy moaned and threw her head back and forth on her pillow.

Natsu did not understand what it was something she dreamed about, really.

But for the first time he saw how her neck was exposed in an attractive manner.

"Have her neck always been like that attractive?" thought Natsu and leaned forward and brought his lips to her neck.

- More .. Lucy gasped and her eyelids moved.

Natsu raised his head and looked at Lucy.

He did not know what sorts of things she really was dreaming but he was going to find it out no matter what it was.

- Not there .. Naughty Natsu .. giggled Lucy and Natsu rolled his eyes.

He searched with his eyes and there was even a thought and a need to touch her breasts.

"Has she always had such a beautiful body that I never thought of?" thought Natsu and unbuttoned her cardigan she wore over her tight blue tank top.

He took care of her was a tight tank top and threw it on the floor along with the cardigan.

He saw her lace bra in pink with just a few few words on both cups.

Lick. Me. stood there and he could not help but growl at.

He thought it was getting hotter in the room so he pulled off his pants and the belt.

He drew a finger across her breasts sticking out of the hives and could not resist pulling his tongue over them.

- More .. groaned Lucy and Natsu could not resist.

He did not know what was happening in him but it was a wonderful feeling.

As if something inside him wanted out. He could smell her skin and he was even more hungrier.

He began to let his tongue slide down from the breast to the stomach and down to where the hip.

A wonderful scent he never knew he had to sent before was there under and he just wanted to rip off her skirt that she wore.

It was something that screamed for him to tear it away.

He had never had this feeling and he just wanted to touch her more and more,

he did not know why but the animal in him had awakened for the first time, and Lucy was really special for him.

He heard her breathing heavier and faster in irrigular pace.

He felt himself that he did exactly the same.

He could not resist anymore, he was really forced and wake her.

- Lucy .. , tried Natsu and shook her.

He felt his own hands touched her lovely soft and smooth skin, and he growled again and tried to resist.

"I have to wake her up .. I do not want her to sleep .." thought Natsu andshook Lucy again.

Lucy mumbled something and opened his eyes and stared at the half-naked Natsu who was above her.

She felt her face became red with the shame she felt.

"Had he heard her in her sleep?" she thought, just the thought caused her to be bright red in the face again.

- Lucy .. growled Natsu and she looked into his eyes, something she had never seen before there.

She knew exactly where it was and she felt how wet she was the dream she had.

Trembling with desire and lust burning in his onyx eyes, she felt her inner horniness came to life again and she could not help it.

- Caress me .. she whispered, looking into his eyes.

Natsu grinned and limp away a sound she had never heard of him from his lips and rubbed her arms and walked down to the legs.

- Up .. growled Natsu and she did as he said.

The skirt she had on herself was gone in just a snap, fired on the floor and she laughed and pulled his face close to her.

Natsu smiled and followed her wishes.

When their lips were only inches apart as he felt her perfume and he growled in reply, and found her lips.

He threw his arms around her neck and pulled her with him in the fall against the bed.

He felt her legs wriggle caught between his and her breasts stroked like a cat on his chest.

He found her lips and their tongues met.

The saliva from her mouth and he ran on their chins, but they didn't do nothing about it.

Lucy intertwined her fingers inside Natsus pink hair and gasped

when Natsu released her lips and kissed her neck and went down to her breasts which screamed to be caressed.

She felt his tongue slip between her breasts and she moaned and pressed his head closer to her breast.

- More .. oh .. Natsu .. she gasped and squeezed more and more against him.

It was as if she wanted to become one with his body, and share the desire to 100% enjoyment ..

Natsu snarled and tore off her lace bra, and found her nipples.

Lucy would just say what he would do as she groaned and noticed that he had taken one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked greedily now on.

She grabbed his hair in a reflex and gasping for more and more he sucked.

- So nice .. she cried, and gasped again.

Natsu bite one of her nipple and licked it to ease the pain before joining with the other nipple.

Lucy felt the urge screamed at her and she only wanted him inside her now.

She licked her lips and grabbed his underwear with a hard bump made her smile and push him down onto the bed.

- oof! was heard from Natsu and he looked at Lucy and watched as she crawled over to him and grabbed the bulge he had.

He growled and a sound that reminded one of a dragon roar came from him and she smiled sexy against him and rubbed the bump with her grating fingers.

He grabbed hold of the covers with clenched fists and would not let Lucy with her eyes.

"What was she doing with him?" He could not answer but it really was torture what she did.

He tried to touch her but she slipped away and laughed.

He dragon roar again and met her eyes.

- I hear you Natsu .. what should I do for you ... ? she whispered in his ear and stole a kiss from his lips in the same second.

Natsu was getting mad with thirst from her play she was doing.

- You want me to ... play with it? she asked, smiling with her eyes that burned with desire.

Natsu nodded and growled: - Anything !

Lucy laughed and bent down towards his crotch and grabbed the bulge and stroked it.

- Luce .. it's ... , Natsu began but did not get any more before his dragon roar came from his mouth again.

Lucy smiled and bent down to take it in her mouth ..

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