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Sheldon was close to proving string theory, he had indulged in his work for some months now and his last step was to go for a 5 year research transfer at the CERN super collider.

"Oh Moonpie, I'm going to miss you." Penny sniffled and hugged Sheldon, surprisingly he patted her back.

"Bye buddy, good luck." Leonard spoke after Penny had let go of Sheldon.

"Bye Sheldon." Bernadette said as she too hugged him.

"Yeah, bye Sheldon, good luck." Howard said, standing next to his wife.

Raj gave him a small wave and a sad smile.

"Goodbye and I will also miss you, even you Howard." Sheldon replied looking over all his friends.

Penny and Bernadette looked at each other, not sure if they should bring up the topic.

In the end, Penny asked, "Where's Amy? Is she not coming?"

The name made Sheldon wince, he too wondered if she would come. "I spoke to her yesterday; therefore it would be unnecessary for her to come today."

"Oh" was all Penny could say. Sheldon remembered his talk with Amy as a tight knot formed in his stomach.


'Knock' 'knock' 'knock' "Amy."

Knock' 'knock' 'knock' "Amy."

Knock' 'knock' 'knock' "Amy."

He waited patiently until the door opened slowly, revealing a puffy eyed Amy Farrah Fowler.

"Hello Sheldon." She said quietly looking at the floor avoiding eye contact, "Come in." She stepped back so the Sheldon could come into her apartment.

"Thank you." Sheldon replied, matching her volume.

Her apartment was the same as always, tidy and welcoming; it made him feel comfortable.

"Would you like something to drink?" she whispered, still avoiding eye contact.

"No, thank you," he replied, examining her every move. "Please sit down, I need to speak with you." Sheldon watched as she slowly made her way to the couch and sat with a quiet sniffle.

He didn't know how to start; he didn't want to hurt her. He realised she was holding a scrunched up tissue in her hands which were resting on her legs.

The sniffles were becoming more frequent and they were a sound that Sheldon did not enjoy.

"Amy as you know, my research is advancing at great lengths and I am very close to being able to prove string theory." eyeing her for any reaction, he turned slightly to look at her, she didn't look up.

"As I mentioned last month, Caltech has been organising my transfer to Switzerland and as I also mentioned last month, I accepted," there was a loud sniffle from Amy and she fidgeted with the tissue.

"I'm leaving tomorrow and although you know I don't enjoy lengthy goodbyes I thought it would be best for me to come and say goodbye to you." Sheldon spoke very quietly and in a low voice, he didn't know what to do or how to tell her that it was best for the both of them to terminate their relationship.

"I have been thinking about what I am about to propose for a very long time and have concluded that it is in our best interests that we terminate our relationship," he said slowly and watched as she brought the tissue up to her face, he needed to look at her, eye to eye. He surprised himself when he realised that his hand was moving towards her face, and ever so gently he placed two fingers on her chin and lifted her face. Her eyes were closed.

"I'm so sorry, Amy," he looked at her as a few tears fell down her cheeks and briefly closed his eyes too and took a deep breath.

She shook her head vigorously and without opening her eyes she whispered, "Don't say that, I'm the one who's sorry, our relationship was one of the mind and I became too attached."

"I'm sorry." She opened her eyes and looked at him, hoping that this was just a horrible nightmare and that soon she would wake up.

He realised that his fingers were still under her chin, when he felt hot tears touch them.

She moved away and he pulled his hand back sharply, his logic scorning him for letting his emotions take over.

Amy was looking towards the door and wiping away the tears from her face, Sheldon heard her take a deep breath and turn around.

"I, Amy Farrah Fowler, the girlfriend, move our relationship terminate immediately," her face expressionless.

"Seconded." Sheldon replied quietly.

Sheldon stood up, "I should go," Amy stood up as he walked past her, briefly brushing her arm. She followed him to the door and watched as Sheldon opened the door. He turned around abruptly. Amy looked deeply into his blue eyes, searching for emotion.

"Goodbye, Amy Farrah Fowler, I'm going to miss you." He stated and Amy swore that she saw his face twitch for a second, before it turned expressionless again.

"Goodbye, Sheldon Cooper. I will miss you also." She stated, her voice cracking, she watched helplessly as he nodded and left, she closed the door quickly, she couldn't watch him disappear at the end of the hall. Disappear out of her life.


"The car is here." Leonard said, "Time to go, Sheldon."

Sheldon grabbed his messenger bag and a bigger carryon bag, Leonard grabbed the suitcase and the six of them started down the stairs.

Leonard and Raj were walking down first, followed by Bernadette, Penny and Howard. Sheldon was walking a few steps behind them. As they arrived at the lobby, he realised that all his friends were looking next to him, by the mail boxes. He turned to look, Amy was there.

"We'll just go and put the bags in the…" Leonard said as they all scurried outside.

Sheldon and Amy looked intently at each other.

"I needed to come and say goodbye." Amy said quietly, "I know you don't like that but… I had to."

Sheldon replied moving a step closer to her, "It's okay."

"Come on Sheldon, you're going to miss your flight." Leonard said from the lobby door.

"I'm coming." Sheldon said over his shoulder, "Come on,"

Amy grabbed his hand and together they left the building and approached the group of friends standing by a black car.

Penny hugged him again, "Bye, Sheldon," she let go of him and stepped back.

He approached the car, Amy still clinging to his hand desperately. He turned around and whispered, "Bye Amy,"

"Bye Sheldon,"

He started to turn, but Amy pulled him back and hugged him tightly, she felt his hands on her back, also clinging to her, to the moment.

"I love you," she whispered in his ear. Sheldon pulled back, the emotions were too much and he didn't know how to deal with it.

"I love you too, Amy," he said so only she heard. They pulled back and looked into each other's eyes, hurt and despair mirrored in them.

Sheldon turned around and stepped into the car, Amy watched as it drove away, until it was no longer visible, hot tears running down her cheek.