Draco: Okay! This is my first D.N.Angel fic! Keep in mind I've only read bits and pieces of the series and scattered fanfics, so…yeah… I had to write a Daisuke/Dark…'cause there just aren't enough out there!

* * *

He stared tiredly up at the ceiling, laying in the silence of his room. For the first time in so long, he was alone. There was no one following him, no one threatening him, no one talking in his head. It was heavenly quiet, and yet…disturbingly lonely.

Then he heard something, and sat up to look around. Still, there was nothing. Funny, he thought as he lay back, I could've sworn… Shrugging, he rolled over, only to discover quite suddenly that the source of the sound was a blue haired boy lying beside him. Glasses caught the starlight, shining it into his eyes so that he looked away, and he found that his unexpected companion was naked, as was he. As he stared in disbelief, a hot blush crept over his cheeks. He could've sworn he had been alone only moments before. What was going on?

Whatever it was, it wasn't over, for that thought was greeted by someone sitting up on the blue-haired boys other side. It was a certain blonde, yawning broadly and looking rather tired. Frozen to the spot, he watched the blonde boy's eyes fall on him. When their eyes met, however, he panicked.

Now that was just too much! He jumped away with a frightened yip, only to find himself landing in a lap, arms slung around someone else's neck. His face was burning now, as he slowly turned his head, and his seat's purple hair fell across his terrified eyes. Strong arms wrapped protectively around his bare waist, though, was enough to momentarily calm him. The warmth of the embrace, the safety there, felt so good. Then he felt something, something hardening slightly against his thigh…

Daisuke screamed, shooting up in bed with a cold sweat drenching him. God oh god oh god oh god! He covered his face with his hands, shaking so hard all over that he shook the bed as well. For a moment, just a fleeting moment, the fear in the dream had subsided, let him feel safe, so safe in those arms, but then…then he had just been too scared to face what the rest of the dream might become.

~Hey Dai-chan.~

He screamed again before realizing the voice was in his head. After all that, he completely expected to turn and see his other half under his covers. Dark wasn't there, though. The phantom thief was still genuinely speaking from within his head.

~What was that all about?~

Daisuke sighed in relief. "Just a…a nightmare." He wasn't so sure it could be classified as such, but he wasn't about to tell anyone he'd almost enjoyed it.

~That bad, huh?~

The boy thought a moment. He knew he was just hearing things, but he could've sworn Dark's voice held a hint of disappointment. Then again, he wasn't sure, but he thought he heard himself giving away some uncertainty in his own as he answered. "Yes. That bad."

Dark leapt boredly over the rooftops, his new prize under his arm, hands stuffed in his pockets, but he didn't really care. He hadn't been in the best of moods since Daisuke, who was currently making up for missed sleep, had woken up screaming last night. It wasn't that Dark had been trying to pry or anything, but he's gotten worried when the kid started twitching. Not like he's expected to find himself tossed into the dream, tossed into himself, let alone with Daisuke clinging to him. How could he have known?

The response was what really hurt, though. Daisuke had been so scared by him, seemed so relieved to be awake again, away from it all. Maybe the kid was in love with that girl after all. He sure seemed to like her more than Dark.

With a barely perceptible pout of the dejected split personality, he continued on. Then, without warning, he felt an odd twinge in all of his muscles at once. It wasn't much at first, just a tick, but, when he landed on the next roof, his legs collapsed and the shaking took over. So there he lay, helpless, as a wave of nausea crashed mercilessly over him, and the world suddenly went double. All things considered, he was pretty sure it was the worst thing he had ever gone through. It was so painful! Finally, with one last wrenching spasm that tore out a scream Dark didn't think he was actually capable of, it was over.

He gasped desperately for breath, eyes wide and brimmed with tears. What had that been all about? Still shaking slightly, he tentatively climbed to his feet, and bent over to retrieve the painting, when his bewildered eyes fell on something he never expected to see from this side of reality: Daisuke.

Dark promptly dropped his treasure again.

* * *

Draco: Soooo…good or bad? Write more or scrap it?