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The food was just disgusting. The smell, look and the taste was just wrong. I thought I was going to die when I took my first and ONLY bite of the food. The minuet it was down it came right back up.

"Her body must not be able to handle the change in food." The death lady said. Everyone looked at her wondering exactly what she meant.

"Sophia's right. Years of eating raw foods purged any impurities from her body; whereas we are used to the preservatives in this food."

"So what can she eat then Gen?" Sophia asked whole I just nudged the tray for nastiness away from me.

"I think there may be some un-persevered meats it the back. "

I smelt something then. It smelt really good. Quickly I traced the smell over to the tall guy with blond hair and pail skin. He was eating something round and multi colored. I pulled my upper body up onto the table and used my head to push his hands out of way of the food he was eating.

"Excuse!" he sneered at me.

*Your excused.* I said softly. He jumped back at that. I don't know why. I ignored his stupidity and slowly nudged the plate off the table so the food fell onto the floor. From there I moved to the fallen food and began to chow down on whatever the small round things were.

"Looks like she already found something to eat; Sirius's sushi." Apollo said laughing.

"That's so disgusting." The girl that I followed her shrieked; causing my ears to ring.

*QUIT THAT SHRINKING GIRL. YOU'R MAKING MY EARS BLEED.* I yelled at her viciously. She jumped just like the blond guy, Sirius I believe his name was. What was wrong with these people? I went back to eating when she shut her mouth.

"Retched best." He snarled out. It was quit disturbing to hear a Human try to snarl. It did not suit them.

"Human scum." I snarled back. It sounded much better coming from me; a true wolf. After I was done eating I made my way back over to the guy Gen and laid down at his feet. He was my pet now considering he was one of the only humans I found worthy of my presents. The other was that Apollo kid.

"Looks like you have yourself a pet Gen." That lady that smelt of death said keenly.

I snarled at her. *Retched Human I am no once pet." She jumped like the others. Pathetic creatures these humans are. They easily scare at the smallest of things.

"Sophia she's no pet. In fact most wolfs chose their own legion with howm they find respectable. So in fact I am her pet." Gen told her.

"Oh." She said dumbly, not knowing what else to say.

That's when I heard it. My pack was calling out to me. I lifted my head up off my paws listening. They were coming closer. I got up quickly and started to trot out of the den we were in.

"Hay, where are you going?" Sophia said.

I just ignored her and continued on finding a way outside. I heard footsteps behind me vaguely but again ignored it. It didn't take me long to find the doors to the outside. I opened them slowly and trotted out finally seeing the full moon over head. I loved how the moon bathed the Earth in its silver shining light. It was indescribably intoxicating. Looking back I could see that Gen, Apollo and Sophia had followed me. By the looks on their faces they could hear my pack now too. Still my pack moved closer; most likely tracing my sent.

*Neena where are you? Are you alright?* Papa said.

*Neena can you hear us?* Mother called after papa.

*I'm here. I'm alright.* Just in the distance I could see them moving closer and closer to use.

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