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Sam felt like his heart was being ripped apart; he had to do something that he never thought he would do. He was going to break Mercedes' heart. Two years had passed since they had started dating; things were going just fine until they both started college. Mercedes got accepted to UCLA and was also signed by an Indie label as a backup singer. Sam received a scholarship to play football at UNC. He had wanted to decline the scholarship but Mercedes urged him to go; so he went with a heavy heart.

At first things were going fine, they would text, call and skype each other every night but as the weeks passed their communication became almost nonexistent due to their busy schedules. They would fight whenever they talked; the distance between them killing their relationship. He had thought long and hard over the four months they had been apart and came to the conclusion that he had to let her go. Yes, it was killing him but he didn't want to torture the girl he loved any longer; he wanted her to be happy and he had to set her free for her to do so.

So here he was at The Lima Bean on a cold December, waiting for Mercedes to arrive so he could do the inevitable.


The bell that was hanging by the door of the coffee shop chimed; he looked up and saw Mercedes coming in, making her way towards him. She looked beautiful wearing a purple beanie, black winter jacket, black jeans and the leopard print boots she loved so much. Sam's heart broke a little more at the thought that after today he would no longer be in this beautiful girl's life.

"Hi, Sammy…" Mercedes said cheerily. She leaned in to kiss Sam but he pulled away.

She gave him a puzzled look, so Sam decided to just get it out of the way. "Mercedes we need to talk." Sam said rather coldly. If I act like I no longer care maybe the breakup would be easier on her.

"What is it, baby?" Mercedes frowned.

"I can't do this anymore. I don't love you anymore. So, I'm ending it." Sam lied. He could see her lips trembling and felt his heart ripping into shreds. He wanted to hit something but he decided to keep up the act. Just give it a few more minutes Sam, after that you can leave.

"Why? I know we fight but I thought that we had resolved our problems? Please don't do this Sam. I can't live without you!" Mercedes begged him as she sobbed.

"I'm sorry Mercedes, I just can't…The distance has made me realize that I cannot do this. It's too hard, I'm just sorry." Sam tried to grab her hands but she pulled away.

Mercedes quickly wiped her tears away and said. "You know what, you're right… We should breakup. I mean who the hell finds true love in high school right!"

Sam wanted to say more but before he could Mercedes had gotten up and walked away, leaving him alone and broken.

It had been eight months since Sam had last seen Mercedes; in those long months Sam had become destructive. He no longer cared about his school work and would drown his sorrow and loneliness by drinking. Someone must have informed his parents of his destructive behavior because one day they showed up at his dorm while he was still intoxicated. He broke down then crying on his mom's lap. When he had sobered up, they questioned him. Sam could not keep the burden that he was bearing any longer, so he told them everything. His parents asked if he was happy at UNC and he told them no. They knew then that Sam wanted to go to LA to be with Mercedes. So Sam dropped his scholarship at UNC and became a student of UCLA; his parents fully financing his studies.

Sam was standing nervously outside Mercedes' dorm waiting for her to come home. He knew what he had to do, he wanted his Mercy back and he would do anything to get her. He just hoped that she would give him the chance to prove to her that he still loved her, that he never stopped loving her and that he could not live without her. He waited for twenty minutes before he saw her; she was walking with a dark skinned guy, her hand entwined with his. Sam felt jealousy course through his body; he wanted to rip the guy apart.

When she got to her door Sam decided to make his move. "Hello, Mercy…"

Mercedes glanced in his direction and let out an audible gasp. "Sam, what are you doing here?"

"I go here now… Who is this, Mercy?" Sam looked at the other guy waiting for either of them to answer him.

"Hi, I'm Marcus." Marcus held out his hand while he introduced himself.

Sam shook Marcus' hand even though he wanted to punch the other guy out so badly. There was an awkward silence until Marcus broke it. "Well, I better get going. I'll see you later, Cedes…" He kissed Mercedes on the cheek before leaving; again Sam felt like punching Marcus but he let the feeling slide. He was here to talk to Mercedes and he was not going to let something as stupid as his jealousy get in the way.

When Marcus was gone, Sam said. "We need to talk, Mercy."

Mercedes glared at him and said. "I have nothing to say to you, Sam. Now, I suggest you leave."

She opened her door and tried to close it in his face but Sam stuck his foot in the door to stop her action. He then pushed his way inside the room.

"You have this room to yourself?" Sam stated when he saw that there was only one bed in the room.

"Yes. Now get out!" Mercedes yelled obviously annoyed at his intrusion.

He moved towards her, as she backed away from him. "I can't do that, Mercy."

"I don't care what you can or cannot do, Sam. I just want you to get the fuck out of my room!"

"I'll go once you answer my questions."

When Mercedes saw that he was not backing down; she sighed and said. "Fine, but after this you need to go."

"Is Marcus your boyfriend?" Sam asked not beating around the bush.

"What business is it of yours to find out about my personal life? You broke up with me Sam, you didn't love me anymore. So who I choose to be with is none of your concern!" She boomed angrily.

Sam stepped up to her, invading her personal space. "It is my business! I still love you damn it! I've never stopped!" He screamed back at her.

Sam could tell that Mercedes had wanted to yell at him some more but before she could say anything, he had crashed his mouth onto hers. She started hitting his chest to make him stop but he wouldn't, he couldn't. He kissed her with all the love he felt for her. Sam had missed her kiss, he had missed her softness but most of all he had missed her; the only girl he could ever see himself loving.

Before long he could feel her relenting, giving into the kiss. She tried to pull off his shirt but Sam stopped her. "We need to talk, Mercy. We can't do this." Sam said breathless.

"Please, Sam… I need this, I need you…" She begged.

Sam could never say no to his girl so he kissed her hungrily. They quickly worked at getting each other's clothes off, until they were both naked and making out on her bed.

Sam could hear Mercedes moan, "Please, Sam." When he heard this he promptly protected himself and entered her. He felt like he was in heaven when her heat engulfed him. They moved frantically before they both succumbed to their long awaited release.

Mercedes curled onto him, when she had caught her breath. Sam could not stand the silence between them so he said. "I love you, Mercy… I can't live without you. My heart feels empty this past eight months. Please give me another chance to be with you."

Sam could feel Mercedes' tears rolling down her face wetting his chest; she then gazed up at him and said. "I'm scared, Sam. What if you decide to leave me again? I don't think my heart could take it…" She sobbed.

Sam hugged her close. "That will never happen, baby… I told you that I couldn't live without you, I would go crazy if I let you go again." Sam replied as his own tears trickled down his face.

Mercedes kissed his cheek and said. "I love you, Sammy. Don't ever let me go…" Sam was elated at her confession.

"Never… I'll never let you go again. I love you too, Mercy…" He rolled over and kissed her.

They stayed in that position, kissing and professing their love for each other. When they were both exhausted; Mercedes said. "Baby…"


"About Marcus…" At the mention of Marcus' name Sam pulled away and looked at her, suddenly feeling nervous.

"He's gay…" Mercedes stated.

"Oh, thank god…" Sam kissed her passionately; thanking god for giving Mercedes back to him.

Sam and Mercedes were sitting by the lake; the very same one he had taken her to on their first date, except this time they were there on a sunny afternoon. They both had just graduated from UCLA and were spending the summer in Lima before having to return to LA. Mercedes had just gotten a recording contract for her very own solo album, while Sam was getting ready to launch a brand new comic book series. Life was good to them.

"Mercy, can you do me a favor?" Sam asked.


"Can you go into the picnic basket? I left something for you in there…"

Mercedes gazed at him confused but went ahead and looked inside the picnic basket. When she had found the item he left for her, she opened it and gasped.

She was covering her mouth out of disbelief, and then she asked. "Sam, what is this?" Pointing at the diamond engagement ring that she was holding.

Sam crawled to her from his sitting position and bent his knees. "Mercedes Jones, I love you with every fiber of my being. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

"Yes…" Mercedes screamed with excitement.

Sam got up and embraced her. He felt like the luckiest man on earth right then. He had gotten the woman he loved to agree to be his wife.

One year after his proposal, Sam was standing at the altar waiting for his soon to be wife to join him. When Mercedes came out of the back of the church and started walking towards him; Sam felt his heart skip a beat. She was a vision in her strapless wedding gown, smiling at their friends and family while holding on to her dad's arms.

Sam knew that it should have gone away by now but the butterflies that he felt when he had first met her were still present. He still felt like the fifteen year old boy, who was infatuated with the girl, who had helped him pick up his books after he collided into her.

When Mercedes finally reached his side, Sam whispered. "I love you."

She returned the sentiment and the ceremony started. Sam felt like he was dreaming while saying his vows to the love of his life. When the preacher pronounced them as husband and wife, and before he could say, 'you may now kiss your bride' Sam grabbed Mercedes and kissed her senseless. He could hear their guests and family laughing at his eagerness; Mercedes too was giggling as she kissed him.

"Go, trouty!" Santana shout out. Their audience laughed even harder when they heard her comment.

"So how do you feel about your new name, Mercedes Evans?" Sam asked his wife while they slow danced at the wedding reception.

"I love it… But you do know that I'm going to stay Mercedes Jones to my fans right?" Mercedes was now a number one selling R&B artiste with millions of adoring fans.

"You will always be Mrs. Samuel Evans to me." He said as he kissed her nose.

"Are you happy, baby?" Mercedes asked.

"I'm the happiest man alive right now." Sam then leaned in to kiss his wife.


Four years later

"Sammy, baby… I think it's time..." Hearing that comment Sam jolted out of bed.

"You sure, baby?" He asked looking at his wife.

"Yes, my water just broke…" She lifted the blanket to show him the puddle she had created when her water broke.

"Let's go…" He grabbed the overnight bag that they had packed, took his wife's hand in his and led her to the car.

"Sammy, don't forget to call our parents and Ivy." Mercedes said when they were both in the car. They had returned to Lima a few weeks before Mercedes was due to give birth, they both had wanted to be around their friends and family when the little addition to the Evans family arrived.

"I will, baby. Don't you worry ok… Just concentrate on your breathing, like they taught you at Lamaze class." Sam looked at his wife reassuringly.

They arrived at Lima General Hospital ten minutes later, both of their parents, Quinn and Puck arrived shortly after.

"Ivy, I want you to be in the room with me." Mercedes said holding her best friend's hand.

"Of course, Ebby."

It didn't take long for Mercedes to dilate to ten centimeters; her labor had progressed so fast that they didn't even have time to administer her epidural.

"Oh god, Sammy… This hurts… Oh shit!" Mercedes was squeezing Sam's hand so tight that he felt like she was going to break it.

"Just breathe, baby… It will be over soon." Sam felt like crying seeing his wife in so much pain.

"Ivy, help me…" Mercedes cried to Quinn.

"I'm sorry, Ivy. I wish I could take the pain away from you. Just breathe ok…" Sam could see tears forming in Quinn's eyes.

"Alright Mercedes... When I tell you to, I want you to push." The doctor looked at the contraction monitor and continued, "Push, Mercedes, push…"

It took fifteen minutes of pushing before Sam could hear the cry of his baby. The doctor pulled the baby out and said. "It's a girl…"

Sam and Quinn both cheered, while Mercedes started sobbing when she was handed their baby girl.

"She's so beautiful... Look at our daughter, Sammy... She's perfect..." Mercedes cradled their daughter, kissing her head.

Sam took the baby from Mercedes after a while; he was in awe at how beautiful she was. She had light brown skin, thick brown hair, a cute button nose and a mouth like her mother's. Sam didn't know that he could ever fall in love with another girl until he beheld his daughter.

"She's perfect, Mercy, a perfect combination of the both of us." Sam stated with tears in his eyes. He kissed his little girl and turned around to kiss his wife.

"Have you both decided on a name?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah, her name is Samantha Marie Evans." Mercedes announced while she looked lovingly at their daughter.

Family and friends were invited in about an hour after Samantha was born. Mike, Tina, Santana and Britney had also joined the group. They all admired the new life created.

"Ivy, Sammy, why don't you both come here. I'd like a picture…" Mercedes proclaimed.

"Where do you want us to stand?" Quinn asked.

"On either side of me, I want to be between my best friend and true love."

And she was.


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