Tigress sat on the small bed in her room and thought about what had happened about a year ago. Tai Lung, a fierce and powerful former student of Master Shifu, an extremely talented Kung Fu teacher, had become evil after not being chosen to be the all powerful Dragon Warrior. At the same time, Po Ping, a panda with an ambitious dream to become a Kung Fu fighter, crosses ways in a battle that would be history's greatest fight ever.


-''You… can't defeat me…'' a battered Tai Lung mumbled as he crawled out of a hole in the ground. He stumbled across the ground towards the legendary black and white warrior. ''You're just… a big… fat… panda!'' with those words, he flung one of his fists at Po. Po however, remembering all that Shifu had thought him, anticipated the attack and grabbed his hand.

-''I'm not a big fat panda…'' Po said with a serious tone in his voice. ''I'm THE Big Fat Panda!'' and suddenly, Po's pinkie came up. Tai Lung looked at it in horror.

-''The Wuxi Finger Hold!'' he said, voice trembling.

-''Oh, you know this hold?'' Po said triumphantly.

-''You're bluffing, you're bluffing.'' Tai Lung said and tried to sound as self confident as possible. ''Shifu didn't teach you that!'' Po then smiled.

-''Nope. I figured it out myself. Skadoosh.'' With that sort of ''Catchphrase'', Po let his pinkie come down on Tai Lung's index finger. It took a second, with Tai Lung staring in terror, before a brilliant flash of yellow energy expanded in a shockwave-like manner. Tigress, the Five, and the entire valley's population were right now exiting the valley in an evacuation attempt when the shockwave reached them.

After it had past, the fleeing people returned to the village, only to find the same yellow Chi energy dusting everything down. After a minute or so, they could see a silhouette approaching in the far distance of the fog. Even though the fog was thick, you could easily see who it was through it.

Po slowly strode out of the thick mist. On his head was a sort of pot, and tied around his tummy was the chef's suit. He stopped in front of them all, and with a triumphant pose, he greeted his teammates, who in turn bowed to him. Tigress especially, saying master in unison. Po smiled and then remembered Shifu, who was left in the temple after the attack of Tai Lung. Tigress looked at him as he ran up the stairs back to the temple, head filled with numerous different thoughts about her now called master.

Flashback end

Tigress sighed as the recap was over. Po wasn't there anymore. A few years after the defeat of Tai Lung, one night he had mysteriously disappeared. When Tigress heard about it, she refused to believe it. As a matter of fact, the female tiger had started to develop certain… feelings for this special panda. On several occasions he had saved her life when fighting against different villains. One time especially when a villain fired a weapon at her, Po quickly pushed her out of the way and took the blow for her. It did damage him a fair bit, and after the battle she asked him why he had done it. He answered that he wouldn't ever let anything happen to his friends, but Tigress felt somehow that that wasn't the complete answer. At any rate, the two became closer than ever, and one time it had gone so far that a hug had been shared between the two.

-''Tigress!'' Tigress then heard her name being called out loudly by a familiar voice. She shook her head and looked over at the doorway. There stood her former master, who had become an assistant of Po. When he disappeared of unknown reasons, he had resumed his previous role as master of the Five, but it would never be the same as before with Po gone.

-''Uh, yes, master?'' she responded shortly, half her mind still clouded by the thoughts. Shifu walked over to Tigress.

-''I had to call thrice before you heard me. What's the matter?'' Tigress tried to avoid the question as much as possible; she didn't want to talk more about it than possible. It was still a very sensitive subject. But she felt that she had to tell him, after all, he was very much like her father.

-''Well… it's…'' she stammered. It was hard to bring her to tell it. ''It's Po. Ever since he disappeared mysteriously, I've been thinking about him a lot. There is a lot I need to talk to him about, but I never got the chance.'' Tigress explained. Shifu nodded slowly in understanding. After all, he had lived a very long time and he understood what feelings were.

-''You had feelings for him, didn't you?'' Shifu then asked, catching Shifu off guard. She looked at him in shock, but realized that she was busted.

-''Well… Uh, hmm…'' she stuttered, then gathered herself and took a deep breath. ''I did, and I still do. He is one of the best persons I have ever come to meet. If I could, I would admit to him that he is very special to me, but I simply… can't. Especially now that he is gone without a reason…'' Tigress almost felt a very small tear appearing in her eye, but she managed to push it back. Those feelings were really strong.

-''Well, wherever he is, I'm sure he's thinking about you all the time.'' Shifu said with a comforting voice.

-''Thanks, but Shifu? How did you know that I have feelings for him?'' Tigress asked, curious. Shifu just chuckled.

-''Please, Tigress. You're more or less my daughter. I've had the joy of knowing you for almost twenty-five years. You don't think I can see that you have fallen for a man?'' Shifu asked a bit ironically. Tigress rubbed her back, not sure what to say.

-''If he was still here, I would probably tell him openheartedly what I felt, even if doesn't feel the same, or the others laughs at me. I would tell him.''

-''I know that, Tigress. But I am very sure that he thinks that you're very special to him too. Do you know what he said to me once when the two of us trained in the Great Hall of Warriors?'' Shifu asked her, to which she shook her head. Shifu then smiled and chuckled.

-''What did he say, Shifu?'' Tigress almost nagged him, very curious.

-''He told me that it was only a dream to him to ever meet, and especially, to talk to you. He told me that he would do almost anything to talk to you. And now, when you are best friends, he thinks that he lives one of the best lives there is to live.'' Shifu told his student. Tigress listened with happiness.

-''Did he really say that?'' She asked for confirmation for what Shifu just had told her. He nodded slowly as an answer.

-''He did indeed. I think you got your confirmation right there.'' Shifu assured her of her thoughts. Tigress smiled as the duo walked out of the room they were in. At first, Tigress really hadn't enjoyed Po's stay at the Jade palace, but as time went by, and Po became better at Kung Fu each day, and eventually when he defeated Tai Lung, the way she felt about him was the other way around. When he started to save her life on all those different missions, Tigress really got attached to him. Thinking about him most of the time from then, she felt that her hardcore outside wasn't much of a match against Po's soft inside. It had found its way into Tigress' heart, and before he knew it, those feelings had shown themselves. Luckily, it didn't disturb her training. As a matter of fact, training with Po actually made her perform even better. Shifu noticed this, and credited her for it, but at this time he had no idea of those feelings.

The two Kung Fu fighters descended the stairs leading down to the ''kitchen'' of the palace. All of the others were already there: Viper, Monkey, Crane and Mantis. As they saw their master along with their fellow teammate, they all greeted them with a loud ''Good evening!'' Shifu sat down at his end of the table and motioned for tigress to do the same. She did, and then she noticed someone standing over at the stove, cooking something.

-''Who's that?'' Tigress asked shortly, quickly and thoroughly scanning the person's features. It was clearly a male, seeing as it had a strong upper body build, along with very muscular legs. Seeing as the figure had a long, thin tail with stripes much like her own, she easily concluded that it was a tiger.

-''Well, they call me handsome, but my real name is Kajirn.'' The tiger said as he whipped around, a couple of bowls in each hand. ''I am a very skilled fighter, and Shifu is thinking about starting a school for children, to teach them Kung Fu. I am to be his assistant.'' Kajirn explained.

-''And he's a really good cook, too! Man, I've not eaten anything this good in a long time, except for… Well, yeah, you know…'' Monkey shouted, but he was cut off by himself when he realised who he was about to talk about.

-''Yeah, we… know who you mean.'' Viper helped her as she used her tail to pick up the spoon Kajirn had placed in front of her. Tigress sighed and looked over at Shifu. He looked very calm, but still like something was bothering him. He still ate his food without saying much. Tigress waited until Kajirn served her a bowl as well.

-''So…'' Kajirn began as he readied the final bowls, these ones for Mantis and Crane. ''Where did he go?'' No one needed the name to know who he talked about. But no one felt like answering either. That was until Tigress pushed away a half full bowl and left the table.

-''Well…'' Crane began, carefully sipping on a spoon of the hot sauce that Kajirn had placed In front of him. ''It was a completely normal day, just a normal day in the Jade Palace. We were going to go through a full day of not much else but training and Po told us that he was going to go outside for some fresh air, gather his thoughts. He did so, but when he didn't come back inside to resume his training, we went outside to look for him. We spent the whole remaining day searching, but we just couldn't find the guy. He didn't come back for several weeks, and so we gave up and went back to training.'' Crane took another sip. ''Things haven't been the same since.''

Kajirn nodded in understanding, as he placed the bowl down in front of Mantis, who started to eat.

-''Man…'' Kajirn started. ''That really stinks… I remember when I was younger; I used to look up to him. I wanted to be a fighter like him, and so I trained as well. Not only did I train in practising the martial arts, I studied every book I could get my hands on. Eventually, at a tournament Shifu had created for young fighters, I participated, and luckily, I won. After the finale, Shifu asked to talk to me behind the stage. There, he invited me to assist him in creating that school for children I told you about. We haven't started it yet, but we will soon enough.'' Kajirn explained to his fellow Kung Fu-ers. He then sat down at the only empty seat at the table, the one where Tigress had been sitting a while ago.

Monkey now lowered his voice down to a whisper.

-''The atmosphere in the palace isn't the only thing that has changed. You know, Tigress has also changed since he disappeared. She isn't as happy as she was during his time here after defeating Tai Lung.''

Meanwhile, Tigress heard every word that was spoken. And at Monkey's explanation, she could feel her heart ache. Every day that had passed without Po was pretty lonely and empty, and Tigress could admit that she would do a lot of things to make him return.

-''Where are you, Po?'' she whispered into the roof. Night had started to fall and tomorrow would make exactly two months since his disappearance. Tigress then fell silent for a few seconds before making a decision. She got a piece of paper and a paper and wrote:

Dear friends

I am sorry, but I can not stand this. Every day without Po is very painful, and it tears my heart apart. And furthermore, I don't care what you say. I have wanted to tell you this for a long time now, but I love Po. I don't care what you may think or feel, but my feelings for him are stronger than anything else.

That is why I will go look for him. If I find him, I will try to get him back to the Jade Palace, and if not, well… I love you all and I hope that you don't take this too hard.


Tigress left the note on her bed and looked back a second as she was perched on the window frame in her room. Then, she leapt out without a sound.