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Adventure Time: The Awakening of Heroes!

I: The Gathering

Tale 1: A Usual Beginning!

Inside BMO's screen...

Two warriors stare at each other waiting for their fight to begin. The announcer starts the count: "Three – Two – One... GO!" The warrior on the left, an 8-bit ninja, makes the first move and starts running towards his enemy, an 8-bit pirate with a big black hat.

"Amazing!" the announcer shouts in excitement "This battle has become an explosive display of awesome techniques and extremely dangerous moves, as the two mortal enemies drop blood and teeth everywhere on the now destroyed stage!" The video game narrator's deep voice starts to fade gradually all of a sudden. "Things are becoming pretty intense as a powerful blow attempts to bring our battle to an epic endi-..."

"Aw fudge! Beemo just ran out of batteries! Jake, did you remember to place Beemo on his charging station like I told you this morning?" a young boy with a funny bear-themed hat on his head asked.

"Define 'recharge'." the yellow bulldog next to him answered.

"Jake!" his human partner yelled, annoyed by the dog's lazy attitude.

A large group of friends were sitting around the couch, where two girls were trying to kill each other —inside the video game, that is. Most of them held a glass filled with 'Pepcoke' soda, and a bunch of popcorn was scattered on the floor. It was around 11:30 pm and the stars were twinkling bright above the Tree Fort, Finn and Jake's home.

They were planning to enjoy this Friday night with a small video game contest, as they did every month when its name ended with "-ber". The most expected fight was always between the most opposite rivals you'll ever know: Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum, ruler of the Candy Kingdom. However, it seemed that today wasn't the day to resolve their differences on the virtual battlefield. Now they'd have to wait until September... and it was only December... Bad luck girls.

"I'm sorry Finn. I was busy preparing some snacks for tonight's video game match." Jake apologized.

"What match?" replied Finn, who was still a little bit upset with his brother.

"Yeah dude, how are we supposed to finish our battle without Beemo, you genius?" said a girl with long black hair, while she hit her head repeatedly with one of the video game controllers in an impatient manner.

"Hey Marcy, it's okay! At least you were saved from being humiliated by... me!" chuckled the other girl, pointing at herself with a big smile on her face.

"You? Haha! What kind of joke is that princess? Or has the poor Bonnibel just forgotten that my ninja was about to destroy your pathetic pirate?" the black-haired girl said in a comical fashion.

"Oh yeah? 'Look at me! My name is Marceline and I'm better than all of you stupid mortals!'" Princess Bubblegum mimicked her in reply.

"Indeed." the Vampire Queen affirmed as she crossed her arms and raised her head up with pride.

"Ugh! You're impossible!"

"PB, Marcy! Calm down, there's no need to fight." Finn intervened, jumping over the couch and sitting between them.

"See? Even Finn is more educated than you." Princess Bubblegum said, pulling him close to her.

"Sure, everyone knows ninjas are waaay better than pirates." a smiling Finn said.

"Yes, everyone knows that—…! No... What?" the princess mumbled, completely confused by the young human's statement.

"Hehe, that's my little hero. Give me five, runt!" Marceline exclaimed, sticking out her forked tongue at the bothered candy princess.

"Yeah! ... Wait, who are you calling runt?" questioned the offended human.

"Now hold on a second, bro! Ninjas are cool, but I have to say that pirates are pretty awesome." this time it was Jake's turn to talk. "I mean, just think about it: They're rude, they never bath and they live in the sea, having adventures and finding treasures! Hehe, I could write a song about it... Ah, the sea." he peeked outside the window, sighing dreamily.

"The sea? You mean the ocean right? You're sick man." Finn replied, frowning.

"Don't tell me that our big bad hero is afraid of the ocean! Hehe..." Marceline said, laughing above the couch as she patted Finn's head.

"Don't bother him, Marceline!" said Jake. "He has been working on that! Right, buddy?"

"Yeah..." Finn replied, a slight blush painting his cheeks.

"Hehe! And what about you? Have you been working on your... Vampire Problems?! Yearghhh!" the Vampire Queen screeched, baring her fangs and making her eyes explode in fire. "Hehehe..."

"Yaaaaargh! No! I mean yesss...!" Jake screamed in fear, throwing his fat body behind the couch. "You know I'm not afrai-afraid of you any... mo-mo-more."

"Hahaha! Mo-mo-mo..." she chuckled, mimicking him "Really? Ha! Then why are you shivering?" she asked, noticing his trembling paws.

"Because you freak me out when you do that kind of stuff! Any normal person would! Believe me!"

"Hahaha, I'm never going to get tired of this." Marceline whispered as she slid her arm around Jake's shoulder without him noticing it. "Boo!"

"Mommy!" the dog cried, jumping upwards as everyone in the room laughed. "What's so funny, huh? Yeah! I still call out for my mommy, Big Deal! I bet you all do!" Jake protested somewhat offended.

"Guys! C'mon! Stop arguing about pirates, ninjas and stuff, I'm lumping bored!"

"Okay LSP, do you have any other suggestion since Jake ruined our video game contest?" Finn asked.

"Hey!" the yellow dog replied, trying to defend himself.

"Oh shut the lump up, you known its true puppy! And no, I have no idea, you know what? It's getting late, maybe we should end this 'party' and return to our homes. If I don't get a proper rest, there's a chance that my beautiful face turns a little bit ugly... I don't want to take any risks… If you know what I mean." Lumpy Space Princess said.

"Oh, sure... but…beautiful?" answered Finn, still a little unsure of the lumpy girl's description of herself.

"Yaaaawn... I think 'miss beautiful' here has a point." Marceline as she floated above the couch, resting her head back on her hands. "This is getting pretty boring, I have better things to do and I don't have the whole night... 'If you know what I mean.'" the vampire hissed, mimicking Lumpy Space Princess' voice.

"I hate to say it, but she's right guys. I need to get a good rest as well. Tomorrow is going to be a very important day, 'If you know what I mean.'" Princess Bubblegum remarked, mocking the lumpy princess in the process as well.

"Will you please stop copying me? Glob..." Lumpy Space Princess shouted in annoyance.

"So I guess… That's gonna be it for the night, huh?" Finn said.

"Yeah, sorry for ruining the party, I can be pretty forgetful at times, 'If you know what I mean'.'" Jake said chuckling in delight.

"I Said Stop It!" the floating princess insisted, her voice full of anger.

"Whatever. Well, see you later guys." Marceline waved at them as she flew outside the window.

"Bye Marcy!" Finn exclaimed in reply, waving at her as well.

"Okay, time for me to go too." Princess Bubblegum announced as she hopped over Lady Rainicorn's back. "LSP, do you want me to give you a ride?"

"Oh, but of course! However, you need to know that I'm living with my parents again... So you better take me to the Lumpy Space Kingdom fast or they'll get mad at me, if you know what I mean."

"Sure! Now hold on tight, I don't want to be chasing you down if you fall off... 'If you know what I mean.'" Princess Bubblegum said, giggling.

"Haha... really funny huh? HURRY UP! Glob it..." Lumpy Space Princess cursed softly, crossing her arms and turning her face away.

"Bye guys!" Bonnibel Bubblegum exclaimed, taking off from the Tree Fort on her colorful rainicorn.

"잘 자거라, 아가야!" Lady Rainicorn said to Jake.

"Hehehe... Bye baby." The magical dog whispered, blushing in response.


After everyone left the Tree Fort, the two 'brothers' began to clean up the mess on the living room and then climbed the ladder to get inside their bedroom. A small candle next to Finn's bed illuminated their room dimly. Jake's bed consisted of an open cabinet drawer with a huge grey cushion stuffed inside it, while Finn's was a large bed covered with several monster pelts (which had been probably killed by him) and an orange sleeping bag. Both beds look very cozy and confortable, perfect for a long night of peaceful rest.

"Hey Jake, even if we couldn't finish our video game match, it still was a great night, don't you think?" Finn commented softly as he sat on his bed, putting his red pajamas on. "Oh! I better place Beemo in his charge station... Here you go buddy!"

"Yeah, even though things didn't go out as planned, whenever you're spending a good time with your best friends, I always have the feeling that everything will be all right." Jake said as he wrapped his chubby body in his blankets.

"Whoa, you sound like a philofffis-fifflosophiss-piss-peepee-poopoo... whatever."

"It's Philosopher, Finn. I don't know, maybe I start saying weird things whenever I'm awake this late." The bulldog replied tiredly with a big loud yawn.

"Yeah..." the human boy whispered. "Talking about weird things... Whenever I'm awake this late, I can't help but to think of Flame Princess... Where could she be now? Does she feel lonely? I'd wish she could have spent the night with our friends too..." Finn stared at the ceiling in sadness, remembering the passionate look in the golden eyes of the fire elemental girl. It had been one month since she left his side, alleging that they couldn't be together, even if they wanted to, because they were opposites.

"Don't worry, bro. I'm sure that she'll come back one day… And I hope she learns to control her emotions, because I hate getting my butt toasted... Glob, it still hurts." Jake said, rubbing his short tail.

"Hehe... I hope so too! Well, goodnight bro." Finn whispered, blowing off the candle on his side table.

"Yaaaawn... Goodnight bro." Jake replied, finally falling asleep.

And so our heroes went to sleep... It had been a good night, they have had fun with their friends and everything seemed to be all right... No, nothing could go wrong... Could it?


"You look so cute, sitting in your boat... I wanna suck out your eyeballs and rip out your throat... Yes I wanna... suck out your eyeballs and drink all your blood…!" Marceline sang as she flew over the Grass Lands on her way back home.

"Man it's late! I'd better hurry or the sun will come out and burn me... hehe!" she laughed at her own rhyme "Hey! I am a poet and I didn't know it! I bet this could become a nice song one day...! 'I'd better hurry or the sun will come out and burn me!' Glob I'm a musical genius, hehe!"

Suddenly, a shiver went down her spine, giving her a cold sensation of fear and insecurity "Huh?" she quickly stopped her flying. "I feel something strange in the air..." Marceline frowned "Whatever it is... I've felt it before... And I know it means no good…" she restarted her flight as fast as she could. "I can't let my guard down..." the vampire whispered. "I just hope everyone arrives home safely…" she thought. "Shoot... I have become pretty soft-hearted..."


Marceline was right; something terrible is about to happen. The air was suddenly filled with a chilling breeze, and she couldn't help but to sense death around her...

What kind of terrible fate awaits our heroes? Will everyone in the land of Ooo be safe? Will Finn and Jake have the strength to face it...? Read on and get ready for their greatest adventure yet!

Author's Notes:

1. Just in case, Lady Rainicorn's dialogues are made using Google translator, so it's very possible that you may find a lot of mistakes on whatever she says.

2. To My New Readers: Welcome to my first fanfiction ever! This story has come a long way since it was published, it was meant to help me improve my English, hence, the simplicity of this first chapter. If you keep reading this fic, you'll probably stumble with some serious grammar and orthographic mistakes, but don't worry; the story is now undergoing an editing process.

Hopefully as you read on, you'll notice that my grammar as well as my style, and the complexity of the story have improved quite a lot. The earlier chapters have already been edited a couple of times, but they may still give native English speakers some trouble when they try to read them.

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