Title: It Happened One Night on Naboo

Author: Ticklesivory

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama…the usual

Pairings: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padme Amidala (Don't like it? – Don't swallow it!)

Timeline: TPM/AOTC

Rating: T (I am really going to try to keep it clean this time!)

Summary: Padme and Dorme have a secret.

Warnings: Not a lot. Nothing underage here. It gives me the eeby jeebies, so I'm changing Padme's age on Naboo to 18, which means, she will be 27 by the beginning of this story, Obi-Wan will be 34, and Anakin is still an immature 19.

Disclaimer: George Lucas is the Master of all things Star Wars. I bow down to the wonder of his creativity!

Chapter One (Prologue)

"You know, telling a lie isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes, it's an absolute necessity. Maybe you're trying to spare someone else's feelings, or maybe you're trying to protect their identity for their own safety.

Haven't any of you ever done that? Not tell the truth in order to keep someone out of harm's way? Wait – I'll answer that. Of course you have. Everyone has!

Well, in this case, the senator was doing all of the above, so don't blame her. I suppose I'm just as guilty, since I knew all along and said nothing. But what else was I to do? She's my boss and my best friend. I would never betray her trust. Never!

We were only doing what we thought was right. She should not be held accountable for this, or anything that happened before her decision.

Besides – everyone knows, it takes two sticks to make a fire, two banthas to cause a stampede, two…

All right…I'll try and stick to the subject.

I understand two wrongs don't make a right, but what I don't understand is what was so wrong in the first place? When two people find they are…

Pardon me?

Of course I knew what had happened. We all did. No, we didn't condone it or witness it. Are you kidding?

No, he wasn't being flirtatious. Come on, really? Haven't any of you ever…? Oh, wait. I suppose you haven't.

From the beginning? Do we really have that much time?

Yes sir. My apologies, sir.

I shall start at the beginning. I hope everyone has had their last-meal. This is going to take a while."