Hey guys... I realized that on every story I think I forgot my disclaimer... oh my god! I do not own any of the charcters only the plot! This is gunna be the last chapter... this was just a short story!

Bruce woke up to thesmell of breakfast. "Good morning sir, eggs, bacon, and toast. In bed or do youwant to eat it in thekitchen?" Alfred asked presenting the breakfast. "In the kitchen, thank you Alfred." bruce nodded. Getting up he threw on a pair of dark gray sweat pants and a loose black shirt. Slowly but surely he made his way donstairs to the kitchen. The smell of Alfreds cooking made his mouthwater. Without realizing it, the thought and smell of food no longer made him nautious. He was actaully really hungry. Once at the table, Bruce glanced out the big window. "miss saving the day sir?" Alfred asked. "No dicks got that handled, and the break feels nice. I dont remember thelast I slept for a whole night." Bruce said, devouring his breakfast. "two weeks ago sir, thats the last time you slept for a whole eight hours or more" Alfred said. "Do you keep track of that?" Bruce asked, raising an eyebrow. "Actaully yes, I do" Alfred said flicking the tv on. Bruce watched the news intent. "...And the Joker was found gift wrapped for thepolice tis morning. Looks like somebody had fun pumeling him to. Anything to say, Joker?" the news reporter turned towards the clown. "Batsy sure does know how to pack a punch!" He laughed insanely. Bruce turned the tv off. " Well looks like Dick handled that nicely, and had fun. He'll be just fine." bruce said knowing that gotham was in safe handsonce again.