Charles had done it. He'd kissed Kurt! His lips were soft and squishy and plump. Wow. Now he could see the benefits of Kurt's intense moisturising routine.
Hours later he was still stunned at the fact he'd kissed him. It was like a dream.
He hadn't even bothered to ring Nate, he felt that he was just using him. Charles didn't really like him much: he had bad intentions. I guess you could say that Charles had bad intentions but he just wanted Kurt. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?
Charles rolled over in bed and carried on reliving the moment in his head.
There was just something about Kurt that he found so intriguing. His fashion, attitude, but mainly his voice. He could honestly listen to it all day.
Charles sat in bed for the next 3 hours with a glassy look on his face thinking of Kurt, without sleeping. He almost looked delirious...
As the morning grew close Charles grew ever increasingly engrossed with his thoughts. His alarm bell cut the silence like a knife and Charles instantly reached over to the clock and slammed the off button down.
"Stupid clock for god's sake." Irritated from his lack of sleep and his interrupted thoughts of Kurt he rifled though his belongings and found some matching clothes.
His roommate woke up shortly afterwards and stumbled to the bathroom door.
"Morning mate. Nice outfit-matches perfectly," paying no attention whatsoever to the fact he was supposed to be temporarily blind, he shut the door and Charles heard the familiar sound of the water running.
Charles swore softly and took off his top. Routing through his wardrobe he found a hideous red shirt he got from Borneo when he went with his brother. His brother...
'Don't think about him.' He thought.
The only thing that kept him going now was Kurt. He was the first thing he thought of in the morning and the last thing he thought of before he went to sleep. You could say he was obsessed, but he was obsessed with the love of his life.

A feeling of intense guilt was gnawing away at Kurt that night. He was still technically dating Blaine but he had kissed Charles. It wasn't in spite, it just kind of happened.
Even though he liked it at the time Blaine's disappointed face wouldn't leave him.
Kurt returned to his room after a long walk of the grounds. He sat down at his desk and groaned at the amount of homework he had to do. Reaching for a pen his eyes passed the picture area. It was his special place for special photos he'd taken. And all of them were of Blaine except one of his Dad.
He sighed, tears forming in his eyes.
How could he do this? He cheated on him with the person he promised he hadn't seen in years, but judging Blaine's bowtie in the picture it was definitely recent.
Then, Kurt had a eureka moment: if Blaine had cheated on him first then technically he was in the wrong!
The feeling of guilt lifted from his shoulders but was swiftly replaced by a feeling of disappointment. He really thought he was the one, and so did his dad.
"Well I need to move on then. Maybe change is good. Maybe Charles is good for me, he seems genuine." Kurt reluctantly tried to complete his homework but his relationship 'status' wouldn't leave his mind.
"Right Kurt. Show you're the better person and ask Charles on a date." He recited.
Kurt talked himself into asking Charles out on a date, and out of love with Blaine.
As his dad would say: "No one gets in the way of us hummels. No one takes us for granted."
Feeling confident with the matter he gave up on his homework and texted Charles.

From Kurt
To Charles

Hey you mind coming over?

Kurt was slowly falling out of love with Blaine as he kept thinking of his true potential. All those times when he said he was with his family, he could've been with Nate. Kurt spat out his name. What a jerk.
Even though it was one kiss, it was all Kurt needed to confirm his suspicions. Klaine was no more. It was Kurt and Blaine.

Charles approached Kurt's dorm in anticipation and he knocked on his door with his signature knock. Within two seconds a familiar face opened the door and he invited him inside.
"Let's cut to the chase Charles. We kissed and you liked it. I liked it too and I like you. I need change and the change is you. So will you go on a date with me?" Kurt rushed, squinting one eye.
Being completely caught out, Charles replied, "Yes! Of course! I mean sure...let me check my diary." He winked.
Kurt sighed in relief, "Don't even ask me about Blaine. It's over." He smiled clasped his hands together. "I can't be with a cheater." Charles grabbed Kurt's hands and rubbed his calloused fingers up and down Kurt's soft fingers.
"It's you and me against the world." Charles whispered, leaning his head forward to rest on Kurt's.

From Kurt
To Blaine

It's over.

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