I looked for this title under the manga and could not find it anywhere so I requested the title be created. This story takes place after the manga ends and I am keeping it open because I may add more at a later time. I like Café Latte Rhapsody, I find it a charming little story. I looked for other stories about these characters and couldn't find any, so I thought I would write my own after reading how others had used the characters as cameos in other such fandoms.

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Special Memories: No Words Necessary

From the vantage point of inside the room one could tell the sun was rising because of the thin strip of light that was making its way into the room. If anyone in the room had been awake they could have seen the dust particles floating in the tiny ray of sunlight as if suspended in mid-air. The chorus of bird song outside the window as another indication in that a new day was starting. Various species of aviary creatures were creating a dissonant harmony that either was music to the ears of some or so much unnecessary racket to others.

All of this was missed by the occupants of the room, who had fallen asleep the prior night, wrapped up in each other's arms, listening to a symphony of bullfrogs croaking the wee hours of the night away. The smaller of the two, brown hair messy and definitely slept on, was spooned against the taller of the occupants on the futon. The taller of the two, who had managed to keep his hair in check somehow, was breathing in the scent of his boyfriend's hair and the musk of sex that still lingered even hours after the tryst ended.

The sun's ray slowly snaked its way into the room and ended up falling on one eye of the smaller man, causing him to stir and turn into the chest of his partner. The movement was enough to cause the brilliant sleep to diminish and the young man ended up rousing from sleep in a sluggish manner that would have made a sloth jealous. Damn the night for disappearing so quickly.

He opened his eyes and looked up to see his partner's slightly open mouth breathing evenly with a tiny line of drool stopping on the youth's chin. This sight caused the man to smile as he tried to reach up and wipe the saliva away before gravity took hold and the fluid fell onto his hair. Serizawa realized that even though he had been able to turn, that movement had locked him into a tight embrace that wasn't about to let up until his gentle giant decided to wake up himself.

Not to be deterred in any way, the lithe man tried to turn the other way just a bit in hopes that the movement would cause Keito-kun to loosen his vice-like grip. Serizawa had no problems with the boy being overly clingy after sex, unless he had to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately this was such a time and the need for a different type of release started to weigh on Serizawa's mind.

A bounty of options ran through his mind on how to get himself out of his current predicament. One, push the loveable oaf off and jump up faster than Keito-kun could recapture his prey. Two, talk to the boy until he woke up, thus letting Serizawa free so he could pee. Three, kiss his chest until he awoke, but that would put him in the mood for a repeat of the prior night and the need to urinate was rather strong.

Serizawa opted for the second option as it would be the safest.

"Keito-kun…" he whispered softly. "Are you awake yet?"

No answer.

"Keito-kun." This time a little louder. "I need to get up now Keito-kun."

This earned a slight mumble of unintelligible design.

Serizawa sighed with a smile on his face. He had been through this before and knew the youth would eventually wake up and immediately blush redder than a strawberry and apologize as if his life depended on it.

"Keito-kun." He used his normal speaking voice. "I really need to get up and use the bathroom."

This earned a bigger response. "Seri-san…uhhhhh…I love you Seri-san." The last part was said in such a way the man was worried his boyfriend had fallen into REM sleep again.

"I really don't want to wet the bed Keito-kun, we are both naked after all." Serizawa said with a sigh.

At these words the boy's eyes shot open as the words sunk in. Immediately all of the color drained from his face and he released his grip on his older lover only to cover his face in embarrassment. This action startled Serizawa since it was completely unexpected.

"Keito-kun?" He asked softly as if speaking louder would cause the other to shatter into a million tiny shards.

"I didn't mean to wet the bed Seri-san. I don't remember the last time that happened."

Serizawa could hear the tears in the other's voice as he realized that only part of what was spoken had registered when Keito had been asleep. This made him feel like an ass and he did the only thing he could think of. He wrapped his free arms around his younger beau and pulled him closer.

"Keito-kun, you didn't wet the bed." He leaned in and kissed the large hands covering the face of the one he loved. "I need to go to the toilet or I am going to wet the bed."

Tsuda MacLeod, or Keito-kun, as the elder called him, heard this information and took a few more moments to register that there was no wet feeling near his crotch or buttocks. This only embarrassed him in a different way, but he slowly lowered his hands till he was able to look into the face of the futon's other occupant. He lowered his gaze away from the eyes that were drinking him in.

"I'm sorry Seri-san, I jumped to conclusions again without thinking."

Serizawa suppressed a chuckle as he placed his hands on Keito-kun's face and brought tilted his head so their gazes locked again. The elder then smiled and placed a reassuring kiss on Keito's frowning lips.

"There is nothing to be sorry for, Keito-kun. If anyone should be sorry it should be me for waking you like that and scaring you."

This caused both men to blush, but neither looked away since the sincerity in both sets of eyes was more than enough to make up for the misunderstanding.

After a minute or so more of silently regarding one another Serizawa spoke up. "Will you wait here for me for a few minutes?" Then he added. "Unless you need to use the toilet too." It was first thing in the morning after all.

"I was up an hour or so ago Seri-san. I am fine." Keito said shyly.

Serizawa smiled and jumped up fast enough to cause his head to spin and he padded to the toilet. Keito turned an even darker shade of red as he watched the cute little ass move away from him as he remembered what that ass had done to his nether regions less than twelve hours prior. The flashback, not surprisingly, caused his blood to quiver and he felt the sensation end at his penis. His appetite for his smaller lover had not dwindled at all in their time together and even a passing thought could cause the appendage to stand at attention and start shooting off like a cannon in a parade. His lack of control embarrassed the youth to no end and he hid his face behind a pillow once he heard the water turn off; an indication that Serizawa-san was returning to the room.

He felt the older man slip under the covers but he refused to look him in the eye. Maybe Seri-san would think he had fallen back asleep or disappeared?

"Keito-kun?" The boy felt a hand brush through his hair and the touch alone caused him to shiver in both excitement and mortification. "Keito-kun, what's the matter now?"

He didn't want to answer, but he mumbled into the pillow, "Aim awrd."

Serizawa giggled and tried to move the pillow away so he could hear the answer. "What?" He asked, inching closer.

The movement alone answered the question he had without the use of words. It was hard to miss the growing erection he felt as it brushed his flaccid organ. Feeling his young lover's need caused his own to shoot to life and for a moment the two just let the tips have a sword fight under the thin sheets.

"Keito-kun, do you want to?" Serizawa asked quietly, knowing full well what the answer would be before he even formed the question in his head.

"Mm hu." Was the answer he received.

"You're going to have to lower the pillow then."

The elder knew that even though his young lover had become more knowledgeable in the ways of sex , he was still young enough that it took a little coaxing if the youth was already overly embarrassed. This was one of those cases and Serizawa knew he needed to treat the matter with the utmost delicacy. He loved his giant and he wanted all of their love making to create special memories and meanings for both of them.

Sometimes all one could do was ask. "Keito-kun…"the pillow still hadn't moved. "Please make love with me."

No other words were necessary as the youth lowered the pillow and nodded shyly at the elder, then pulled him in close.