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Screams echoed through the house of the famous Goldsworthys. "Eli Goldsworthy! Get your lazy butt up and take care of the baby!" A young girl yelled slapping the sleeping Eli as hard as she can. He quickly woke up and fell out of the bed slamming against the wood floor. He let out a pained noise as he slowly made his way to the baby's room rubbing his head with the back of his hand. He opened the door of the colorful room, making the yelling from the baby get louder and louder as he got closer. His eyes immediately brightened when he looked down at the little baby boy that was screaming Eli's ears off. He carefully picked the tiny boy up and began to rock him slowly. "Shush. It's okay. Daddy's here." He whispered lightly rubbing the baby's pale arms.

He was completely unaware of the small girl smiling from the door. She loved her husband and she loved her baby who had just about every feature of the love of her life. She loved both of her boys more than anything else in the world. Elijah Goldsworthy completed her. He was her rock and she was his. Forever didn't seem so long after all. She watched silently. Tears blurring her vision as she watched the man of her life kiss their baby. The small child had fallen asleep. She was surprised Eli wasn't falling over being it was three o'clock in the morning. She tiptoed back to their room and slowly fell on the giant king-sized bed. She pretended to be asleep as she heard Eli stumble through the darkness towards the bed. She almost laughed at him cursing just about every piece of furniture in their room. She loved him. Even if he was a nerd. She felt his soft lips on her forehead and couldn't help but smile. He must have not noticed because he pulled the covers over him and closed his eyes. "You know, it doesn't make much sense to wake me up to calm the baby down when you walked to his room anyway." He whispered and I could tell his smirk was coloring his perfectly kissable face. She loved him because he knew how to make her smile. He knew how to make her laugh. Heck, he knew how to make her roll around on the floor in tears. And she didn't know what she would ever do without him.

Eli knew she had been watching him from the doorway. He knew she had gotten up. He couldn't help but laugh at himself. The girl made absolutely no sense. She woke him up by slapping him to get the baby to calm down yet she walked to the room anyway. He loves her. No matter what, she knows how to change his smirk into a true smile. He can't help but wonder why she loved him. He had so many problems. He was surprised she's been with him as long as she has. He loves her but he doesn't know how he got so lucky. Not just because he has an amazing wife but because he also has a beautiful child. He'd love her until forever comes to an end. And he'd protect his little boy for all eternity.

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