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Author's Note: What Belle might have been thinking during the episode Dreamy


I was hearing them talk about their lives about what Grumpy was feeling. I knew that feeling because I have at one time felt the same way. I had been in love and still am. I speak up and tell them that he's in love. They turn to me and then Grumpy wants to know about love. I tell him how wonderful and amazing it is. I smile as I think of my feelings of Rumplestilskin. I tell him that love is hope it fuels our dreams. When I was with Rumplestilskin I wanted the dream to never end. I wanted to be with him and never be parted with him. To me he wasn't a bad guy that many people think he is. I knew him by being with him. I enjoyed being with him and I knew for a while he enjoyed being in my company because I could tell.

I tell him that love doesn't last forever, which is true. I thought that mine would because he seemed to love me too. I wished that it did though because I would have loved to still be by his side. I never wanted to leave in the first place, but he didn't listen to me. He pushed me away. I don't know why he did what he did, but he did. I would still be there if he didn't push me away. Sometimes I would dream that I was still inside his castle.

I tell him that he needs to be with the person he loves. I wished that I was with the person I loved, but I can't. I tell him that I had my heart broken to know the difference. I tell him to find his love, find your hope and find your dreams. I found my love, but he didn't want me.

My hopes and dreams ended when he pushed me away. I missed being with him, but it ended and so did everything else. Sometimes not always I would have a dream about what could of happened, but that's all it was it was a dream. My heart is broken, but someday I hoped that it could be put back together.

The End