BlueNova here. This is my first Ghostbusters fanfic.

I'm basing it on the rookies perspective of the video game with a few liberties taken, such as using their Real Ghostbusters incarnations. Keeping Janine the same though, didn't like her eventual RGB form. And giving the Rookie (calling her Lola) some dialogue.

I'm also mixing the content of both incarnations of the game {PS2+PS3} because I think it will provide a better storyline.

So onward to read my (most likely) horrid story.

First week on the job


'Wow, I'm really here.' Lola thought with awe as she walked through the huge door of her new workplace. Everyone knew what the building looked like, but the moment she stepped inside she felt a shiver of excitement. If the outside was unmistakable, the inside was better

This was the office of the Ghostbusters.

She took a quick scan of the area. To her immediate left, close enough for her to touch , was THE Ecto-1. She ran the tips of her fingers along it, as she thought 'This is so cool!' She took her fingers off the Ecto-1 and looked up only to be greeted by the Ecto-…2, was it? She was so shocked tha she couldn't clearly remember. 'Maybe I'll get to ride in it' Lola thought under her blue Yankees cap. On the other side of the Ecto-1 were the employee lockers complete with the names of her new bosses. Beside that, a little farther away, was a staircase leading to the next floor up. But between there was an oddly placed desk buried under paperwork and other junk. To her right was what she thought as a meeting area for clients and … 'Oh, Wow!' … the infamous painting of Vigo the Carpathian stared down at her menacingly. "Wow…..OMG!" She internally squeed. Here, right in front of her was the guy that initiated the comeback of the Ghostbusters. If she leaned forward a bit more she could even touch it.
"Oh you're here." The female voice startled Lola. She quickly turned to face the office secretary, Janine. In her fangirling she had nearly forgotten to speak to her. The woman was the gatekeeper of the firehouse. If you were a client you talked to her first. If you were a crazy nut job off the street, she gives you hell on the front lines. How could she have forgotten Janine? 'Stupid!' she thought as she inwardly smacked herself.

"Hello?" Janine said, confused with the lack of response.

"Oh, hi! Umm….I'm Lola! Nice to meet you." Lola said in a friendly manner as she extended her arm for a handshake.

"Janine and..." THONCK! "…That's Slimer." Janine took the offered hand while pointing at the cage for the green, disgusting, immature blob of a ghost the guys had saddled her with. Who currently had his tongue out and was dragging it and his face across the glass.

"Oh! So that's Slimer? I thought it was that Brown-haired, Green-eyed idiot who kept drooling all over my friend Mariah as I was getting interviewed." Lola said tartly. Her face showing the distaste she had for the memory.

"No, that idiot would be Dr. Venkman. Though I see how you would make the mistake." Janine snickered. The new kid had wit, she had to give her that. The last couple had been dumb as rocks.

"Since it's my first day I guess I need to report to someone. Any idea who and where?"

"Oh yeah. They're upstairs."

"Thanks!" Lola said heading towards the stairs. Lola stopped to listen as the phone rang and looked back to see Janine pick up the phone.

"Hello, Ghostbusters. Is your haunting an apparition, demon, banshee, tortured soul, … What? No, we do not summon dead family members and trap them so you can ask them the combination to the safe. Yeah? Well same to you pal." Janine exclaimed with irritation before hanging up with some force.

"Do you always get calls like that?" Lola asked.
"Occasionally, but not very often. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention, you get refrigerator privileges. Just one rule: If you didn't put it in there, don't touch it. Especially if it looks like cottage cheese." Janine warned , a look of disgust on her face as she ended the last sentence. "Also unless you want your food eaten by either of our two Slimers, you better put your name on it."

Lola nodded and headed up to meet her new bosses. When she got to the top of the steps, she immediately recognized them from their ads and action figures. Dr. Raymond Stanz was a little pudgy with red hair and friendly brown eyes in his trademark tan jumpsuit & white undershirt. The other one, Dr. Egon Spengler, was taller with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He too wore his trademark uniform of bright blue jump suit & pink undershirt.

"Oh, hey! The new cadet is here!" Ray said cheerfully upon noticing. "This could get a little dangerous." Egon stated, too involved with the adjustments on Rays proton pack to notice the recruit's arrival, fiddling with the proton pack Ray was wearing. "Great. Danger is our life." Ray answered pretty calmly, while shooting Egon a look as if to warn him from scaring off their new recruit so early, they normally lost them either in the midst of their first job or at the end. Egon paid no attention, too engrossed. "Lets start at fifty percent capacity, that should keep any brain or tissue damage to a minimum."
"Hey! If you're gonna burn off any tissue, do it to the new guy. You can't use Ray! Our mortgage is in his name!" said Peter as he entered the room. Lola's eyes narrowed slight in agitation at "Dr" Peter Venkman aka forever known between her & Mariah as the "Brown-haired Green-eyed Idiot".
"You're probably right Peter. Hey what's your name again, Cadet?"
"No names Ray. I don't wanna get too attached to this one. Haha…I mean remember what happened to the last one?" Peter rudely stated.

"Umm… Excuse me? The new recruit you're talking about? Right here! Hello? And my names Lola." Lola interjected.
"Oh, sorry sweetheart, thought I heard you wrong. Did you say you were the recruit Winston interviewed and hired?" Peter said surprised as if he had never seen or heard of her, despite their half hour interview. Of course maybe if she'd put her face where Mariah's cleavage was he might remember her.
"My my, Dr. Venkman. Aren't you just a model boss." Lola said sarcastically. "Oh and in case you couldn't tell that was sarcasm." She finished angrily, her face betraying the rage that was rising up. The nerve. "But to answer your question, yes! I'm the new recruit you just volunteered for whatever dangerous experiment they're doing. And you just noticed that I'm a female like my friend you kept harassing during my interview? How very observant you are. Oh and my name is Lola Rook, by the way." She finished remembering those horrid two hours.
"Wh…Well you see…" Peter was at a complete loss for words. No one, besides Egon, had ever really called him out on anything before.
"Wow, Rookie's got a temper! What did Peter do?" Ray asked cautiously, considering her outburst a minute ago.
"He harassed my friend for two hours! She came in to meet my future bosses, and got flipping traumatized!" Lola yelled, while waving her arms around for emphasis. "Look I'm sorry about all this maybe it was a mistake."
"Peter!" Ray admonished. "Let's not be to hasty. You need a job and we're one man short. Give it one job. Peter will be on his best behavior.

Lola thought about it for a moment, remembering her current predicament of no housing and how this seemed to be the answer to. "Okay. But he better take some kind of sensitivity training, because I have a cousins friend whose good at sexual harassment cases"
Peter holds up his hands in mock surrender. "Woman or man I'll treat you the same. But still no names until I know you're going to live long enough or not quit on us your new names rookie. Fair?"

She doesn't like being called it, but she use to the nickname. "fine." she crosses her arms pretty sure Peter's looking at her breasts.

"*he-hum* Excuse me."
The three turned to face the forgotten Egon. "And what have you been up to Spenges?" Peter took the opportuntiy to shift the attention off himself & his bad behavior, since he was pretty sure the rookie might have noticed him checking her out. He liked a feisty women.
"I've just been getting the new recruit her gear. Would you like to change and get started?" Egon directed the question at Lola. Oblivious to the fact a few seconds ago she was about to leave.

"Stay. One job." Ray repeated.

Lola relented, nodding. " Yes sir, Dr. Spenglar."
"No need for that. Just call me Egon." he replied absently.
"Oh, okay Dr. …,I mean, Egon." Lola corrected as she took her uniform and went into the bathroom to go change.
"Well the kids got some backbone I see. Right, Peter?" Ray turned & looked at Peter. "Try to be on your best. We can't afford you running off another cadet."
" 'sigh dramatically' Yeah. She has that going for her." Peter reluctantly admitted. "I still say she'll last two days at the most."
Lola looked around at the guy's bathroom and shriveled her nose in disgust. It was a pigsty. Definitely in need for a good cleaning. If the thought because she was a girl this was her territory they had another thing coming. She wasn't the one who missed while peeing. She had just finished changing into the standard issue jumpsuit, and looked at herself in the mirror.
She pulled her black hair up in a ponytail, leaving her bangs in much need for a trim. They were hanging in her face. She sighed Her Plain-Jane looks perfectly matched the bland uniform she was wearing. When she looked back into her own brown eyes, suddenly she felt the realization of where she now worked hit her. She was a Ghostbuster. An honest to goodness Ghostbuster. People sought their autographs, wore shirts with their logo, played/collected their action figures. Hell she had even heard of some diner offering a half eaten grilled cheese ray had left on eBay.

"Wow." Was an understatement of how she felt at the moment. For a moment she cut loose, her excitement overriding her as she did her little happy dance.
After a few minutes she regained her composure, straightened her uniform & smoothed her hair before exiting the bathroom.

"So, what am I doing today? Is there some sort of paperwork to fill out? And could you point me in the direction of my bed & locker so I can store my clothes?"
"You can just set your clothes there." Ray offered.

Peter looked annoyed. "That's my bed ray."

Lola paused & looked at him. "It's safe right? I'm not going to catch anything, am I?"

Before Peter could answer, Egon said. "Well there are the preliminary forms. Consent of non liability, do not reseitate, living will..."

Lola's eyes widened. Shooting a look at Egon, Ray quickly cut him off. "We've designed a rigorous training regimen in order for you to get familiar with you proton pack and its*" "BOOM!" a pulse of brilliant glowing blue light passed thru the building and left everyone shaken and the building vibrating.

"Was that us?" Egon wondered out loud.
"No! That had to be a necromatic convulsion! Level 7 or more!" Ray said with more enthusiasm than was warranted.
"I know I'm not gonna like this answer, but is a level 7 or other bad or rreeeally bad?" Janine asked as she reached the upper floor.

Egon studied her for moment. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, what about everyone else?" Janine replied.

Lola & Ray answered in unison. "We're okay."

Peter rolled his eyes. "Let's concentrate people. Necro...convulsion thingy?"

"A Necromantic Convulsion." Egon corrected "let's just say on a scale of one to ten it's a…"
I know that. Let me guess it's a 7?" Peter answered sarcastically.
"Let's just say we're gonna be getting real busy." Egon stated ominiously.
"And that is not the fun kind of getting busy is it Ray?" Peter quipped. Suddenly glass shattered from downstairs. Everyone hurried downstairs.
"Oh no! Slimer's escaped again!" Ray exclaimed in slight panic after seeing the broken, empty case.

"Follow me Rookie."

"My name is Lola."

"Sorry!" Ray apologized as he ran through an unnoticed doorway & down the basement stairs.
At the bottom of the stairs was the containment unit. It was a sideways metal cylinder type-thingy…to be honest Lola couldn't really think up a good description for it. What she could describe was the green blob-like creature looking thru a view port on it.
"He seems distracted by the containment unit." Egon said interestingly, having followed them down.
"Of course! He's been fascinated by it ever since you installed the viewer on it!" Ray said apparently relived to have found the little Ball-O-Snot, as Peter so ' fondly' called him.
"Okay, now with that established. I suppose he's not supposed to be doing that, right? Do you have another one of those glass cages to put him back into?" the men didn't answer, nodding Lola said. "Okay. So how do we get him? And where do we put him?" Lola asked the obvious question.
"Well, I guess that now would be a good time to teach you how to use the blast stream. Just point and blast. Try it on Slimer over there." Ray explained.

Oh, my god. They actually want me to use this literally five minutes into my first day. She really wanted to remind them about that forgotten paperwork. But if Lola lacked one thing it wasn't courage. She took a deep breath in, took the neuron in her hand, tightened her fingers and repeated the simple two steps.

'Just point…' She pointed the neuron wand at Slimer. 'And blast.' Oh so simple instructions hide how hard that part actually is! For when she pulled the trigger, the recoil jarred her enough that her stream went wild hitting the containment unit causing something to start hissing and spewing steam and scaring away Slimer.
"I said point it at Slimer, not the unit!"
"Sorry!" Lola apologized. Suddenly unsure if she really wanted to use the wand again.
"That hissing maybe partly my fault, Ray. I was calibrating the thermal valve today." Egon coming to the poor girl's defense. "I should've.." Suddenly a very disgusting smell filled the room.
"Uh-OH! Looks like one got out!" Ray shouted, pointing at the disgustingly large man-ghost. Before any of them could move Slimer and the man-ghost flew down into another part of the basement.
"Oh great. Let me guess now we gotta chase 'em." Lola lamented.
"Yep. You're going to learn hands-on. Well let's go!" Ray said cheerfully.
"You do know your enthusiasm, while admirable, is not contagious, right?" Lola pointed out.
"Come on! Let's go!"
"Guess not." Lola muttered to herself as she followed him thru the door into the next room.
There they found the man-ghost floating around the room.
"Okay I guess I'd better explain the pack better this time. You see those green bars on the right side of your pack?" He waited until she nodded before continuing. "That's your stamina bar. The higher it is the more damage you can take. There's a red bar right below the green. The red one shows you how close your pack is to over-heating. You'll want to periodically vent your pack to keep it from overheating and resetting. You also wanna keep an eye on the stamina bars of your teammates. They'll need cover if it gets to low. Now we split the busting process in to three parts: Blast 'em, Cap 'em, and Trap 'em. Now let's try it on this nasty customer right here." Ray stated, turning around to face the ghost. Lola nodded. Okay she could do this. Right? Yeah of course. Take a deep breath. Please don't overheat...please don't over heat that sounds really, really bad. Taking another deep breath, she cleared her mind and recited the previous instructions in her head.
'Point…' She took aim. 'and Blast.' She pulled the trigger. Since she was expecting the recoil this time, her aim didn't falter and she hit the thing dead on, excuse the pun. The ghost started sounding like he was gonna hurl, but Lola couldn't tell till he upchucked right on her.

"Ahrrr. Gross" Lola exclaimed, nearly losing her concentration.

"Oh this one's a real nasty one!"
"Oh, you think? I'm the one he just threw up on!" Lola yelled.
"Just keep blasting him Lola! We're getting there!"
"I'm blasting, I'm blasting!"
The Barf-ghost slowed down after a few minutes of continuous blasting from the two Ghostbusters.
"Okay, now to Cap 'em. Your capture stream is programmed to turn on automatically once a ghost is weak enough!" Ray shouted over the noise and sure enough once he finished the capture stream turned right on and netted the ghost.
"Good! Now you gotta slam him around a little."
Newly covered in ghostpuke, Lola got into the spirit of this step. And she was really good at it, despite the broken crates. "It's okay. We're insured." Ray assured her while encouraging his new rookie.
After a few good slams the ghost was unconscious and dazed. "Okay here comes the last step: Trapping 'em! Toss out you trap." He waited while she obeyed. "Now maneuver the ghost over and within range of the trap." Once she did that a funnel of energy erupted from the tiny box. "Good! Now you gotta hold him over it till he's in the trap! And remember different ghosts go in at different rates!" Barf-ghost started to get loose from Lola's stream by now.
"Ray! What do I do?"
"You gotta zigzag him!" Ray answered with a pushing pulling motion. Lola started to copy and soon enough Barf-ghost was in the trap!
"Wow! You might really be the right person for this job!" Ray praised as Lola collected her trap. Just then Slimer made a dash for escape thru one of the walls.
"Ray! Come in Ray!" Egon's voice came in over the talkie.
"We're here Egon."
"Did you catch Slimer?"
"No, but the Cadet bagged her first one. A real nasty customer too!"
"Great Ray, but we need to capture Slimer."
"Right. Well come on Lola, lets head topside!"
With that Ray started heading towards the door they had come in from when he stopped and turned to give her another piece of advice. "Oh and crossing the streams? In a few words: Don't Do It."

"Ummm, what happens if..." Lola didn't finish, before Ray interrupted her.

"don't do it. Rule # 1."
With that they headed back upstairs.

"Whoa, what! How come she gets all the new stuff? I want new stuff too!" Peter complained, as he watched Lola slip into a harness. It definitely was not made for women. The thigh straps rode up way too high and the strap across her chest had the effect of squashing her breasts uncomfortably while leaving the overflow to be pushed up into some Dolly Partton cleavage. She was definitely going to have to talk with them about this.
"She is our new experimental equipment technician." Egon answered impatiently.
"I carry around a bunch of dangerous hardware that could potentially blow up and launch me somewhere in New Jersey." Lola joined in the conversation. "Or at least that's what it said in the job description. I'm guessing you didn't write or read it."
"Hey, no lip from the rookie. Better her then me. Besides I have a date tomorrow and I never visit jersey willingly." Peter answered. "So where do you think the green Spud go?"

"The Sedgwick, where else?" Ray answered, as if the answer was obvious.
"Of course. It has the best buffet in all of New York!" Peter said. "I wonder if their serving filet minion. It's to die for."
"Well, let's go get 'em!" Lola said, finally getting into this. She'd heard all about the Sedgewick and couldn't wait to finally see it for herself.
"I guess we could do on the job training." Egon agreed after a minute.
Of course she needs on the job training. "Well then let's go!" Ray said as he got into Ecto1.
"Yes. Janine, when Winston gets back from seeing 'AIDA', tell him to join us at our usual table at the Sedgwick." Peter suggested before getting into the Ecto1. Lola and Egon followed suit, with Egon getting a good luck kiss from Janine. As Lola settled into the seat, she smiled. "This is so cool."

She thought she had only thought it but when Ray turned from the front seat, smiling at her. "I know. You're going to fit in perfectly."

"Let's not be so hasty." Peter announced, before pulling a wade of folded papers from his front pocket and plucking Ray's pen from his pocket. "By the way, while you to kids were goofing off in the basement, Janine gave me these." he handed them to Lola, who tried to read them despite the reckless speed and pothole laden streets. "It just says we're not liable for an injury, loss of limb or death."

Lola's eyes widened. What had she gotten herself into? Ray smiled enthusiastically. "You're going to love being a Ghostbuster." he assured her.

"Yuh huh." Lola answered suddenly unsure of her desire to be a Ghostbuster, even as she signed her name.