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Well here is chapter 5 and the awaited Slimer fight! And more of Peter being a slight jerk and later being a little nice. Also, ACTION SEQUENCE!

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Chapter 5: Slimer's Bar Mitzvah

As Peter opened the Ballroom door, Lola stood in shock. "Jeez louise! This place looks gorgeous." Lola exclaimed, her head spinning around to take it all in.

"Someone definitely has a lot of cash to burn." Peter agreed.

The Alhandra ballroom was huge! On one side was a long banquet table absolutely covered in food. At the center of the table was a gigantic cake. The other side of the room had an equally as large table filled with presents. The rest of the room was decorated just as lavishly. There was a fully stocked bar off in the corner of the room and a chandelier in each of the other corners. The focal point of the room was the huge chandelier in the center right above the dance floor.

"Well, I suppose that if you can afford to have your kids Bar Mitzvah at the Sedgewick you'd have to have money to burn." Lola pointed out.

"Well let's find Mr. Short, Green, and Slimey before he racks up our tab. After you?" Peter suggested as he motioned through the door. Lola nodded and mimicked him. "Ladies honor."

"No no no. After you, I insist. I mean after all, age before beauty."

"After you."

"After you, Peter."

"Rookie goes first. Rule#...umm …3! Yea that's right rule #3."

"Rules? Ray only told me one and that was not to cross the streams. He didn't say anything about there being other rules!" Lola half yelled. 'There's rules! I thought Ray was kidding about when he said that rule #1 and #2 thing earlier! Oh this is not good. I never do well with rules.' She lamented internally.

"We don't wanna scare rookies, like you, away at the door. So we normally just point them out as they apply."

Lola looked on in puzzled silence. "You just pulled that out your ass, didn't you?"

"Don't make me go to a *demerit system."

Lola narrowed her eye threateningly. "You wouldn't. Now answer the question."

"N-no I didn't! Ray came up with that one, thank you very much!" Peter lied right through his teeth. "What would give you that impression?"

"That just sounds like something you would do, you know." Lola said, rolling her eyes at him as she walked in to the ballroom. He really needed to stop twitching his hand when he lied.

Lola walked to the center of the room and looked around trying to spot their green fugitive, but failed to see him. "Umm okay. What do we do now?" She asked while turning to look in Peter's direction. "Peter?" When she saw him she gasped. "GET OUT OF THE GIFTS!"

Peter, startled, let go of the purple present he'd been examining and it dropped to the floor with a shatter instantly letting them know it was beyond saving.

"Ooh, now look what you did! You're supposed to be helping me, not peeking at the boy's new stuff! Now put it back and come help me find Slimer!" Lola half scolded, half pleaded.

"One that was your fault, not mine. Two didn't I say that YOU'RE taking the lead here? You'll figure it out at some point." Peter (un)helpfully pointed out. "Or do you need me to hold your hand?" He finished smugly after facing her. Ooh, she sure is fuming now!

"Fine! I'll do it on my own then!" Lola fumed as she spun around and started shaking tables for a reason known only to her.

Peter would have been very pleased with watching this FNG crash and burn if not for the fact that Ray and Egon will probably be pissed if they find out he didn't actually help her and she did seem to have a method to her madness at least. 'Why the hell is she shaking the tables? Aww what the heck? It wouldn't hurt to ask.' He thought and so he did.

"Well he popped out when I shook his hiding place earlier."

"…Okay, what?"

"Earlier when we were on the twelfth floor. We were getting a lot of interference up there, so we couldn't tell where he was when he hid in a vase. We only found him when I shook the vase a little by bumping it." Lola clarified.

"So you think you can flush him out if you shake his table?" Peter asked with a little skepticism. She's actually thinking? When did they last have a rookie who had a brain?

"Well it'll help me narrow down the possibilities. I'd use the PKE meter, but it was acting funny when I was using it up there." Lola sheepishly explained.

"Well try it now and if it doesn't work, I'll start shaking tables too. But if it does, you gotta try to catch the snotrag on your own." Peter challenged.

"Fine! You're on!" Lola accepted. She reached for her meter and turned it on. She held it out and started pointing it in different directions trying to get a signal, but getting nothing. Lola started to grin. Oh it was gonna be awesome to watch Peter eat his words.

Suddenly it started going crazy as she pointed it at the bar. Her face fell as she looked at the readings.

"Looks like he's all yours. Go get 'em, FNG!" Peter said as he turned back to the present table.

"You're really gonna make me do this by myself?" Lola said.


"Awww man…Why does the universe just wait for me to get cocky?" Lola lamented as she stalked closer to the bar, slowly drawing her wand. When she got up close she feebly called out "Here Slimer, here boy?"

Suddenly a bottle shattered. "Gahh!" Followed by another and another! Then every bottle burst open as Slimer flew from the wall and right over Lola's head!

"OH BOY!" screamed out Lola as she hit the deck. She turned to see him start attacking the gigantic cake like a wild dog pack.

'Oh. I guess I'm less interesting than the food here…' She thought as she got to her feet. 'Poor cake.'

She took aim, fired, and the poor cake was out of its misery. To say Slimer was startled would have been an understatement. To also state he was angry would also be playing it down a little bit. At least she'd gotten his attention.

"Oops. Heh heh, sorry."

If the drumsticks, candles, and plates coming her way were any indication, it was not accepted.

A soup ladle grazed her head.

Nope. Not. At. ALL. ACCEPTED.

She dived behind a table and flipped it on its side, destroying everything on it. Lola ignored that for now, hoping the table would take the worst of the assault.

While she was waiting for a chance to retaliate, she spotted Peter out the corner of her eye. 'He's still going thru those presents? With all this noise? Is he… Waiit a minute! He said I had to do the TRAPPING by myself! He didn't say he couldn't give advice!' Having found her loophole, she smirked a little deviously. "I'm such a genius at times."

With Slimer taking a minute to gather some new ammo, she stuck her neck out and asked if there was something she should be doing. All she got for her troubles was a plate that just missed her head.

"Ahh!" She screamed as she ducked back behind her table. She didn't even get a chance to breath before the slime ball came charging from her right. There was no way to dodge it. So she decided not to and started blasting him before she was barreled over, sending her rolling.

He also took out three other tables before stopping by hitting a wall and then doubling back.

Lola got up and turned around fast enough to give a spectator whiplash, and let loose with the Blast stream, destroying some paneling and a chandelier (or two or three) in the process.

The slimeball was fast, but not fast enough to dodge the direct hit. As Lola was blasting she was also taking steps back in order to keep a healthy distance between herself and Slimer. But keeping her eyes on the flying garbage disposal kept her from noticing the champagne bottle under her foot and then she was down, taking with her the banquet table. Slimer took the opportunity to throw a wine glass at her head. It hit her and broke two centimeters above her eye, leaving a good sized cut.

Slimer charged, but Lola was seeing double due to also banging her head on the table. So she missed Slimer when she fired, but there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. She hit right next to Peter's head and finally got his attention. Cue Slimer ramming her head into the table.

"HEY! What's…" Peter said nothing else as he turned around to find that Lola had actually tried to catch Slimer on her own. 'She's good. The little monsters' even breathing hard.' He thought giddily as he watched Slimer pant around the room. Then he saw Lola tangled up in what was left of the buffet table, seemingly unconscious. His eyes widened and he got over there a fast as he could to see how bad off she was. When he got there, she had a good sized lump forming on the back of her head and a bad cut above her right eye that was probably gonna need stitches.

'Did the snotball do this?' Peter looked around to see if any other ghost could've come through the walls, but there were no telltale slime splats to confirm that thought. 'This isn't right. Even when the butterballs' pissed, he doesn't hurt people.'

"Hey Peter!"

The brown-haired Ghostbuster jumped slightly at the sound of his radio. "Oh, hey Ray."

Elsewhere in the building Ray frowned slightly, catching the 'I'm-worried-about-something-but-won't-admit-it' tone Peter almost never used. "Pete, whats wrong?" Ray ventured cautiously.

"Something isn't right here, Ray. I got an unconscious Rookie here who Slimer has apparently viscously attacked with the hotel's best china." Peter called over the radio, while looking Lola over for more injuries. 'Crap. She's gonna need to get these looked at.' He thought a he found a few more nasty cuts on her shoulder.

"What do you mean 'viscously attacked'! Peter? Where were you?"

"I'll tell you later. She's coming to, so I gotta go." Peter ended the transmission. He turned to address a newly awake Lola. "Rookie you have just been awarded SRM number 3." He chastised.

"Then why are you holding up four fingers, dumbass?" Lola countered as she shakily got to her feet. Damn, her head was killing her! "Hey Pete?"

Peter discreetly let go of his held breath. 'Okay, so she doesn't have a concussion.' "You need an aspirin?" He guessed.

"Yes. So do you have one?"

"Yeah. Here, take two." He answered as he tossed her his personal stash. "I'd ask if you got Slimer, but the vibrating table sorta takes the fun out of it. Also while he's not going anywhere, why did you not come ask me for help when he started getting rough?" Peter scowled. "Rule #4 is never to try to catch a ghost on your own if you're a rookie."

Now from here Venkman saw this going one of two ways: she is either going to start crying that she's sorry but wants to quit or she's going to get pissed and start screaming at him that this was his fault, and quit the job.

Neither of his expectations were met.

Instead Lola calmly walked up, handed him his aspirin back, fixed her ponytail, and said "I'm sorry… *sign* I should have asked for help a bit sooner, but I thought you were serious when you said to try to catch Slimer on my own. So I did try but it failed, so could you please come help me catch the little monster?" Good thing Peter was a former actor, or else he would have shown the shock he was feeling. She wasn't going to quit immediately? She still wanted the job? Hmmm… she's curious one. "Well ?"

"Let's go bust that glowing snotrag." He answered with a smirk.

And with that they silently walked over, took aim and blasted the table apart! Slimer flew high above their heads and tried to start throwing things again. This time though Lola wasn't alone and Peter wasn't happy about getting slimed earlier. The two Ghostbusters soon had a capture stream around their live-in science experiment.

After roughing him up enough to daze him, they put 'im in the trap and were about to leave when the manager burst open the doors and saw the disaster they had caused. The poor guy looked like he'd been kicked in the gut.

"The-the Bar Mitzvah… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" He yelled at the closest person to him. Peter was lucky. Lola? Not so much. Lola looked back and cringed when she saw the damage.

It seemed like every table was trashed in some fashion, whether it was downright broken to being in cinders to now being an uncleanable mess. The bar was gone, broken in their undaunted pursuit of the butterball. The chandeliers were the worst casualties, now lying in shambles on the floor. She wasn't even going to get started on the buffet. "I'm so sorry sir! But it's not as bad as it looks. "Lola sincerely suggested as she tucked some hair behind her ears. Just then the lone survivor of this debacle, the fixture above the dancefloor, crashed down and shattered upon meeting the ground. "Umm…Maybe you can fix it?"

"Fix it? FIX IT! THE GUESTS ARE ARRIVING IN 15 MINUTES! You can't fix this*gesture to everything in the room* in FIFTEEN FUCKING MINUTES!" The manager screeched, about to explode.

'Hey! No one but me gets to yell at the FNG.' "What's your problem?" He asked interrupting the man's tiraide.

"What!" The manager indignantly yelled.

"You heard me. Thanks to me-" Lola glared at him unnoticed. "- and my exclusively assigned new recruit here, the party can now proceed in an entirely ghost-free environment! So your welcome, huh?" Lola and the manager stared at him for two reasons: One because they thought he was just trying to tell the Manager to shut up, and two because it had worked.

"Also you can tell the Rodriguez family that all the presents were saved." Peter added as he tossed the purple present that was broken earlier. When the manager caught it, the shards inside rattled tellingly. "Well, sorry pal that one's on you." Peter said as he left the room, dragging a slightly guilty Lola behind him.

"I can't believe we did that! That boy's day is gonna be ruined forever!" Lola lamented in the hallway. Cue Ray walking up before Peter could answer.

Peter stopped "Don't start crying over it. The kid's gonna get twice as many presents later."

Lola more than started fuming- she was on fire! "What do you mean 'Don't start crying'? Do you really think I was going to start crying that easily? I do NOT ever, EVER cry! I didn't even cry when I broke my arm when I was nine! So if I start crying it's for a good reason, got it?" Lola then stomped off to try to comfort the manager, cause she still felt bad.

Ray pulled Peter away before he could follow to retort or worse- flirt. "Peter, can you please behave? I need to convince her to stay for at least the rest of this job!" Ray pleaded.

"She woke up right after I hung up on you. But, I don't think she intends on leaving Ray." Peter provided after making sure she'd turned the corner. At Ray's skeptical look he continued. "When she got up all she did was ask for some aspirin, calmly admit that she made a mistake, and ask for some help with the slimeball. Who I have in a trap, right here." Peter held up the trap. "By the way, we should probably have a heart to heart talk with him or we may have some discipline issues when he hits puberty."

"She didn't scream? Or cry?"

"Nope. She just jumped back into it. We trashed the ballroom though."

They stood there a second remembering how all the other rookies had quit after their first fight with a ghost. Ray thought for a moment longer and then said "I still wanna talk with her."

They headed back to the ballroom to find Lola and the chef from earlier calming down the manager. "Lola, we need to speak with you minute." Ray said, a little distracted by the state the room was in. Lola looked up and said something to the manager. Then she walked over to her colleagues. Well colleague and Peter.

"FNG, rule #4 is-"

"Peter, if you're about to say 'rule #4 is don't try calming upset clients', I'm going to punch you." Lola said with a growl.

"He was gonna say 'don't walk off without telling us." Ray switched.

"Oh. Umm… sorry." Lola apologized .

"What we were going to ask though was-" Suddenly a very expensive looking suitcase came flying through the door and nearly missed hitting the manager and Francis.

"Umm… Boys this is gonna have to wait, cause either the guests are rioting, or those bellhops are back. I'm hoping it's the gues- I mean ghosts." Lola amended with a look back at the panicking men behind her as she ran to the main lobby.