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The days are chaos from the start on the grid, a totally secure network of offices that make M.I 5 HQ, Section D is famous for their own unique style of chaos, seems completely out of hand to the rest of the world yet they somehow all manage to work together and save the day time and again. Their part of the grid is nicknamed the Watchtower and the people themselves the Justice League. The is because they are all totally unique and willing to do anything to get justice served.

There are 7 members of section D at the moment, Kal, Bruce, Diana, J'onn, John, Shayera and Wally.

Kal 'Superman' El: last survivor of an advanced society of people known as the Kryptonians. Originating from Krypton a country unmarked on any map and known to very few other 'advanced' countries. Not much is known about these people, Their physiology is far more advanced than normal humans, giving them all round enhanced physical abilities, even when compared to a well trained human. The society was destroyed by a massive continental disaster. Determined and much stronger than the average human thanks to his heritage, Kal-El is weakened considerably by a certain radioactive ore nicknamed Kryptonite. He is also trained in an unknown but effective style of combat by an unknown source. Nicknamed 'Superman' by Wally due to taking down large numbers of opponents at once.

Bruce 'Bats' Wayne: billionaire playboy to the rest of the world, rich kid with issues and a determination to see justice served to the rest of section D, he funds the team when their government budget can't cover their methods. Usually a bit of a loner, but is starting to very slowly let his walls down around those he is beginning to accept as family. Scarred by the killing of his parents in front of his eyes when he was 8 years old he has trained himself to peak physical and mental condition. Nicknamed 'Batman' due to darker demeanour and ability to hide in the shadows, disappearing and reappearing without a sound.

Diana 'Wonder Woman' Prince: born on a peaceful Greek island shut off from the outside world with only her mother and sisters, Diana is a kind and gentle soul yet a capable warrior. Having only seen the world outside her island home for the first time a few months ago she is quickly picking up it's customs and settling in to her new life as a field officer for section D. Nicknamed 'Wonder Woman' due to great combat skill and determination.

J'onn 'Martian Manhunter' J'onnz: like Kal, J'onn is the last surviving member of his society. A tribe called the Mart-ians, they were a race of peaceful philosophers, killed by a rouge gang of terrorists trying to obtain the resources to remake the world to their liking. Though J'onn knows that force is needed to bring in the bad guys he maintains a vital role at the Watchtower coordinating everyone to separate himself from the violence though he does go out into the field if necessary. Nicknamed 'Martian Manhunter' because of his tribe's name and uncanny ability to find people.

John 'Lantern' Stewart: A strong, strict man that transferred over from the S.A.S. His previous position means he has weapons and combat training that are vital to the group. A great tactician and strategist he gets along well with Wally, who still hasn't worked up the courage what crawled up his trousers when he joined the S.A.S. Nicknamed 'Lantern' because when team members get in over their heads, he's a hope to save their "useless backsides".

Shayera 'Hawkgirl' Hol: Another transfer, but this time from the R.A.F. Lieutenant Shayera Hol is a master pilot and fighter. From a tribe of pilots in the middle east she has made a life for herself in England after an accident separated her from her people, determined and short tempered, she has years of combat and flying training, yet is also quite a good detective. Nicknamed 'Hawkgirl' for fiery temper and aviation skills.

Wally 'Flash' West: Born as Wallace Rudolph West he is nicknamed flash for his incredible speed. He is faster than Kal in a race even with the latter's more advanced physiology. The group's forensic scientist and sense of humour Wally is the centre of the group, always ready with a wisecrack and grin.

"Too right I am!" laughed Wally as he finished looking through the groups files. It had been a very rare quiet day on the watchtower, though everyone knew it was the calm before the storm.

"Wally you haven't been looking through the files again have you?" Diana's voice floated towards him.

"Well I haven't got anything else to do"

"Be thankful, normally we have to do deal with life and death situations everyday."

"Briefing room NOW!" Bruce bellowed across the grid.

"Thanks hotshot, thanks princess," John commented dryly.

As the team assembled in the briefing room they saw the smart board at the end of the table displaying a grainy CCTV picture that they did not like the look of.

"This man is called Dartagnan Seid, he's currently the dictator of a small country called Apokolips" started Kal.

"GCHQ have picked up chatter regarding a terrorist oragnization called Intergang, it is believed that this is run by Seid to help expand his country and take over more land."

"I will speak to Michael Holt at GCHQ regarding this chatter, and see if I can locate it's place of origin." J'onn stated in his usual stoic tone.

"I will check out Dartagnan's background a bit more, speak to those clowns at New Scotland Yard and see if they have any records on him seeing as he was one of them. I believe Arthur Curry was the man in charge of him." Diana said whilst glancing at the papers on the desk in front of her.

"Gotta love the things you find online, apparently Dartagnan means 'leader' only appropriate in a sinister kinda way. Can't we just call him Darth?" Wally piped up.

"Fine, we'll call him Darth. Diana, anything you can find will be useful we need to get as much information on this Intergang before it starts. It seems to be the country trying to expanding but hiding that under a gang label. It could possibly lead to a political situation and that should most definitely be avoided. " Kal finished the meeting.

Everyone left for their desks and started finding out what they could about their enemy. Weather by GCHQ, their own sources or just trawling through files or the internet.

"Bruce, Kal I need you to go and check out Tower bridge, there are reports from the clowns of a suspected bomb in the hydraulics room." J'onn quicly relayed an alert from the local police force, not so affectionatly dubbed 'the clowns' by most, if not all of M.I.5.

"Fine, we'll go and check out the area see what we can find." Bruce grabbed his coat and headed towards the lifts, with Kal not far behind.


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