Secret 6

The Watchtower : June 19th 8:00

"Yesterday, Miss Marayama contacted Legion Demolitions and requested to arrange a meeting. This meeting is taking place at Legion Demolitions' company building at 10:30 today, we'll all be there and

the plan is to find out what we can, then sneak in and arrest both Miss Marayama and Lex Luthor." Diana started the day with a mission plan.
Bruce took over, "John and Wally will be in the surveillance van, Shayera and Kal will be waiting at the building's south entrance, ready to go onto the roof in case they try to leave that way. Me and Diana will be at the east side. J'onn will be co-ordinating form here."
"We have bugs inside and external surveillance equipment, we will retrieve all of

the information we can from these, once the meeting is definitely over, the six of you will all move in, trapping the two, in the case further support is required, we will have special forces on standby and within range." J'onn finished the plan,

ending the meeting as everyone went to grab their gear and get into position.


"What about that dance?" Bruce inwardly groaned at the question, 'not now princess...'
"I said I had meetings until the end of the month." A neutral reply.
"Why do you refuse to acknowledge something that is clearly there?" Uh-oh, she was mad, and that didn't bode well for him.
"Princess, we're on a mission, now is not a good time." Yet another attempt at avoiding the matter completely.
"We have at least

half-an-hour of their conversation, so why don't we do the same? Why do you refuse? Oh wait, it might cut into your brooding time."
"One, dating within the team always leads to disaster. Not to mention there are actual agency rules against it.

Two you're practically a princess from an isolated Greek utopia, and I'm a rich kid with issues. Lots of issues. Three, if my enemies knew I had someone special, they wouldn't rest until they'd gotten to me through her."
During the short

monologue, Diana's hands had come to rest on the steering wheel of the car they where sitting in, and were now gripping it so tightly Bruce wondered why the steering wheel hadn't buckled.
"Next." was the angry, one-word reply.
Luckily for Bruce, J'onn chose that moment to interrupt, "The meeting is coming to a close, move in." With that, both all six of the agents were out and moving. Quickly racing through the corridors with Diana right behind him, Bruce arrived at one of the two doors in the top floor meeting room, knowing that John and Wally would be going to the other and Kal and Shayera would already be on the roof. "Go." he spoke clearly into his wire and kicked in the door, as the same happened the other side.

The two suspects in the room looked shocked for only of a split second before charging for the roof door, the agents following.

On the roof, the two suspects met Kal and Shay, the latter raising a solid steel pip she'd picked up and swinging it at

Marayama's head. With skill borne of years of training, the martial artist swiftly moved left, raising a hand to strike the pilot's back as her own momentum carried her past. The hand fell but Shayera twisted and blocked it with the pipe at the last

second, bringing her leg up quickly into Marayama's side, the other took a step back, stunned long enough for Hawkgirl to land a solid uppercut, taking her out.

As a result of the ladies' fight, Luthor had been stuck with Kal, the sinister

businessman knew without a doubt he had a problem, he couldn't beat this man in hand to hand combat. Seeing the agent wasn't going to make the first move, he took a swing, hoping the green rock set in the ring he always wore on his right hand would help. As

was predicted by both sides, Kal easily sidestepped the hit, and knocked Luthor out with a simple blow to the head. Bruce arrived to handcuff Luthor.
"Well that was easy." the billionaire quickly bound Luthor's hands and handed the unconscious businessman to John to move to the waiting cars. Noticing the kryptonian's mind was elsewhere he frowned slightly. "What."
"Nothing major, I just had a second of feeling slightly nauseous." was the reply as the two headed back down and out

of the building.
"What would you know about nausea? You don't get sick." The statement was true, never once had the taller man gotten any form of illness in his life, adding more to his Wally-given 'Superman' title.
"Exactly. It was only midway through Luthor's swing, just for a second. Probably nothing." A dismissive hand gesture as the group reassembled.
"Me and Wally will search this building, Diana and Shay and taking these two back for questioning, leaving you two to use the warrant we've been given to search Luthor's house and office in England." John quickly explained and everyone was on their way.

11:16 Luthor Mansion
Out in the middle of Cumbria, surrounded by hills and valleys, both covered in lakes, sat

Luthor's mansion. A massive building from the Victorian era, it had 3 storeys, was split into two wings and beautiful architecture. The house was at the bottom of a long gravel driveway with perfectly landscaped gardens on either side.
"Seems like Wayne Manor has a bit of competition then?" Kal couldn't resist the slight prod.
"Not really, this is just one of the bunch, England's full of places like this, really doesn't help the stereotyping, though the national trust is probably the worst offender." Bruce

immediately switched to the defensive, though it was subtle.

Reaching the end of the drive, Bruce parked in front of the oversized doors in the centre of the equally oversized porch.
"You know Lois said something a few days ago, she was interviewing an earl, and it hadn't gone in her favour, so as she left she said - loudly - 'people who need houses of this scale are clearly compensating for something'. The former reporter was disappointed when Wayne didn't dignify the jibe with a response.

As the pair stepped onto the porch, one half of the massive front door swung open. Stood there was a short man with a stereotypically evil black moustache and glare.

"What can I do for you gentlemen?" the usually pleasant phrase ruined by the cold tone to the voice. Bruce just pushed past the butler into the house, shoving the warrant towards the sinister man as her did so and headed into the main lobby.

"As you can see we have a warrant to search the premises, if you could gather all of the staff and occupants into one room that would be very helpful." Kal only paused for a moment to explain before jogging after Bruce.

"Glad to see your manners are at their usual impeccable standard," a slight dig,

"I'm not one for pleasantries." the monotone reply,

"I'm sure Alfred would testify to that, he's had the unenviable job of trying to teach you the meaning of that word." an equally monotone finish. Bruce ignored him as he found the door he was looking for, the one that lead to Luthor's office. He entered and looked around the large, airy, and well-lit room. The wall opposite the door had been replaced by panoramic windows, a large light-coloured wooden desk complete with black leather office chair in front of it, facing the door. The wall to the left of the entrance was had built in filing cabinets, of the same wood as the desk, all along it's lower half. Kal watched as Bruce took a few strides into the room, looking around. Probably for a safe of some sort, which wasn't going to be found without some effort. He walked past his friend and started checking the desk. A few standard business papers, but nothing yet incriminating, looking in a simple silver box on the desk found something interesting though, a large Desert Eagle pistol.

"I think I've got something that will help." he held up the gun as Bruce looked up from where he was crouched by the filing cabinets. "We could probably hold him on a weapons charge, giving us a little more time to figure out what's going on." He watched with interest as he watched Bruce return his attention to the filing cabinets fiddling with one in the centre, "What are you doing?"

"Finding out what is going on." the billionaire took a step back and swung what should have been a drawer open in the same way as a standard door. Behind the wooden façade, the door was several inches of solid metal, as was the rest of the unit. A hidden safe. Looking inside the safe, there were two sets of small shelves running along the sides, the back being taken up by a large bench like container that sat along the lower half of the back wall of the safe. There was a single central lock on it.

"Judging by the colour of it, I'd say it's lead, which is unusual anywhere now." Bruce spoke referring to the back box.

He got up and went over the the desk to look for a key, rifling through the drawers he found several papers with what looked like information about an ongoing research project to do with 'meteor rocks' there was a picture of a green, faintly glowing lump of rock on the page. He put the papers down as he found what he was looking for, moving back to the safe he unlocked the box with a small 'click' lifting the lid a sickly green glow emanated from the box, identical to the one on the research papers. He frowned, this was something he didn't recognize, and if he didn't recognize it, it was rare. His musings were interrupted by Kal, who'd moved to the other side of the room.

"That nausea's come back," though the way he was leaning against the wall rubbing his temples could have given that away.

"And?" Bruce prompted, sensing there was something else.

"This may sound stupid..." Kal started,

"As does most of what you say," came Bruce's dry interjection. All he received in reply was a glare. "I said most," he defended.

"The nausea is worse over where you are," Kal got back to the point. Bruce closed the lid on the box and put it down. As he was standing up Kal spoke again,

"It's gone."

"Completely?" an faint undertone of disbelief from the billionaire. His frowned slightly as he started thinking. What was the common factor, from no sickness ever to twice in a week, something had to have changed. Not to mention the short times of the sickness, it had to be a single factor, it was incredibly unlikely for multiple to coincide twice. Was there anything about the first time that was the same as the second? He remembered the incident with nearly perfect clarity, heck, he remembered everything with nearly perfect clarity. The plan, the roof, Luthor - and that glowing ring had caught his eye...

The ore. That ring looked like it could be made from the ore he had found, and the lead – famous for being able to stop certain types of radiation – box had been open fro the exact length of the nausea. Was he right? There was only one way to find out, he picked up the box from the top of the cabinet, and moved across the room to stand beside the journalist. He opened the box. And could have sworn his friend flinched, just before he started slouching against the wall, looking pale, clearly not feeling well. Worryingly, this was only a small piece, what could a large chunk do? Bruce closed the box and grabbed his friend's elbow. "Sit." The journalist offered no resistance and sat against the wall. Bruce crouched down in front of him, and looked straight at him. "This," he began indicating the metal box, "is what's causing it."

"A glowing green rock?" came the incredulous reply. Bruce just opened the box again.

"Okay... A glowing green rock..." a slightly pained statement. The box was closed and placed on the desk. "Don't move until you feel fine." Another command as Bruce checked Luthor's desk for any more of the research papers on the rock. If he could find the information on it maybe he would be able to figure out why it was effecting someone who was usually a man of steel.