This my first Fan Fiction. It has cursing, violence, and male/male relationships. If you do not like any of those things than please do not read it.

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James Tiberius Kirk Captain of the star ship Enterprise sat quietly, one hand clenched one the armrest, as the Borg cube moved closer on the view screen. The bridge was in chaos the klaxon sounding as sparks sizzled from under screens and control panels.

"There're firing again, Captain," Sulu called as he braced himself against the blast. The lights flickered as the Borg laser hit the shields.

"Shields reading thirty percent, Captain," Spock said, his voice cool and calm as he held himself from falling with one hand as the ship rocked. "If the pattern holds they will be hailing us after this next volley."

"That would be great," Kirk growled, his fierce blue eyes fixed on the Borg cube as it glided toward the crippled Enterprise. "I would love a little chat."

The Captain's next words were cut off as a fresh wave of laser fire shook the ship.

"Captain, we've got a power drain registering off the main power grid," Scotty called wildly from his station. "I need to get a team on it now or we'll lose all power to the shields in a few minutes."

"Keep to your station Mr. Scott," Kirk snapped, "I need you where you are. The ship will hold for a bit longer."

"They are hailing us now, Captain," Uhura called over the red alarm. "Should I put them through to the screen?"

"Sure," Kirk said, nonchalantly leaning back in his chair. His eyes, still fixed on the screen as the Borg cube drew closer, were bright with either genius or insanity, "Might as well, I haven't got anything better to do today."

"On the main screen then, Sir," Uhura said as she turned to face her station so she wouldn't have to look at the Borg. A long pale scar cut across her mouth, along her jaw to her ear where it turned and ran down her neck to disappear under her uniform. She had seen more than enough of the Borg.

A pale bloodless face covered in cybernetic implants appeared on the screen. The Borg was probably male, but Kirk couldn't be sure until it started talking, as most of the being's face was metal and wires.

"We are the Borg," the defiantly male spokes Borg announced.

"We know," Kirk said his voice bored.

"You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."

"So we've heard," Kirk said tapping his armrest in a offhand way, "I think we both know that resistance is the only worthwhile thing we can do now."

"We are the Borg," the spokes Borg said completely ignoring Kirk, "Lower your shields and surrender your ship. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."*

"Shut that son of a bitch off." Kirk snapped still glaring at the main screen.

Uhura switched the Com link off with a small almost vindictive smile.

"I don't think we have much choice, Captain." Scotty said, his voice was low and urgent, "the drain in the main grid will lower our shields to below critical levels in less then four minutes."

"Stand by on the main phaser-banks. And hold our current position Mr. Sulu." Kirk said still glaring at the main screen.

"Yes, sir," Sulu said glancing quickly at the navigation station. Chehov was pale and he hadn't responded to the order, but his hands were steady over the phaser controls and his eyes were ice cold and hard.

"Captain, we do not have the power or the stability to form a sufficient defense nor do we have the resources to form an attack," Spock said walking over to stand behind the captain's chair. "I believe we are 'sitting fowl'."

"Ducks, Spock, we're sitting ducks,' Kirk said finally tearing his eyes from the screen to give Spock a quick smile.

"Indeed Captain," Spock raised one eyebrow. The half-Vulcan leaned so that his mouth was close to Jim's ear and quietly, almost carelessly, asked, "Then you would not be interested in the rather fascinating program the Enterprise computer is currently running and projecting to the Borg?"

"You found that little old thing," Kirk said flashing a quick grin before slowly standing, biting back a hiss of pain as battle wounds both new and old made themselves felt. It had been to long since he had seen a dermal regenerator, let alone used one. And in less they did something drastic, it would be a long time before he, or anyone not on the brink of bleeding to death, did.

"I believe you are plotting something Captain," Spock said more loudly as he walked back to his station. His tone was lighter than normal, and certainly lighter than the situation warranted, though only Jim was likely to notice the minuscule change. Spock hated to see his best friend in so much pain, but there was nothing he could do and he knew that his Captain would not want to seem weak in front of the crew, so many of whom had been injured or killed in the endless war.

"Who? Little old me?" Kirk smirked, but his eyes were narrow with pain. "What could I possible be up to?"

Scotty and Uhura exchanged a quick skeptical glance and both Chehov and Sulu snickered. Even a few of the ensigns smiled half-heartedly before all attention turned back to the Borg cube that was slowly creeping closer.

Spock tore his eyes from Jim's smirk to check the scanners, "Our power is below minimum safety levels, decks four through twelve are experiencing rolling black outs in order to preserve power levels to the shields."

"I need to fix that power drain, Captain, or we're gonna lose the shields altogether," Scotty said turning to the Captain and almost pleading, "There is only so much I can do from here."

"Trust me Scotty," Kirk said walking over to him and resting one hand on the older man's shoulder, "I need you doing what you can from here."

"Aye, Captain," Scotty said, before turning and all but pleading with the engineering station. The engines whined as they were asked to give a little more, just a little more that they didn't have.

"Good man," Kirk glanced at the panels and nodding slightly walked back to his chair, "I know you can hold it together for a little longer."

"Captain?" one of the ensigns the asked nervously. "I'm getting an abnormal reading on the scanner, Sir."

"Abnormal how?" Kirk asked turning to look at the ensign, who twitched under the captain's intense gaze.

"It was a fast moving object, about the size of a ship, that was on a collision course with the Borg cube," the ensign fidgeted with the edge of his shirt, "but it's gone, Sir, vanished. I keep getting flashes of something on the same path, but not the same size and not moving at the same speed. The flashes are something much smaller, Captain. And what ever it is, it's slowing down."

"Good, good," Kirk said turning back to the main screen. "Just ignore that for now ensign." The crazy glint was still in his eyes, but it had changed. It seemed less desperate, almost sad, but just as hard as it had been before.

"Yes, sir."

"They're firing again, Captain." Sulu called, "I think they might have given up on taking us alive."

"Let them try," Kirk grinned.

The ship shook, but the Captain just stood grinning, wild eyes fixed on the Borg cube again.

"They're charging their tractor beam and main laser, Captain." Sulu called his hands flying over the controls, trying to prepare something, anything to at lest try and out maneuver the tractor beam before it sucked them in and ripped them to bits.

There was a small shudder as the edge of the tractor beam clutch at the Enterprise's shield before Sulu, his hands flying over the controls, pulled them away, but not far enough. There wasn't enough power to move them very far. There was never enough power. Sulu barely got them away from the beam when he had to stop, but the tractor beam hadn't followed them. It hadn't moved at all. Then suddenly the beam stopped.

The main view screen sparked and flickered as all eyes shifted from the Captain to the Borg cube. It was standing still, not moving, not firing, not breaking their shields, not slicing the ship to ribbons, and not assimilating them. For a long, horribly long, few seconds the cube did nothing. Then slowly, almost too slowly to see, the cube began to list to one side. Shifting till it was obviously drifting without control or direction.

Suddenly the lights flickered and the main screen sparked. The klaxon cut off suddenly leaving a deafening silence echoing around the bridge.

"Captain?" Spock asked turning to where Kirk was still standing glaring at the main screen, "I am most interested in what has just occurred."

"In a minute Spock. Reports?" Kirk asked idly still watching the Borg cube as it drifted lazily through space.

Scotty turned to Kirk, "The power drain is gone Captain." He sounded astonished, "I don't know what happened, one second we're losing power like blood from a blast to the heart the next we're fine, dandy, minimum loss over the last hour, like the drain was never there at all, Captain."

"Captain," Chehov called, finally relaxing his controls over the main phaser-banks, "There's a Romulan warbird de-cloaking on our starboard side." Chehov shot a sidelong glance at Sulu and smiled, "It's the T'Met, sir!"

"They're hailing us, Captain," Uhura said grinning, the scar pulled the right corner of her mouth down, but the smile was bright and happy.

"Put them on screen, Lieutenant," Kirk said sitting back in the big chair with only a small wince.

"Frequencies open, Sir."

"Hey there, Admiral," Kirk said, grinning as Christopher Pike's face appeared on main view screen, "Good of you to join us."

"Nice to see you too, kid." Pike said, grinning.

"How'd it go on your end?" Jim asked lightly, leaning back in his chair, and smirking.

"Fine and dandy so far," Pike said glancing at his first officer, "We still have three members of the away team that haven't reported back yet. Will give then five more minutes."

Jim leaned forward, ignoring the usual stab of pain the action caused.

"Who?" Jim demanded, his voice automatically taking on the ring of command, "They were only going to plant the toxin in the regeneration alcove system. Get in, plant the toxin, and get out. Not hard, and no need to stick around."

Jim was ranting, and Pike let him stop for breath before answering, "Andorian warriors, Jim. If there was a fight they weren't going to come back until either the Borg were dead or they were. They made that damn clear when they signed up for the mission. Five more minutes and we'll scan the cube for life signs. If they are still alive we'll bring them home."

"You shouldn't have let them go!" Jim shouted banging him fist against the arm of his chair. "The odds of a fight were…"

"I KNOW!" Pike yelled, cutting Jim off before he could start ranting again, "I know they would fight. I didn't have much choice, Jim. They were the only ones that would do it. You remember Thy'lek Shran?"**

Jim frowned, "The former Imperial Guard commander? Yeah, I know him."

"Knew," Pike corrected, "He's dead. Died taking down an assimilation camp on Tellar Prime."

"Damn," Jim sighed falling back so he was sprawled half in and half out of his chair. "Andorians dying to save Tellarites from the Borg."

"The universe has gone crazy," Pike agreed and there were murmurs on of assent from the crew of both ships.

Jim sighed again and rubbing his face with one hand before combing his fingers though his hair, "How many did Shran save?"

"Fourteen Tellarites, six Vulcans, and two Betazoids," Pike said listing off the numbers before standing and grinning, "and two ton's of Dilithium as well as a half-ton each of Warp Grade matter and antimatter."

Jim glanced over at Scotty. The older man was all but crying with joy.

"And how much," Jim asked, "Of that lovely, beautiful, delicious Dilithium is for my lady Enterprise?"

"You'll get a far share and new passengers," Pike said laughing, "I'll send a team over to help repair your engines. Pike Out."

The screen flickered as Pike's face disappeared and the T'Met reappeared with the Borg cube drifting aimlessly off into the black.

"Spock?" Jim asked quietly, not turning to look at his first officer and best friend, "Without Thy'lek Shran and the three Andorians on that cube, how many Andorians are there?"

The bridge was quite as everyone listened.

"With those four dead, and the fourteen that Thy'lek Shran saved alive, there are four hundred and thirty-three living Andorians, Captain." Spock said as he watched the Borg cube drift slowly away. "And five hundred billion Borg."

* The Borg said that in Star Trek: First Contact

** Thy'lek Shran is from Star Trek: Enterprise, which I have not seen yet. I just liked the name