Behind Closed Doors – the Sybil & Vimes Collection

FLUFF alert…OK, I can't resist this! I plan on doing a series of vignettes, each complete in itself and centring on Sybil and Vimes' relationship. The idea is to capture little scenes in their life, hopefully keeping in character. Some may have a piece of music as a theme, some might not, it depends how the muse takes me.

If this idea is so much marsh gas, let me know. If it's a good idea, let me know that too!

Chapter 1 – Late

Vimes heard the cacophony of bells begin their toll across the city with an inward groan. He quickly increased his pace up Scoone Avenue, knowing that yet again he was late home. He closed his eyes thinking of Sybil's face. She wouldn't say anything, he knew that, nor would she look disappointed or sigh. The fact that she would not betray any emotion somehow made it worse.

Vimes cautiously pushed open the heavy front door, cringing as the click seemed somehow thunderously loud. He found himself hoping desperately that she was out in the dragon pens and therefore wouldn't notice how late he was. Futile hope, he realized, as Sybil appeared at the far end of the hall.

"Sybil, I'm sorry," he began, holding his hands out in a placating gesture.

"Sam," she interrupted. "I know." She smiled gently. "It's ok, I know what you're like with work. If I didn't understand I wouldn't have married you." She walked towards him and Vimes noticed that she seemed more….dressy….than usual. Stopping in front of him, Sybil reached up and threaded her fingers through his hair softly. Her smile widened at his obvious confusion.

"You're home now, that's all I care about." Sybil leaned forward and kissed him lightly, as he eagerly reciprocated she deepened the kiss.

As Vimes wrapped his arms around his wife with enthusiasm, he realized that there was nowhere he would rather be.

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