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Chapter one
Tom Marvolo Riddle

Harry curled up in his bed. He didn't know what to think of this. Three days ago Adam had said he liked him and today he hadn't even looked at him. Harry closed his eyes. He just couldn't understand. He had done everything right. He had taken that sassy picture with Reni's polaroid and had slipped it through Adam's door. He had shared his food with him and had even given the boy his coke and that was something he had never done before. Sharing was caring!

But now he was alone. Adam hadn't come like promised and he hadn't made Harry come either. The seventeen year old boy shoved his hands between his legs. The temptation to fondle himself was high but he couldn't. He didn't want it. He yearned for another hand than his own and he wished it was Adam's. He sighed and looked up at the drawing he had put up.

Harry slept in a bunkbed and ever since his roommate had left, he had the room for himself. The boy that had slept here had been adopted several weeks ago and no-one new had come. Harry enjoyed sleeping alone.
He lifted his hand and traced the outlines of the owl he had drawn. Ow, how he wished for an owl. A pretty white one he would have. He just knew. Underneath his drawing though, he could feel the outlines of something he hadn't looked at since Adam had began to show interest. Harry carefully pulled his drawing away from the wall, took the flashlight from his bedside table and looked at the letters engraved in the wall. He traced them with a finger.
Tom Marvolo Riddle.
This boy, this Tom, had slept in this room years and years ago. Harry knew this orphanage had been around for a long time. Many of the other orphans liked to taunt the newcomers with tales of ghosts of dead orphans. One of them being Tom. The rumor went that this Tom had been hurt badly by one of the caretakers. They said that when Tom had turned of age and had become a great wizard, he had come back to kidnap the man, both were never heard of again.

Harry didn't believe such nonsense. He believed in what he learned in books. He believed that this Tom Marvolo Riddle had studied at Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and that the caretaker who had vanished, had just moved on. It could very well be the man died but Harry didn't believe his Tom had anything to do with it or that the boy had died. Except of old age perhaps...

He blushed a little. He had began calling Tom 'his Tom' a year ago when he had had his first dream of the black haired wizard. Tom had been far more beautiful than Adam but alas, he wasn't real and so Harry had to settle for less.
Stupid Adam. Stupid magical Adam. Harry slammed his head back down on the pillow.
"If only you were real Tom. I bet you'd be a great lover.", he said, keeping his hands tucked under his pillow. Lover. He liked the sound of that word.
"Go to bed boys!" One of the caretakers yelled in the hallway. Harry sighed a little. He lifted the flashlight.
"Nox." He said and he pressed the off-button. The light went out and Harry closed his eyes.

That night he dreamed of broomsticks and wands. Of a dark handsome wizard who came to wisk him away. Harry dreamed of the life he could have had, if he hadn't been born a squib.

Not very far from that same orphanage one Dark Lord gazed out the window. The soft touch of young fingers still lingered on his cheeks. He had almost forgotten about young Harry Potter but now he was glad he hadn't. He glanced down at the prophet and the lovely speech Albus Dumbledore had given. Voldemort knew he needed to do something about this.. He traced his chin, still feeling that soft, hesitant touch. A plan began to form in his head. A plan that would make that old man shut up for good.
The boy fell asleep. Voldemort could feel it. He smirked. Yes, this would work perfectly.

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Chapter two: A wizard

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