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Chapter one
The Dark Lord Voldemort

Young Harry Potter had been an orphan for as long as he could remember. He knew orphans had little chance in the world he lived in, but Harry seemed to have Lady Luck by his side.

He was blessed with emerald green eyes, a skin as pale as snow and a feminine posture that made many men (and women) notice him.

Harry, at first, had hated his looks, but in time he had learned the benefits of them. The caretakers often showed a more lenient hand towards him than the other orphans and many couples who wanted to adopt a child, tried to adopt him. Why then, you say, did Harry Potter still live in that dreaded orphanage? The answer was simple. Harry did not want to leave. He had heard tales of young boys who came on the streets and who were immediately 'kidnapped' to serve the army of the great Lord Voldemort. After all, nobody cared about orphans.

Harry was not a warrior. Granted, he could handle a sword but he lacked one special thing that every soldier of the Lord possessed.


Harry Potter lived as a muggle in a land ruled by wizards and witches. Muggles, though inferior to wizards, were not killed nor enslaved, but they were still seen more as an object than a person. Harry had never really met a wizard, he had only heard tales about their power.

The bell that announced a new 'adopter' chimed through the building and Harry watched as the other orphans scurried out of the playroom. The young seventeen year old lifted himself from his seat and followed them. The matron did not tolerate disrespect, and not showing up when an adopter came was the perfect example of disrespect.

Harry walked down the stairs, brushing some of the dust of his simple clothes, and placed himself at the end of the line.

A silence fell over them and Harry noticed that even the cheerful maids lost their laughter. Alarm-bells rang in Harry's head. A silence like this meant only one thing…

The door of Miss Carter's office slid open and Harry was proven right, because right there He stood.

Clothed in dark robes, a sign of richness and power, stood their Lord. Known as the Dark Lord Voldemort.

He was very pale with a face that everyone both feared and admired. For one who had such a face, had to be very powerful indeed. He was snakelike, Harry found himself thinking. A flat nose with slits, red and snakelike eyes and a bald head. Harry would not be surprised if the man had a forked tongue.

"Every boy from the age of 1 to 15, leave." Harry watched them go, almost all of them. There were only five boys older than 15 in the orphanage. Harry immediately knew that the Lord was not looking for an heir.

"My Lord, these are the only boys of the age you requested. I can assure you that they are educated in every discipline taught here and…"

"Enough." He even sounded like a snake. Miss Carter nodded, not one to be scared by a snake apparently, and took a step back. Harry spotted some of the Lord his soldiers standing by the door. Death eaters, elite soldiers with magic.

The Lord stepped closer, not too close, and glanced at every one of the boys. Harry could feel his heavy gaze and he lifted a hand to scratch the lightning bolt scar on his forehead. The only reminder he had from the night his parents died. The night he became an orphan.

The man looked at every boy with the same amount of interest, and when he left them, Harry was sure no-one was going to be 'adopted'.

He was wrong for when the Lord left the orphanage, he was invited into the office of Miss Carter.

She asked him to sit, took a place herself and sighed heavily.

"I won't lie to you. The Lord was in search of a partner, some sort of consort. Not really his equal, not someone completely inferior. He had first wanted to find himself a magical husband, but politics have driven him to consider a non-magical husband." Harry knew what was coming next and he almost wished he could become deaf there and then.

Things went very fast from there. A woman came to the orphanage, dressed in navy blue robes. She was beautiful, and surprisingly very friendly.

Her name was Narsicca Malfoy, but Harry could call her Cissy. Not that Harry really wanted to call her Cissy. In fact, Harry wished that he did not need to call her anything. He wished he was not in this situation, but Harry had learned that one just did not reject the Lord.

If the Lord asked you to jump, you jumped and tried to go higher than your own height. If he asked you to dance naked, you danced naked with water dripping of your body. If he asked you to kiss a frog, you kissed a frog and tried to fuck it. You did everything and more if the Lord asked something. That was the rule.

So when Cissy asked him to call her Cissy, he smiled adorably and innocently said her name. She melted for him and kept telling him what a wonderful choice the Lord had made.

"Speaking of the Lord, Cissy."

"Yes Harry?"

"Why haven't I seen him…I mean, if he wants me to be his husband…Well, I thought he'd be wanting to at least talk to me before the wedding." She laughed at him, but when she noticed he was serious, she sobered.

"My dear boy, the Lord has no interest in you. I'm very sorry if you think so. The only reason he picked you is because you looked attractive." Harry nodded slowly. Well, he knew the Lord did not want him for his brains…

"So, I won't see him until the wedding?"

"There will not be a wedding my dear child. I am so sorry." She looked sorry.

"You will accompany me tonight to the Lord his home. There I will introduce you to every person you need to know, and then you shall place yourself in His bed and do whatever it is he wants from you." Harry gaped at her.

"That's it?" She nodded solemnly.

"Will he…be interested in me when we are together?" She blinked as if she did not know the answer.

"I mean, will I be able to do things I want to do?"

"What do you want to do?" She asked and she pushed a stray lock of blond hair behind her ear. Harry blushed a little.

"I hoped to…well, I've always wanted to become a herpetologist. Well, mostly to study snakes and the like. Do you think he'll let me?" She stared owlishly at him before she blinked and smiled a sweet smile.

"Yes, he'll be quite fine with that."

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