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Chapter ten
Neville and Master are no friends

Harry stood silently before the photographers, flinching a little when they came closer and started to shout questions. He had seen how quills wrote things down without wizards handling them. At first he had thought it to be cool, but then he had spotted some sentences. One quill, that belonged to a strange woman named Rita Skeeter, wrote down that when asked about his first night with the Lord, he had gotten tears in his eye because he remembered how his innocence was ripped from him. Harry had almost gagged when he read it and Rita swiftly had taken her quill and parchment away. Now Harry stood close by Voldemort, still half listening to the questions.

"Harry! Are you aware of your status as the 'almost' savior of the wizarding world?" Harry frowned a little but nodded slowly.

"Yes. My husband told me." The man who had asked the question scrabbled something down on his paper and another one yelled.

"You haven't told us about your wedding! There was no press! Can you tell us a little about it?" Harry blushed. He hadn't had a wedding and the only thing he could 'remember' was his first time with Voldemort on the footstool. He nonetheless plastered a smile on his face.

"Yes…it was very small because I was a little afraid about…well you guys actually." The press chuckled.

"But it was very romantic…I'm not going to tell you a lot about it, because…well." He looked down, shyly and then up at Voldemort with a little cheeky smile. He could hear that the press, especially the ladies, were totally falling for him. Harry blinked a little and threw a sweet smile at several camera's.

"That is enough." The heavy voice of the Lord boomed through the hallway and the press immediately stepped away. It looked a bit chaotic, Harry could see how many tried to take the same floo and he noticed that there was a lot of pulling and pushing. Voldemort bowed down a little and Harry could feel his broad hand on his back.

"In for a treat I think, pet. Good boy." Harry blushed and he glanced at the people who were still around. He immediately spotted Hermione and Ron and wondered why they hadn't tried to wave at him earlier. They were just standing aside, next to the headmistress of Hogwarts and Neville Longbottom. Voldemort sensed that Harry's attention was wandering and he followed his gaze.

"Ah, go then but stay close. I'll come and find you." Harry nodded and jumped of the stage, making his way to the little group that went silent when they saw him.

"Hello Headmistress. 'Mione, Ron, Longbottom."

"Mister Potter. You handled that quite well I must say. The Lord looked pleased." The Headmistress said. Harry grinned a little, they didn't know how pleased…The Headmistress then spotted someone she knew and left the younger ones alone. Harry could see that something was bothering Hermione so he crossed his arms and waited. She sighed and started to speak.

"Did he really tell you about the prophesy?"

"Not the words, no."

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ..." Neville Longbottom whispered and Harry stared at him. That was a mouthful!

"Yeah…He said something about power and dying. He chose you, didn't he Neville. 'Cause I was born a squib." He wasn't really looking at them, he was staring at his 'husband' who was talking with some important looking man. Hermione and Ron nodded, but it was Neville who gave a rather strange reaction.

"Born a squib?" Harry swiveled his head to Neville and glared hard.

"Problem with that, savior boy?" Neville shook his head quickly while Harry ignored the cross look he got from Hermione.

"N-No, no problem. It's just…I th-thought you weren't born as a sq-squib." He whispered the last word as if it was a cursed one. Harry frowned.

"Really? Why would you think that?" Harry asked doubtful.

"Leave him alone Harry, the Lord doesn't like Neville so much and you're just attracting attention." Hermione said.

"No I want to know too Hermione! Harry's wasn't born a squib? Neville, what do you know?" But then the temperature around them dropped and Neville went as white as a sheet. Harry took a step aside and smiled a little at the Lord who was staring with a sinister look at Neville.

"You have a strange taste in friends, Harry." The man said. Harry frowned.

"I'm not friends with Longbottom, my Lord." He answered.

"But a Weasley and a mudblood?" Harry frowned and took a step forward so he stood between his Master and his two friends.

"Yes, my Lord." Voldemort smirked at him, as if he found his protectiveness amusing.

"Everyone has their flaws." Voldemort said. Harry snorted a little.

"Now, young mister Longbottom. Come with me." Neville stared at the Lord with wide eyes and Harry wondered if the boy was going to piss himself.

"We can't! He can't! We need to head back! Classes you see…My Lord." Hermione said, glancing worriedly at her friend. Voldemort gave her a look that clearly said she needed to stay out of it.

"I am sure that the Headmistress won't mind." Voldemort grabbed Neville by the shoulder and hurled him around, pushing him to a door.

"Oh merlin…this is not good!" Ron whispered. Harry frowned.

"What? Nothing wrong, he probably only wanted to talk with Longbottom." They both gave him looks as if he had grown a second head.

"Harry, the Lord may be…friendly when it comes to you but Neville is his enemy. He hates Neville and Neville hates him."

"Fears him more likely." He muttered.

"Mate, have you seen his face? It's hard not to fear him." Ron mumbled.

"As if you're fun to look at." Harry answered and he sighed a little when he saw the irritated look on Hermione's face.

"I'll go check, ok?" He then turned and walked to the door through which his 'husband' had gone through. He felt a tingle of magic when he placed his hand on the handle but ignored it and pushed it open. A scream pierced through his ears and he slammed the door shut behind him, staring in shock at the boy-who-lived. His husband lowered his wand and arched an eyebrow at him.

"Did you not feel the ward?"

"What are you doing?" Harry asked. Voldemort softly snorted.

"Nothing." Harry glared at Voldemort and didn't know if he needed to be scared by the smirk he received. Neville groaned while he tried to push himself upright.

"I hate you!" The boy yelled and then he glanced at Harry.
"You…You are supposed to be good! Why are you with him?" The boy sounded fearful, saddened and a little bit defiant. Harry didn't know what the savior was babbling about, but he had to admit that his curiosity was prickled.

"Good? What are you talking about Longbottom?" Neville opened his mouth but Voldemort moved and he flinched away, almost crawling to the door as if he wanted to escape. Harry turned on Voldemort.

"Why are you hurting him, Sir? He doesn't seem all that dangerous."

"He almost killed Nagini, Harry. You should not judge this…child…on how he looks like." It sounded as if the Lord had wanted to say something entirely different than 'child'. Harry nodded.

The door opened again and this time it was the Headmistress of Hogwarts and Hermione and Ron. The girl ran at Neville and helped him up, pulling him behind the Headmistress.

"Lord Voldemort. I would ask you kindly not to bother my students."

"Maybe your students should not be here in the first place, Headmistress." Harry could see that his Lord was playing with his wand and at the same time the Headmistress drew hers as well. Only she was not pointing it at Voldemort, he realized, but at him.

"We are leaving, all of us." The woman said and she pushed her three students at the door. Voldemort swiftly took some steps forward, placed a hand on Harry's shoulder and pulled him back.

"Keep your savior out of my way, Minerva, or he will end the same way your precious Albus did." She tensed and turned a little paler, but she gave no answer and left. Voldemort waited for several seconds and only when he was sure that the three were gone, he took Harry out of the chamber.

"Come boy, we are going home." Harry nodded.

"Strip boy." Harry closed the door behind him and had to think twice before he realized what was expected from him. He nodded and started to undress while walking closer to the Lord. He left his clothes scattered on the floor and stopped when standing in front of his Master. He glanced at the rug that was in front of the fire and spotted Nagini. He smiled at her but glanced back at his Lord. Still clothed and still looking a bit agitated, the man looked like a force to behold. Harry shivered and smiled coyly at the man, glancing down at his own penis. He wasn't aroused yet.

A finger lifted his chin and he looked up, into the red orbs of his Lord.
"Place yourself on the footstool, face me and place your feet on the ground, on either side of the stool." Voldemort walked past him and placed himself on his chair. Harry glared at the footstool. He didn't really like that thing, it reminded him about how much a bastard the Lord could be.

"Now, Potter." Harry made his way to the little black thing and positioned himself. He immediately felt embarrassed when sitting there. The position showed his cock and balls quite clearly and he felt his cheeks grow hot.

"Take your cock in your hand and play with yourself, slowly. Make it a show, I want to enjoy it." Harry nodded and he wanted to start, when he felt something come around his throat. He looked up.

"Punishment whenever you do not please me. You will give me an answer when I tell you to do something." Harry wanted to reach up to feel what was around his neck, but he had a feeling that that would result in 'punishment'.

"Yes Master." He mumbled and took his penis in hand. A whispered spell from the Lord made his hand slick with lube and he nodded slowly.

"Thank you Sir." He went up and down, caressing the head and feeling himself stiffening in his hand. His mind though, had other stuff to think about. What had Neville meant with 'not born a squib'? Was it a rumor? Or something he had said to 'hurt' Harry. Neville hated Voldemort and Harry was Voldemort's possession, so Neville hated Harry. But the boy had not sounded as if he had wanted to hurt. He had sounded quite sincere. So maybe…

The thing around his neck constricted and he gasped, lifting his hands and grasping what felt like a leather belt. His eyes sought out those of the Lord and He looked not amused.

"It seems my little slave lacks the motivation to serve his Master. No problem. I reckon you are not in the mood, again no problem." The Lord stood and drew his wand. Harry swallowed, which was rather difficult with the belt around his neck, but he wasn't choking so he took that as a good sign.

Underneath his body he felt the footstool shifting and he looked down. The footstool was slowly transforming into a real black chair with a high back and four wooden legs. Harry frowned a little but he had no time to think about it. Voldemort made a wavy move with his wand and ropes shot out, forcing his legs against the legs of the chair. His hands were bound behind the chair. Voldemort smirked a little and came closer. He placed his wand away put he waved at something in the room and a black ballgag flew his way. Harry groaned and shook his head. The Lord smirked a little and placed the gag on the ground next to Harry's feet. He then placed a hand on Harrys hair.

"You may not be in the mood, little boy, but I am." Voldemort reached down and parted his robes, opening his trousers and taking out his erect cock. He smirked a little and leaned closer, pushing his cock against Harry's lips. The boy didn't need an order. He knew what he needed to do and took the Lord in his mouth, slowly licking around the head and then sucking him in deeper. Voldemort let him adjust, his hand on Harry's hair. Harry tried his hardest. He played with Voldemort's foreskin and licked from base to tip, but the Lord seemed to want more. The hand on the back of his head grabbed his hair fiercely and Voldemort pushed his cock down Harry's throat. The boy tried to back away but had nowhere to go and he gagged around the cock. Tears started to fall down his cheeks while he struggled against his bonds and the hold. Voldemort withdrew a little and Harry gasped. Voldemort chuckled and whispered something Harry did not understand.

"Suck me boy, take me deep." Harry coughed, turning his head a little before again lifting his head and opening his mouth for the Lord. The moment his lips touched the man's cock, it felt as if someone was giving him a blowjob. He moaned around the mouthful and gave an experimental lick. Harry moaned loudly and looked up through his lashes. Voldemort stroked his hair and nodded. Harry smiled a little and started to suck harder, taking the Lord deeper and deeper, even making himself gag just to know how it felt. His own cock was rock hard and throbbing and he wanted to reach down with his hands. He wanted to feel his hands on his cock while he was giving the Lord this strange blowjob. It would be such an awesome feeling, a handjob and a blowjob! He groaned again and bobbed his head faster. A groan from the Lord and he knew he was doing good. His cock throbbed and he felt the telltale feeling in his belly, he knew he was on the brim of coming. His body arched and he bucked in his chair, but he did not came. He groaned in misery but did his very best, concluding that if the Lord had an orgasm he would orgasm too!

"Good boy, Harry. Such a good whore I have. All mine, aren't you." He started hissing and pushed Harry's head almost against his body, his cock now very deep. Harry gagged again and sputtered around that thick cock. The Lord stilled his movements and Harry tasted his hot seed. It went down his throat and tasted of salt and a strange dark taste he couldn't quite pinpoint. It wasn't something he liked, but it was nice enough. He licked and sucked around the Lord's softening penis and bucked in his ropes. His own cock felt like bursting and he stopped licking, withdrawing his head from the man his body and glancing up.

"Please Master…"

"Motivated now, are you?" Voldemort tucked himself away and lowered his hand, taking the boy's cock in hand. Harry hissed and tried to push his hard penis into that touch, but Lord Voldemort stepped back and lifted the gag from the floor.

"N-no, Sir! Please…"

"I won't have you thinking about anything else but me when you are here. Is that understood?"

"Yes!" Harry hissed. Voldemort nodded.

"Good boy, but I am not convinced." He pushed the gag in Harry's mouth and fastened the buckle non too kindly. Harry sniffled and lifted his body a little, but it didn't help. Voldemort smiled and took the boy in hand one more time. He made sure Harry was completely erect and ready to come, before he turned around and went for his door.

"Think about it boy and make sure you have a perfect apology for when I return." And with those words, the Lord left. Harry yelled in his gag and slumped in his chair. The belt around his neck shifted and his cock gave an interested twist. He groaned, this were going to be the longest minutes (or even hours) of his life.

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