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Chapter ten

Five days later

Harry stood next to professor Snape who was assigned to bring him to Lord Voldemort, safe and sound.

Something that should have happened five days ago, if it hadn't been for poor miss Carter. Harry had been in shock when the news had reached Hogwarts, not long after his talk with Dumbledore. The caretakers had found her, naked and bruised. Obviously raped. Nobody knew who had done it and the ministry, the aurors, had very early given up the search. The person who had raped miss Carter, had to be a very dark wizard for performing such undetectable magic. And that was why Harry hadn't been able to go to Voldemort earlier.
The man had offered his troops, experts in dark magic, to take on the search of this new threat. The wizarding world had been in quite of a shock when the Lord had proposed such a thing, but the minister of magic had given him a chance. Voldemort asked nothing in return, he only wanted every witch to be able to feel herself safe again, for such a vial and violent man would strike again.

And the Dark Lord Voldemort had found the culprit within a day. Today the man was put on trial and Harry was invited to see justice take hold. Dumbledore would be there too, as would Voldemort and for protection, Snape had to come along too. So Harry followed the dark, silent man to the courtroom and was very excited when they entered. They stood still at the entrance, waiting for the other spectators to take their seats. Harry glanced around the room. On a high chair, his eyes going wildly from left to right, sat the minister of magic himself. Scrimgeour was literally sitting between fire and water. On his left stood one old but powerful Headmaster of Hogwarts. On his right, one Dark Lord.

As if they noticed his presence, both turned their heads and watched Harry come in behind Snape. The boy stopped in his tracks. His heart almost stopped beating. He remembered how Voldemort looked, but here, standing in his full glory, Harry felt humble and small.

"H-Harry!" He turned his head and saw miss Carter, surrounded by several of the older boys of the orphanage. Harry ignored the glances of both mighty wizards and rushed to her, taking her into his embrace. He didn't need to ask what happened, he already knew. Behind her, Aaron stood silently.
"I'm so sorry for what happened… But you must stay strong!" He said to her. She nodded weakly and took her seat back. Harry went to sit behind her, Snape on his left and Aaron on his right. He was uncomfortably aware of Aaron's insistent stare.

An auror called for silence and the minister of magic stood from his chair.
"Bring forth the accused!" The doors opened and a man was dragged in. He was dressed in prison rags and his black hair hung loose, his eyes wide and disoriented. Two aurors pulled him towards the chair in the middle of the room. He was fastened there by belts and metal. They left and several guards pulled their wands out and conjured a barrier of light around the spectators. A new door was opened and Harry felt suddenly very cold.
"Dementors." Aaron whispered. Harry felt the boy's hand on his leg, he gave a reassuring pinch. Harry instantly looked at Voldemort whose eyes were resting on him. He swallowed when he saw the frown on the man's face, but he didn't know how to make Aaron stop touching him.
Two dementors glided into the room but kept their distance from the prisoner. The minister cleared his throat.

"Rovanov Grant, you are hereby charged with the rape of miss Fiona Carter. What say you in your defence." The man looked up and Harry's world stopped. He gasped and almost jumped up. He knew that man! Hatred burned fierce in his stomach. This man had not only raped miss Carter, but also his Tom!
"I-I didn't! I swear I'm innocent! I have never set foot in that orphanage!" Harry frowned. He had to be wrong. This man was too young. Tom had lived in the orphanage a long time ago but this man looked the same as the man in Harry's dreams. Unless of course…

Harry glanced around the room, if he was right… He was right. On the other end of the room, standing behind the light barrier, was a very old man. He was too old to even resemble the younger one in the chair, but it was obvious enough. That old wizard was the man who had raped Tom Marvollo Riddle and the one in the chair had to be his son. Harry couldn't believe this.
"If I may, minister?" The minister flinched a little but waved at Voldemort to proceed. The Dark Lord stood in his full length, drawing all attention to him.
"So you claim that you've never set foot in that orphanage? Than how did my death eaters track you? We found evidence of your magical signature, even though you had done your best to hide it."
"No that's not true!"
"No? Should we proceed this questioning under the influence of veritaserum? Or should we use the torture curse that you used on miss Carter?" The room gasped. Grant shook his head wildly.
"No need though. The prove is right here. Any wizard, any auror, can now find your magical signature in the very room it happened. My death eaters exposed your trickery. Besides, evidence of your… indespicable deed were found on miss Carter's body. Are you maybe suggesting the ministry's officials who lead the search are... wrong?" A woman dressed in pink made an irritable throat sound, as if she was offended by the idea.
"Well, mister Grant?" The man opened and closed his mouth several times.
"We even performed a memory charm on miss Carter and found out the true details of the horror you bestowed on her." The barrier disappeared where the Lord was. One moment he stood next to the minister and the next he was standing right in front of young mister Grant.
"Let me show you how bad children are punished in this orphanage? Is that not what you said to her?" Nobody noticed how the old mister Grant froze, watching his son sitting in front of the Dark Lord. Rovanov ducked his head. Voldemort spun around.
"It is up to the judges to decide the fate of this man, but the evidence is clear. But to make it official… Miss Carter?"
"Y-yes?" The woman shivered while standing upright. Harry and Aaron both grabbed her arms to keep her from falling over. Aaron's eyes were fixed on her, Harry was looking at Voldemort.
"Is this the man who tortured and raped you?"
"Lord Vol– Lord, this is not –" The minister stated awkwardly, while standing up.
"Y-Yes. Yes it is." Everyone fell silent. Miss Carter collapsed in her seat, sobbing like a child.
"Thank you Miss Carter." Voldemort turned around.
"Guards, escort this man to Azkaban."

Voldemort knew his Harry was waiting outside with the minister, Dumbledore, poor miss Carter and traitorous Snape, but he had one last thing to take care of. He slipped past the aurors without them noticing and descended to the depths of the ministry were Rovanov stood in chains, close to an one-way portkey to Azkaban. His father stood in front of him, sobbing and hugging his son to his chest.
Voldemort grinned at the two guards who nodded to his presence and moved to let him through. Rovanov noticed him first.
"Why?" He asked tiredly. Voldemort waved his hand. The man's eyes rolled back. He dropped to the ground. The old Grant shrieked but Voldemort slipped between father and son and pressed him against the wall.

He remembered the pain. The shame. He remembered every word.

"Poor boy. I need to punish you for this. You know that right? You know that you need me to control this witchcraft." He whispered in the old man's ear. The man shook his head, old demons clawing their way into his already confused head.
"N-no! You…"
"The pain you inflected on the boys in the orphanage will be nothing compared to what your son will feel in Azkaban. You may asure yourself he will be visited regularly." Voldemort took a step back and watched the man fall to his knees, stretching a hand to his son.
"Take him away." Voldemort said. The guards rushed forward. They all disappeared.

Voldemort left the old man to his grieve.

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