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Chapter eleven
Taking him (home)

"You made us wait, Tom." Voldemort suppressed the urge to roll his eyes and put forth a smile instead. He could see his Harry tremble from excitement, glancing at him every five seconds. The boy was rubbing Fiona Carter's back, talking with that other, older boy.
"Yes yes Dumbledore I hear you. I had business to attend too." He turned to the man and made no effort to be polite. Dumbledore was looking at him from underneath those half-moon spectacles like he had done so many years ago. He still acted as if Voldemort was his student.
"You've found this man very quickly. This Grant. I remember his name from somewhere." Voldemort snorted slightly but made no further comment.
"To serious matters than. Harry has decided to come with you and since the ministry believes this... change you made, I can do nothing about it. But I do have a proposal." Voldemort waved a hand for him to talk.
"I want Harry to study at Hogwarts, regardless of his loyalties towards you. I am certain the boy will be able to see what you are soon enough." Dumbledore kept smiling, as if he was talking about the weather. Voldemort followed suit, he wasn't going to give the man the satisfaction of seeing him angry.
"What do you propose then? The boy will be living with me, will be tutored by the best and…"
"Will never be able to build himself a solid future. What sort of diploma are you going to give him? Or will he become your housewife? You can't contain him, or better yet… you will not be able to contain him when he has reached his full power." Voldemort wasn't sure anymore what the old coot was playing at. Did he fear Harry? It had to be something like that… Voldemort knew of course he couldn't keep the boy at home all the time and sending him to Hogwarts could prove useful.
"I will ask him and let you know in due time. If you excuse me, I would like to take Harry home." The word felt strange on his tongue. Home. He didn't think of his castle as home. Dumbledore inclined his head, spun on his heel and waved at an absurdly dressed woman.

Harry knew he should stay with Aaron and miss Carter to show his support, but he couldn't keep his attention on them. Lord Voldemort had walked into the hallway and started talking with Dumbledore. Harry couldn't wait but he knew he needed to.
Voldemort wasn't looking at him… Was he mad?
Stop it! He berated himself. He was acting like a child, which he wasn't. He was seventeen years old thank you very much!
"I'm going to the toilet, wait here will you Aaron?" Aaron nodded and watched miss Carter go, immediately turning his attention on Harry when she was out of earshot.
"You were gone for five days! Hogwarts is starting this monday, that's in two days Harry! I wasn't going to be able to see you! Where were you?" Aaron took a hold of Harry's arms. His hands felt good and Harry smiled a little. He liked Aaron a lot.
"I was at Hogwarts! Headmaster Dumbledore told me I… Aaron! I couldn't tell you yet! I'm a wizard!" Aaron's eyes went wide and a smile broke through.
"I really am! Something happened to me when I was a baby and Lord Voldemort is going to help me!"
"Lord Vol-, the Lord?" Harry frowned a little. Why didn't he say 'Voldemort'? The Lord wasn't bad anymore, there was no reason to be afraid.
"The Lord is going to help you? Are you serious? Why not Headmaster Dumbledore?" Harry shrugged his shoulders. He wasn't going to explain everything that had happened… Aaron should just be happy for him!

"Are you ready, Harry?" Aaron turned white and bowed his head while Harry felt chills crawl up his spine. Chills of excitement. He turned and looked up at the Dark Lord.
"I- I don't have any stuff with me right now."
"That will be taken care of later, will you now join me?" Voldemort offered his white hand and Harry stared at it for a minute of two. He smiled and nodded his head, taking the bigger hand in his. A flash blinded him, he almost let go but Voldemort had a firm grip and they apparated away.

He felt dizzy and sick to his stomach and his knees buckled but he never hit the ground. Strong arms kept him upright. The Lord placed him on his feet as if he was a small child. Well, in comparison to the large Lord he was small, but not a child.
"I should have warned…It was the first time you…"
"Apparated! No it wasn't, I'm okay. That professor Snape brought me to Hogwarts like that." He realised he was talking too fast and Voldemort smirked at him. It was a strange sight, seeing that tight skin stretched over a noseless face. Harry didn't mind. He liked it.
"Later you can tell me about your trip to Hogwarts, now I have to show you something. Come." The man turned, his robes billowing behind him. Harry followed. The building they were in seemed large but bare. The hallway they stood in lead to a grant door, the front door presumably, and a staircase on the other end. They passed to other doors, standing on each side of the hall, but Voldemort just went straight up. Upstairs, they stopped at a dark green door with golden handles.
"This is your room."
"I have a room of my own?" He asked. Voldemort nodded. Harry didn't know what to think of it. For one, he wanted to see what his room was like, but he also wanted to be with Voldemort. Did this mean they would never sleep together? Voldemort waved for him to follow and they came to stand in front of a black, leather door. The leather was to make it soundproof, Harry had seen it at a muggle school at the principals offices. He didn't know why the Lord needed a soundproof room, but for some reason it made his cock stir.

They entered.
The room itself was plain. With a large fourposter bed, wooden planks on the floor, a door that lead to a bathroom, a large desk with a wooden chair and one closet. There were no paintings or decorations in the room and the curtains hung closed in front of the window. Harry took it all in while the door closed behind him. He opened his mouth to give some reaction.

What happened felt like an attack, only better. The Lord smashed him against the door, he groaned but his lips were immediately ravished by the man and his sound was swallowed. A thick tongue, not forked as expected, pushed dominantly against his own and he submitted. There was nothing sweet about the kiss. Voldemort had already pushed his cold hands underneath Harry's shirt. Harry felt a pang of regret. He had always imagined himself being treated tenderly, at first. But the Lord went in for the kill. They parted and green met red before Harry's shirt was pulled over his head and he stood half naked in front of the man. Voldemort took a step back, his otherwise white lips were now bloodred from the kiss and his eyes had a strange glint to them. Harry reasoned it had to be horniness.
"You are mine Harry Potter." Voldemort said with a hint of a hiss in his tone. Harry swallowed and nodded slowly. That had been the deal… but this suddenly felt more than a deal. He felt… wanted. The way the man was looking at him was very intense.
"I do not care for romances today boy… I only want to take you. Now." His stomach fluttered, his cock rose a little higher and his legs wobbled.
Fuck yes.
Voldemort didn't need to say something. Harry undid his trousers and kicked them away, his boxers followed suit and before he had even time to stand up straight, the Lord was on him again. Cold, demanding fingers pushed against his soft skin, stroking and exploring. Owning it. His back was slammed against the door again. Now he knew why Voldemort needed soundproof doors…
And than he was lifted. On instinct he wrapped his legs around the bigger man, although that was a little awkward. Voldemort made no note of it. He just carried Harry to the bed in two swift steps and threw him in.
A strange sensation filled his bottom and his eyes widened. Had he somehow shit himself? Or peed? He became red and hot and almost teary instantly, but Voldemort was on him and a wand clattered to the ground.
"Hush hush." The man chuckled.
"It's lube boy." Harry felt silly and foolish and still hot, but he had no time to think about it. Voldemort took hold of his wrist and pushed them above his head on the pillow. His legs were pushed up against his chest.
A woosh and his vision was blackened. He cried out in surprise. It felt like a blindfold was on his eyes, but he knew there really wasn't. That had to be another spell… Harry wasn't sure he liked all this magic. The ropes in the orphanage had been awesome, but this made him feel a little uncomfortable.
Yes his unease disappeared when a large hand wrapped around his leaking cock. He gasped and arched his back, not able to move away because of the hand on his wrists.

The Lord gave him several strokes and Harry already felt himself getting closer. The man let go and Harry moaned in protest. His breath got stuck in his throat when he felt something hard nudge against his hole. It started to force itself in him and it burned. It burned so, so much Harry wasn't sure he could take it. He cried out and thrashed his head. This wasn't fun! Tears sprang up in his eyes and he whimpered.
That sound made him stop.
"Harry… Relax boy." The name made him relax. Voldemort had whispered it. Something that was so out of the ordinary it made Harry feel special. The man sounded worried, caring… The cock withdrew and so did the hand on his wrists. Fingers now probed his entrance, gently, while the other hand stroked him up and down with a firm rytm. Harry felt more fingers enter him, first two than three and finally four. After several minutes, which felt like an eternity, he felt comfortable enough to try again.
"Take me…" He said meekly.
"Yessss." No gentleness. The man pushed himself in Harry and it still hurt. The man's cock was a lot bigger than his fingers, but his hand never left Harry's cock. Their was pleasure through the pain and the more the man moved, the more Harry could feel it. Voldemort made no sound except for the slapping of his balls, but Harry could feel him getting closer. The Lord let go of his penis and turned all his attention on getting himself over the edge. He pushed with a almost undetectable groan and Harry could feel him spurting his release inside him. He moaned to the feeling and expected to feel an heavy weight fall on top of him, but instead the man withdrew. Harry wiggled but was stopped by a hand on his chest. Sperm dribbled out of his hole, it felt dirty.
"Do you want to come?" The hand was back. Going up and down and up and down.
"Ask me."
"Can I come?"
"May I." Harry huffed and rolled his eyes beneath his shut eyelids.
"May I come?"
"That's not asking nicely is it." The stroking never stopped and Harry started to pant. He needed to come.
"Please may I come…" Lord wasn't right. Master felt wrong. 'Voldemort' was too long and Harry didn't know Voldemort's real name. But the he knew one thing…
"Please may I come, Sir."
"Yes my pet."

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