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Chapter eleven

Don't trust unicorns

Harry rubbed his wrist fur the umpeeth time and gave his Lord a very obvious stare. He chuckled and pointed a finger at Harry.

"You were twisting your hands too much, it's not my fault that you got those injuries."

"A real Dom wouldn't leave his sub alone." Harry mumbled and he leaned against a table leg, looking up through his fringe at the moving Dark Lord. The man arched his eyebrow and gave Harry a look that meant trouble. But the young boy was not impressed and glared right back. Voldemort sighed.

"Nagini was here and I had a surveillance spell in place, I was there wasn't I, when your wrist began to bleed."

"Yeah, you were." Voldemort chuckled when he heard how much it cost for Harry to say that.

"Now, you know I will return shortly. Try to keep yourself out of trouble. No, keep yourself out of trouble or the punishment will be severe." Harry pushed himself of the floor and came to stand in front of his Lord.

"When are you going to be back?"

"Why?" Voldemort narrowed his eyes and stared into Harry's. He smirked a little and took a step forward, taking the boy his slim chin in hand. He could see Harry's eyes darken and he could almost feel the tension building in that young body. Full of hormones and always willing, always. Voldemort stroked a pale cheek and slowly probed the boy's mind, seeing a fleeting image of his office and the floo. He slowly left the boy's head and his eyes fell on the lightening bolt scar. So many secrets laid behind that strangely shaped wound, many Voldemort himself didn't even know about.

"If you want to go see your strange friends, you may go. I only wish for you to be safe and I am worried about Longbottom and the Headmistress. Hence my meeting today." Harry nodded and smiled a little. The Lord was worried! About him! He looked up and bit his lip when he saw that his Lord had a strict look in his eye.

"You were going to lie to me about this, weren't you?" Voldemort hissed and he took a step closer. Harry backed away and swallowed. It was strange how fast Voldemort's mood could change. Harry lowered his eyes and made his legs buckle so he fell to his knees. Voldemort stood imposing before him and Harry bowed his head so he didn't need to look at those glaring orbs.

"We should fix that, don't you think?" The Lord hissed.

"Yes Sir."

"I think so too. We can't have you lying to me, it's a very irritating habit."

"Yes Sir." Harry kept his body stiff but his mind yelled that Voldemort himself had secrets enough. It wasn't as if he never lied!

"Turn around, lower your head onto your hands and keep your ass high." He frowned a little but did as asked and he could feel a strange wind pass around his body. He groaned when he noticed that his clothes had vanished.

"Count slave." Harry tensed his body and he could hear shuffling behind him, a sharp swishing sound in the air and not a second later his ass was on fire. He yelped and almost lunged forward. It had to be a belt.

Harry yelled the first number on the same time the second slash was given. He shivered and bit his lip while mumbling 'number two'. This fucking hurt! Slash after slash and when ten came, Harry felt his whole body shiver violently and he sniffed a little. He wasn't crying but his eyes stung and Voldemort was not stopping.

"Fifteen!" He yelled and this time he lost his balance and almost fell over. A hand was on his hips, steadying him before they left again and the Lord went on. Harry didn't beg for it to end, he had never begged in his life when it came to pain and he would only beg if his Master asked for it. So when the twentieth slap came, his eyes stopped doing what he wanted and several tears rolled down his cheeks. It wasn't from pain nor from self-pity. It was because he had clenched them shut and his body had taken over for him. He kept his lips shut and only muttered the next slaps. Twenty-five and it was over.

He could feel ice cold hands on his hot bum and he flinched, almost crawling away while he lowered his lower body to the ground. He shivered but could feel Voldemort moving at his side. The Lord was kneeling beside him, his warm woolen robe very close. Harry turned his head and looked into the eyes of his Master, before he buried his head in the man's chest. Voldemort lifted his hand and stroked soothingly the top of the boy's head. He whispered some silly words until the boy stopped shivering.

"Get up now." Voldemort himself stood elegantly and he forced Harry with him. He took Harry's head in his hands and stroked away the tear tracks on his cheeks. It was a very loving gesture and it made Harry a little warm. He pressed his cheeks into those cold hands and when they left, he whimpered a little bit.

"Be a good boy while I'm away. We both know you do not want me to do more than this."

"No Master. I'll be careful when I go to Hogwarts." Voldemort snorted and nodded slowly.

"Yes. There are three death eaters here. Dolochov, and the Lestrange brothers. If you leave for Hogwarts, tell them and make sure they know when you are back. Understood?" Harry nodded and took a step back when he felt that Voldemort was done codling him.

"It's okay Sir. You can go."

"Good. I'll see you tomorrow morning." The man left through the door, after saying goodbye to Nagini. Harry sighed and lifted a hand to rub his smarting ass. He hissed a little in pain and walked to the bathroom, lifting his body high enough to see himself in the mirror. His ass was a very interesting shade of red. He shrugged his shoulders, washed his face and walked back into the living room. Nagini reared her head.

"What shall we do now Master is away? I miss him already!" Harry rolled his eyes at her.

"Why don't you join me on my trip to Hogwarts?" Nagini hissed something that sounded like a curse and Harry laughed a little while searching his clothes.

"Why don't you join me on a hunt? Master forgot but that rat-wizard is here too! Let's hunt him!" Harry pulled up his trousers, hissing a little in pain when the fabric covert his red bum.


"He changes into a rat sometimes." Harry nodded slowly and gave her a look that clearly stated she was mad.

After finding one of the death eaters Voldemort had talked about and after eating something small at the enormous table he and Voldemort always ate, he went to search for the Lord's office. He turned down the hall and saw one of the Lestrange brothers, he guessed it was Rabastan, leaving that office. Strange, no-one was allowed to go in there unless the Dark Lord himself was present. Well…except for Harry. He could use the floo! With a little smile on his face he went to the door and walked inside, closing the door behind him. The office was neat and looked far to clean. If Harry didn't know better he would think Voldemort was some kind of neat-freak. Harry walked to the fireplace but his eyes caught something completely out of place.

It was a plush silver unicorn with a blue horn, pink manes and a ribbon on its tail. It stood innocently on the Lord his desk, staring at Harry with a pair of enormous blue eyes. Harry stared back and then took some steps closer. Was this someone's idea of a joke? Giving Voldemort a unicorn was funny, Harry had to admit. Well…except for the fact that Voldemort was going to think Harry had placed it there and then he would get punished. That would not do! Harry stepped closer and reached for the little teddy. His mind gave a warning. Someone had once said not to touch something you didn't know. Harry almost closed his fingers and almost decided not to touch, when his mind said 'don't be a baby' and he grabbed the blue horn. What could go wrong, he wondered, before he felt a strange pull behind his navel.

He hurt his legs and he lost his balance, falling face down on a very hard floor. He groaned in pain when his right leg felt like burning and he twisted his body around. God his leg hurt! He guessed something was wrong with it and he slowly pushed himself upright with his hands, using his left hand to push his glasses back in place.

He heard movement and he stilled, trying to listen to whoever was with him in this dark room. Chains rattled and he heard someone breath rather heavily.

"Who are you?" A raspy voice asked before he chuckled.

"Here to trick me again Lord?" Spat the person and chains clanged against a wall. Harry turned his head, trying to back away from the voice, until his back connected with a wall. It was cold in the room and he felt that the wall was slightly wet. It seemed to be a cell of some sort. There was little light and Harry tried to take a good look at the prisoner.

"Oh my eyes! What do I spot with my eyes! How dare you, you monster! How dare you torture me with this…this puppet! This lookalike! My godson, my poor godson! You killed him! Don't mess with me like this! I am Sirius Black, you monster! How dare you!"

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