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Chapter Thirteen

Nagini's meddling

He huddled into a corner, wrapping his arms around his legs and watching the door to their chamber warily. He had ran from the office in fear of the Lord's wrath, but he had soon found out there was no place to hide. Finally he had picked a spot in their chambers, hoping Nagini would be there to calm his nerves, but she wasn't.

The things Sirius Black had said rang through his mind and Harry didn't know what to think of it. He had heard about the war and he had heard about the Dark Lord his strict reign, killing rebels and whoever stood in his way. Maybe Sirius Black really was a dangerous person that had to be locked up? His thoughts were interrupted when he heard shuffling outside the room and he tensed, closing his eyes. His ass still hurt from the morning and he really didn't want another punishment. And certainly not a punishment from a furious Dark Lord.

Voldemort wanted to rip the door open and curse the boy until he screamed for mercy, and he almost did, but he could feel something heavy on his shoes and he looked down. Nagini reared her head.

"Master, your pet is frightened and he should be, he did something bad but you need to calm down. We want his trust, don't we?" Voldemort arched an eyebrow at the snake and nodded slowly.

"Besides, isn't this a perfect opportunity to…"

"Make sure the boy trusts me. Make him see that I am right and that Dumbledore's puppets, like Black, were nothing more than little children playing with fire." He grinned and reached down to stroke Nagini's head.

"You are very right Nagini. The boy needs a bit of motivation to trust me and with that Longbottom boy…" Voldemort shuddered and he wished he had stayed a bit longer with Black to calm his nerves.

"Master, your pet is waiting." Voldemort nodded and opened the door.

He didn't spot Harry immediately, but when he closed the door and walked further into the room, he found his little sub. For a moment he stood still and just observed the brat. He didn't feel pity, but Harry looked like a mess. He was shivering a little and his eyes looked a little red, he hadn't been crying but he seemed he could be any minute. He was staring resolutely at Voldemort's shoes and trying to ignore his Master. Voldemort stepped closer and Harry tensed even more, shuffling a little. It made Voldemort think about the punishment he had given the boy. He probably still had a painful butt.

"Stand up, lower your pants and turn around. Hands against the wall." He saw Harry's jaw tense and eyes glared at him for a second, before the boy pushed himself up. He turned, lowered his pants and underpants and placed his hands against the wall. Voldemort stepped closer so that the fabric of his robe tickled the boy's skin.

He lifted a hand and stroked heated flesh. He even thought about fingering that inviting pink pucker, but ignored his own desire and drew his wand. He whispered a numbing spell and summoned a healing balm from the bathroom. He could almost see the confusing on the boy's face, but instead of saying something he started to rub the balm into Harry's skin. The boy shivered under his touch and gasped a little. Voldemort only stopped when the balm was evenly spread and he banished the jar with a wave of his hand. He then crouched down and pulled the boy's pants back up, making sure he didn't hurt his petite sub. He fastened the buttons on the pants, noticing the bulge that was now safely put away. When he was finished, he took a step back but with a little pull at the boy's arm, he made sure Harry turned around. Burning cheeks and eyes downcast, his hair lying wildly on his head. He was a lovely sight.

"Thank you Master." Voldemort nodded while walking to his wardrobe and undoing the buttons on his robe.

"You are welcome. Now what possessed you to touch a plush unicorn?" Harry winced a little while he stood there with his hands behind his back. He looked like a little child, caught doing something naughty.

"I wanted to…"

"Yes?" Voldemort turned. Harry swallowed but lifted his shoulders and head and stared at Voldemort.

"I wanted to take it away. I thought someone had given it to you as a joke and then I thought I would get punished for it, so I took it…" Voldemort nodded, unbuttoning his shirt. Harry followed the movements of his hands and Voldemort realized that Harry hadn't seen him naked yet. He smirked a little but stopped when his chest was undressed and searched for a simple T-shirt to wear. It wasn't something he often wore, but he was tired and agitated and he wanted something comfortable.

"I accept that explanation, but Harry, nobody jokes with me." He crossed his arms when he had his T-shirt on and leaned against the wardrobe. Harry shrugged.

"Why didn't you leave immediately upon arrival? You must have been a little…apprehensive when you saw a man in chains." Harry's blush deepened and he slowly nodded.

"I was a bit afraid but he kept saying strange things and I sort of forgot about the unicorn. Sir, if you want to punish me, do it now! I don't want to wait, I know you're angry at me!" Voldemort shook his head.

"I'm not angry at you Harry." The boy rolled his eyes as if he didn't believe the man.

"I was worried about you when I heard about your whereabouts."

"Worried?" Harry frowned. Voldemort came closer.

"Harry…Sirius Black, the man you saw…I don't know what he told you but he was the murderer of your parents." Harry stared at him and for a moment. His mind went blank. He couldn't completely comprehend what the Lord just said! Murder? His parents were murdered? He thought they had died at work, a magical accident. He shook his head and noticed that the Lord was standing right next to him, watching him closely.

"I don't understand…Murder? You said…"

"Come." Voldemort took Harry's hand and brought him to an armchair, sitting down himself and drawing Harry on his lap. He softly stroked the young boy's hair.

"Stop! Don't try to…Voldemort!" Harry slapped his hand away and sat up, staring straight into his Master's eyes.

"Please, you told me…"

"I wanted to protect you from all this. You see, your parents where members of the order of the Phoenix."

"Order of the what?" Harry asked.

"Phoenix, it's a bird that catches fire."


"A war is fought between two sides, I was on one side and Albus Dumbledore was on the other side. Death eaters against the order of the Phoenix."

"My parents were against you?" Voldemort hushed him.

"When it became clear you were one of the two prophesized children, I went to search for you. I told you that. Harry…you weren't born a squib." Harry jumped of his lap.

"What are you telling me? Are you lying? Why didn't you tell me this when I asked you! Why did you lie?" He yelled.

"I wanted to protect you, Harry and spare you of the knowledge that you once had magic. Now listen patiently or I will bind you and leave you to calm down." The boy was breathing heavily but nodded.

"I knew you weren't a squib when I first saw you, so I had your parents put under supervision while I went to check on Neville Longbottom. Sirius Black had been a friend of your fathers but worked for me, he was a traitor to the Order. He took it upon himself to kill you, his own godson. Your mother and father tried to stop him…they died while protecting you. When we arrived, Sirius Black had been arrested by the aurors and Dumbledore whisked you away. Placed you in as a squib in the orphanage and the war went on, until I won."

"He killed them…why? Why would he kill someone…"

"He thought he would please me." Harry took several steps back and stared at him with enormous round eyes.

"I…I need to think. Please go, I need to be alone!" Voldemort his patience almost snapped, but out of the corner of the room he could hear a hiss and he knew he needed to take his leave now. It would do Harry no good to see him and both of them were not in the mood to play that night.

"I am in my office when you need me." He saw Harry nod before he left.

Nagini watched the young boy walk around the room and she came a little closer so she could talk to him if needed. Her Master really couldn't tell the truth and she wondered if he still knew what the real truth was. Of course, this story was indeed closer to the truth than the first one and something about the story had surprised Nagini. He had told Harry he was not born a squib, granted he hadn't explained further and the boy hadn't asked, but questions were soon to come. Nagini wondered if her Lord even knew why Harry had turned into a squib…unless Harry wasn't really a squib and he was aware of that! Nagini shook her head. Her Master was playing a very dangerous game! She slithered closer and went to 'sit' in front of the boy.

"It was a war young one and the man who killed your parents made a mistake."

"A mistake?" Harry yelled and he glared at her with balled fists. Nagini bobbed her head. She was certain it had been a mistake.

"My Master had not meant for your parents to die. If and only if he had wanted to kill you, you would have been dead by now." Harry frowned a little.

"You're talking as if Voldemort killed my parents, he didn't." Nagini didn't answer but she could see that Harry believed his own words.

"Young pet, why are you so upset? Your parents are dead, either killed or by accident. It doesn't change anything. My mother was eaten when I was very young, I don't remember her so I don't really care how she died. She died, that's bad enough." Harry understood her logic but he couldn't think the same way.

"I don't know Nagini…Thanks anyway." She nodded her head and tried to think of something to cheer the boy up. She knew something, but she didn't know if her Lord was going to be pleased…Well, he was playing a dangerous game, and such games came with problems.

"Harry, a person that isn't born a squib and a person that isn't born a muggle…What kind of person do you think that is?"

"A wizard." The boy mumbled while he placed himself in the armchair. Nagini watched his eyes grew bigger and if she had been a human, she would have smirked at him.

"Nagini what are you saying?" He straightened his back and leaned forward.

"That you are a wizard, Harry Potter."

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