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Chapter fifteen

Werewolves and wands

Harry looked down at the floor, biting his lower lip while waiting for his Master to return. He shivered and lifted his eyes to glance through his fringe. The room felt a little cold, even though the fireplace was burning. He shuffled a little on his two feet and thought back at every other time he had waited for his 'master' to come back. Yet he had to admit that he had never felt this anticipation when waiting for an older boy from the oprhanage. He sighed and placed his hands on his back, locking one wrist in one hand. Maybe he should have kept his clothes on.

The door creaked open and Harry could hear his Master enter. Not only hear. He felt it. The man's magic filled the room, creeping around, licking at objects, feeling its way through the room. It connected with Harry and he hissed a little when the warm feeling of darkness came around him.

"Is that all for me, pet?" Harry smiled a little and nodded, spreading his legs a little more and keeping his head high. Voldemort came closer, standing right behind him and placing a hand on his naked back. His robe tickled Harry's skin but those cold hands made him shiver again. He didn't move, not when strong hands grabbed his hips and not when long fingers kneaded his skin.

"Bow for me slave." Harry felt a pressure on his back and he let himself be pushed. His back became bowed, still standing on his two feet.

"Spread your legs." Harry did while blushing when he felt cold fingertips fluttering around his anus. He almost gasped, wondering if Voldemort would finally take him. Harry wouldn't really mind, not at all actually. Voldemort's hand drifted down though, pressing against the soft skin right above his balls. It made him moan and he pushed back. Voldemort chuckled and cupped his balls, rolling them between his fingers. His hand slipped lower and Harry felt the palm of the Lord's cold hand against the tip of his cock. His fingers played with Harry's foreskin, which made Harry automatically spread his legs more.

The Lord didn't stop until Harry was shivering violently and moaning loudly, trying to angle his body so Voldemort would take his whole cock in hand and not just the tip. Yet now the Lord did stop, patting his bum softly. Harry breathed heavily and tried to calm his body, feeling his Lord move away from him. He could hear a swish of a wand and then one little plop. Curious he turned his head and he spotted a table.

"Come here pet." Harry righted his back and stepped closer, keeping his hands on his back. The Lord watched him approvingly while he opened his palm and summoned a round balgag from the nightable next to the bed. Harry felt his stomache give a loop and he smiled, obediently opening his mouth and taking the gag in. He hummed around it and bit on it, before his Master slapped his ass and waved at the table.

"Get on it, lie down." Harry slowly climbed on it and lied down. Immediatley ropes shot out of the table legs and circled his hands, pulling them down and binding him in place. At the front of the table, two other ropes shot out, circling his calves and pulling his legs back. He blushed and moaned, lifting his head to see Voldemort smirking at him, eyeing the body on display. Harry shifted a little but that only made his balls and cock wiggle. He let his head fell back and groaned.

Voldemort stepped closer and roughly took Harry's balls in hand, clenching his fist around them and making his pet arch of the table.

"Hush pet, be a good boy and I'll take you soon enough." Harry hissed around the gag and pushed his body up. Voldemort chuckled but took a step back. Harry didn't know what he did, but when he came back, he had a little thin rope in his hand. Harry jerked away when he could feel what the Lord was doing, but he couldn't go far. Lord Voldemort was binding the little rope around his balls, creating a (Harry could imagine) interesting sight.

"Such young flesh. So good. All for me." The Lord let him go and Harry let his breath lose, feeling the constricted rope around his balls. It wasn't all that painful, he could feel it a little and it was a nice feeling. He felt belonged and very horny.

"You can come whenever you want, boy. Don't keep your moans from me." Harry groaned in answer and wondered what was to come, when he felt a hot wet mouth around his cock and a slick finger enter his hole. He arched his body and moaned loudly, closing his eyes and enjoying the touches his Master gave him. He didn't know why he had deserved this.

Voldemort played with him for a very long time, making him beg and moan around the gag. His sucking never stopped and the teasing finger in his hole never left. It was torture and heaven and he begged for it to end while hoping Voldemort would never stop.

When he came it was almost with a scream, his whole body lifting of the table and spilling his seed in his Master's mouth. The Lord pumped him and swallowed around him, never stopping until Harry was completely spilled and mewling a little. He let Harry go, slowly and carefully, and he made his way to Harry's face. He took the gag away and Harry licked his lips.

"Thank you Sir." He whispered and he felt a hand in his hair while he saw Voldemort taking out his own cock. Harry smiled and turned his head, shuffling closer as much the ropes allowed. When he was in reach, he took that glorious cock in his mouth and returned the favor.

The table still stood in their room the next morning and Harry stared at it while feeling Voldemort's hand on his hip. It had never happened before, but Lord Voldemort was still sleeping. Harry had never woken first and he didn't really know what to do. Other mornings, Voldemort would come in when he awoke or he would leave a little note for Harry to find. He often had jobs that had to be done which Harry didn't mind taking care of. Making sure Nagini was fed, washing her when needed and check her for injuries.

He sometimes even was allowed to bring around notes for the Lord. Several death eaters lived in the castle of Lord Voldemort. Like the Lestrange clan. Two men and one woman. Harry didn't have contact with them, except at dinner time, but he occasionaly saw them wandering the house or the enormous library. Voldemort often needed the woman and so he had started to ask Harry to fetch her. Harry never spoke to her and she returned the favor. The only one he actually like from the Lestrange clan, was Rabastan. The man with brown hair and a kind face, even though he was a death eater, had a lot of humor and wasn't ashamed to use it. Harry was certain the unicorn had been his idea.

Today though, Voldemort was still asleep. Such a strange feeling to wake up before his Master did. Harry turned in bed and watched Voldemort, who was on his back. The blankets only covered his legs and groin and Harry stared at the white chest in front of him. Two nippels was rising with the Lord's breathing and Harry wondered if Voldemort liked to be touched there. He did. But maybe that was more for a girl…Voldemort hadn't really touched more than his bum, hair and cock. He never stroked his face or placed a hand on his leg. He never encircled Harry with his strong arms…No, Voldemort was not that kind of man.

"You look as if you are going to eat me." Harry's eyes snapped to the Lord's face and he smiled a little. Two red orbs, still a bit sleepy, scanned Harry's face before the man closed his eyes again. Harry pushed himself up and leaned against the headboard. Voldemort had made him crawl around the room like a dog yesterday evening and Harry had followed him everywhere. He had pleasured himself in front of his Master before dinner, but the best moment of the entire evening had been the moment Voldemort had inserted the plug. He had placed Harry on all fours, on the table and had opened him up with lube and fingers before he had inserted the plug. He had then made Harry dress and had taken him down for dinner with the inner circle death eaters. It was hard, making polite conversation with Cissy and her husband while every move made his cock twitch in anticipation. But the ending of that evening hadn't been so great…Well, it was and it wasn't.

Harry had been rock hard and the moment he had entered their chambers, he had almost thrown himself at Voldemort but the Lord had refused, stating he had some work to do. Harry had been angry and had opened his mouth a bit too much. He could still feel the sting in his backside but he grinned. Voldemort had made him cry for release at the end, and he was released from the bindings the Lord had put on him, but his cock was still thigthly locked in that stupid little cage. Harry lifted the blankets and glared at it. It had hurt so much and he had wanted to become hard so bad...Voldemort moved next to him and with a wave of his hand, the little cage fell off. Harry grinned and wanted to stroke his own cock to reassure it that it was freed. Voldemort though slapped him on the head.

"Hands off. That's mine. Now get dressed. We are going to Diagon Alley."

The breakfast table was filled with death eaters, all dressed in black robes and with their wands on display. Harry didn't know why that was, but he nodded at them nonetheless. Voldemort summoned a chair for him and pointed at it before the Lord took his own place. Harry did as told and waited for the Lord to fill his plate. The death eaters were tense and many of them kept their hands to themselves, as if eating wasn't allowed. Harry didn't know what their problem was and he couldn't ask since Cissy wasn't there. He could recognize the others though. The Carrows, the Lestrange brothers and Bellatrix. Malfoy senior, Dolochov, Xaley (Master of Blue), Nott, Avery and several others Harry didn't immediately know.

"My Lord!" The doors opened and a chubby man entered, wobbling closer to the table and kneeling down next to Voldemort, which was between Harry's and the Lord's chair. Harry stared at the strange man and realized he knew who this was. The rat-man Nagini had talked about! The death eaters tensed while Voldemort turned to the man.


"My Lord, it's Greyback…He's getting closer."

"Closer? Wormtail, it was your job to keep him out of my house." The man shivered and Harry shifted a little on his chair so he was away from the pair.

"I'm so sorry Master! Please Master!" Voldemort grunted something and stood, pushing the man away with a wave of his wand. The little pile of human flesh stayed on the ground, shivering. At that same moment, the doors to the hall flew open and the death eaters jumped up and pointed their wands at the door. In came one enormous man and Harry stood up from his chair, stepping closer to his Master. Fenrir Greyback was known by both wizards and muggles. Harry was no stranger to the gruesome things that man had done.

"Lord Voldemort!" He yelled and he spread his strong arms. Behind him several men and women filled the hall.

"Greyback." Voldemort greeted and he stepped forward, twirling his white wand between his fingers.

"You promised me lands! I have chosen. The forbidden forest is big enough for my pack and you wizards have had control of that forest for long enough!" Harry frowned. The forbidden forest was the forest next to Hogwarts and Harry remembered it to be a dangerous place for students. Hermione had once told him so. But a pack of werewolves would not only make the forest more dangerous, but the grounds too.

"I guess that a mudblood that disappears really isn't that much a problem." Greyback joked. Harry balled his fists.

"That's just disgusting!" He said and while he hadn't really said it loudly, the whole hall went silent. Harry swallowed but kept his ground, taking a step forward so the wolf could see who had spoken. Greyback stared at him for a moment and then he laughed. He really laughed. Harry felt his cheeks color while the wolf pointed at him.

"A muggle dares to call me disgusting? A muggle!" He pushed the wolf next to him to make him laugh and it didn't last long before the other wolves were chuckling with him.

"Now, you keep your mouth whelp. Or do you need your Master to gag you? I heard you just take it like a bitch, isn't that right boy?" The death eaters looked uncomfortable and Harry didn't know what Voldemort was thinking about this, but Harry himself was getting quite angry. He narrowed his eyes and out of the corner of his eye he spotted the tip of a wand in the grip of the death eater next to him. Well, he'll show the wolf! Harry grabbed the wand, pulled it out of the surprised man and pointed it at Greyback. Which made the wolf laugh even more. Well, Harry didn't really know a spell…Except for one.

"Crucio!" He yelled it and at first the wand didn't react and Harry could almost feel the death eaters chuckle with the wolves, especially Bellatrix. Harry felt an enormous amount of anger building in him and he screamed the spell. A red beam shot out of the wand and made Greyback fall to his knees, groaning in pain. Harry knew he didn't feel the pain he would have felt if Voldemort had used it, but he had shown everyone he was capable of magic! He let his hand fall and gave the wand back, when Greyback jumped up and lunged for him. He didn't get far. Voldemort came between them. He didn't jump, nor did he ran. He just appeared and forced the wolf on his knees.

"Harry, wait outside. Rabastan, take him." Harry felt a strong hand on his arm and nodded slowly.

"Yes Sir." His voice trembled a little but he felt proud for his magic so he walked away with his head held high. Even before the door closed, Greybacks screams filled the air.

The Lord took him, not an hour later, to Diagon Alley. The man hadn't spoken after his 'meeting' with Greyback and Harry wondered if Voldemort was angry.

"I shouldn't have said anything." He finally whispered, placing a hand on Voldemort's arm before they walked out of the ally they had apparated in. Voldemort nodded slowly.

"I am pleased with your grasp on magic. You need training, but you have potential for the dark arts." Harry nodded. He didn't really wanted to use Dark Magic, he just wanted to do magic!

"Thanks I guess…Does this mean I can get my own wand?" Voldemort's face darkened and he didn't answer, taking Harry by the arm and steering him on the street.

"Enjoy the view for now Harry. Why don't you go to the quiditch shop while I go to Gringrots." Harry perked up and nodded, scanning the street for the shop. People who were on the street stared in amazement and fear at the Dark Lord and many bowed for him when he stepped closer.

"Go Harry, stay there. I'll come and get you." Harry nodded and walked to the shop while Voldemort went to Gringrots. Harry sighed and looked around. This was awesome and he felt his excitement build. Witches and Wizards walked with pointed hats and long robes and while many stared a bit at him, they all seemed friendly enough. He could see owls in cages and brooms that were sweeping the street by themselves. This was awesome! He turned and started to make his way to the quidicht shop, when his eyes fell on one special shop. Makers of fine wands since 382 B.C.

Harry looked around and while he knew Voldemort would not have come alone to Diagon Alley, he was quite certain there were death eaters waiting for him at Gringrots, he knew no-one was really watching him. Who would dare hurt Harry Potter, husband of the Dark Lord? So Harry walked closer to the old shop and before he knew it, he entered.

The bell shimmed and Harry stood still in front of the counter. He heard rustling before a very old man appeared. The man had strange grey hair and eyes that looked straight through him. He seemed to scan Harry before he smiled.

"Mister Potter! I wondered when you would visit. Not with your husband?"

"He knows I'm here Sir." Harry whispered and he looked away. Olivander nodded.

"Here for a wand, mister Potter?"

"Yes please!" Olivander didn't ask any other question, he signed for Harry to come closer and took him to the back of the shop.

"The wand choses the wizard mister Potter, don't forget. Here, try this one! 1O in length, unicorn hair!" Harry took the wand that was given to him and he even waved with it, but it didn't work. Olivander nodded and pulled out another box and pushed the wand into Harry's hands.

"Dragon heart, 12 and a half inch, perfect for dark spells. Very bendable!" Harry again waved with it but nothing happened. Wand after wand was given to him and Harry felt his hopes fall and he could see that Olivander was getting annoyed. Eventually Harry made the man stop. He lifted a hand when another wand was given to him.

"I'm sorry to bother you…I guess I'm not magical enough for a real wand. I'll try to use my Ma-husband's wand a bit more. It worked for me you see and it made me aware of my magic. I'm sorry to have bothered you Sir." He turned and wanted to walk away when he could feel a hand land on his shoulder. Olivander looked pained and awed at the same time.

"Mister Potter. I once sold a wand to a certain boy. I have always thought it had been the right wand for the right person, but today you have proved me wrong. I remember that the wand barely worked for the boy, the wand did not chose him. But the child still bought it for a very special reason." Harry frowned at him.

"What are you telling me, mister Olivander? What was special about the wand?"

"It was the brother wand of your Master's wand." Harry's eyes widened.

"You see, the phoenix that gave a feather for Lord Voldemort's wand gave one more feather. Only one. I thought that wand would be destined for greatness in the hands of its current owner, even if the wand seemed apprehensive at first. But I think I was, am, mistaken. I think the right owner, that could bring out the true greatness of that wand, is standing here before me." Harry felt his heart move faster and he swallowed audibly.

"Who is the current owner of that wand, Mister Olivander?"

"Can you not guess?"

"Neville Longbottom."

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