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Chapter 16

The golden trio

Voldemort watched Harry walk to their chambers. The boy seemed to be in deep thoughts, something Voldemort had noticed after he had fetched him from that blasted sport shop. He hadn't been worried about Harry getting into trouble, he had given two death eaters the order to keep an eye on the boy without him noticing. He himself had been escorted (after leaving Harry alone) by four of his lower death eaters. It hadn't been for his safety, but he had wanted some guards in his presence for when Harry would be attacked.

"I'll join you soon." He said.

"Yes Sir." The boy waved without looking at him and turned around the corner. Voldemort walked back to his office and heard the arrival of the six death eaters. He opened the door and watched them all kneel for him. The door fell close behind him.

"You may go." He said, staring at the four young ones who had joined him at Gringotts. They nodded and whispered their thanks, leaving through the door.

"Anything interesting?"

"My Lord." The oldest of the two guards stood but kept his eyes and head a little lower.

"Harry Potter went to Olivander." Voldemort nodded slowly while placing himself behind his chair. He had expected as much.


"We couldn't follow him inside my Lord, but Travers had a talk with Olivander after Potter left." The man motioned at the other death eater who nodded and rose from his kneeling position.

"Olivander told me that Potter found no wand suitable for him, although he tried several." Voldemort frowned. The boy had found no wand? Every wizard found a wand at Olivander's. Voldemort was sure about that.

"There has to be more than that."

"Olivander kept saying the Potter boy found no wand, Sir. He said that the boy had little magic in him and explained that your…proximity when the boy used your wand, strengthened the magic within him. It wasn't his magic he used, but yours, my Lord. Some squibs are able to feel and channel the magic around them, but as Olivander said, they are not able to yield a wand."

"Thank you Travers. You made your point clear. Leave now. Both of you." The men bowed and left.

Voldemort placed his arms on the table and rested his head in his hands. What could it be that Harry had found out at Olivander? Had the old wandmaker said something about the prophesy? The Lord felt as if he was forgetting something. Something very important.

Harry knew he needed to do something. He couldn't let someone walk around with his wand! It was his! His chance to learn magic! His chance to a life in this world! Voldemort wouldn't mind, in fact, Voldemort would probably enjoy it! If Harry had a wand, he could become powerful! A true partner for the Dark Lord. But Harry couldn't tell the man that someone else had taken his wand. Would he even believe it? Maybe Harry should ask Olivander to have a talk with him…but then he would need to confess about his visit to the wandmaker. Well, either way he would. He couldn't just go and steal the wand of the boy who lived and then say to Voldemort 'hello, I found a wand'. Or could he? Voldemort would be less inclined to punish Harry for his transgression at Diagon Alley, if Harry had a wand in hand. If Harry could steal Neville's wand and show it to Voldemort, the man would be proud. He didn't like Neville, so it wasn't like he was going to force Harry to give the wand back…

Harry nodded to himself and glanced at the little clock that stood beside the bed. He knew Voldemort was going to return to their chambers, but Harry was pretty sure an opportunity would present itself soon enough.

Several days went by in which Voldemort kept Harry very close, as if he knew he was up to something. It didn't matter. It gave Harry enough time to plan his actions and, since Voldemort spent a lot of time in the library, Harry had taken the opportunity to read 'Hogwarts, a history', and wasn't that interesting! Old Voldemort had gone to school there and had written several things down in the book, it weren't memories but it were little pieces of information that were very helpful when someone was up to no good. He was reading the book and writing down some notes, when he heard the door open. He folded his paper and pushed it in his pocket, glancing up when Voldemort turned around the corner. He placed the book on the little table next to him and slid to the floor.

"Good morning Master! You were away the whole night." He said, which was true. Voldemort had been in the castle, but not in bed.

"I'm pretty sure you didn't miss me." Voldemort moved his hand and Harry blushed when he could see that his Master held the black dildo Harry had used that night. Voldemort chuckled and let the toy fall to the ground.

"Sir…I didn't mean to…If you don't me want using it…" He mumbled, taken a little off guard.

"Don't lie. Even if I didn't want it, you would still use it." Harry moved his legs and sat down cross-legged, looking up through his fringe.

"I'm sorry! It's just…you haven't…we haven't…made love since we started this D/s relationship. Don't you want that?" He looked a little scared, his plans forgotten for now, and Voldemort sat down on the chair Harry had vacated a moment ago.

"Made love? Who do you take me for? A girl?" Harry grimaced and shook his head. The Lord sighed.

"I realized you wouldn't be interested in a fuck, since our first time hadn't been as it should have been." The man stated it with a bit of a distate, as if he really didn't want to say those things. Harry snorted.

"Who's fault was that?" Voldemort reached out and grabbed Harry's hair in a painful grip, pulling his head back. Harry groaned in pain.

"Mind your manners slave." Harry shivered and nodded, a little smirk on his face.

"I had thought the Great Dark Lord Voldemort would just take what he wanted. I didn't know he was such a sissy!" In a second he was hoisted on the man's lap and his mouth was attacked viscously. Harry moaned against those cold lips and groaned when Voldemort nipped and tugged at his lip. A knock on the door interrupted their activities and Harry slowly moved away from Voldemort's lap. The Lord rose.

"I'll be back around ten o'clock this evening, make sure you are kneeling in my bed slave, hands on the headboard and don't dare to wear a stitch of clothing. And Harry, don't orgasm until I'm with you." The boy shivered and moaned, nodding slowly and pushing his head against Voldemort's leg. The man chuckled.

"Until tonight pet."

"Yes Master!" Voldemort walked out of the room, leaving Harry on his own. It occurred then to him, while staring at the fallen dildo, that this was his chance. Lord Voldemort was away. The boy slowly pushed himself up and walked to the door. He heard the man's booming voice and then the tell-tale pop of his disappearance. He knew the death eaters were gone too. There were problems with the negogiations with the Vampires and Lord Voldemort was going to their lair to appease them a bit more into supporting him. This was his chance! There was only one place to go to now!

He knew he had no weapon, but he didn't think he really needed one. Wizard or not, Neville Longbottom didn't seem to be that much of an opponent. Harry made sure Nagini didn't spot him when he sneaked into the office of the Lord and he grabbed some floopowder.

"Professor Snape's office!" He was gone in a whirl of green flames.

It had been a calculated risk, but Harry had assumed that the man was teaching at this hour. So even if there were wards in his office, he wouldn't be able to reach the rooms in time. Harry would be long gone. Still, he hastened himself to the door and when he was in the hallway, he sought out the darkest corner he could find. He reckoned the students had classes but he kept an eye out for unwanted by passers.

Hermione had once told him that the Gryffondor common room was on the seventh floor and he had read that there was a lady in a portrait guarding the entrance. He would need a password to get in, but Voldemort had written that the head of house only used twenty one passwords that he (or she) re-used every year. Harry had written them all down in case he needed one of them. He sneaked up the stairs, very pleased with himself. There was no-one! Everyone had classes! He came into what seemed to be the main entrance and he hastened his steps to the staircase, when he heard voices coming from above. He lunged for a statue of a big lady and hid behind it, recognizing Ron's voice.

"Neville! Stop! Snape will already be pissed at us for being late and not showing up at all! You think going outside is such a good idea?"

"Ron, please! Hedwig has to be somewhere! I need to find her! Just a quick look in the owlery and then we're back in the tower! You don't have to come…"

"Well…Fine Neville. But let's just skip potions then. I don't need to see his greasy face if he finds out." Harry followed them slowly and saw them going through an enormous door. He sneaked after them and outside he could hide behind a tree. That savior boy wasn't really all that observant.

They walked across the grounds until Ron stopped and looked behind him, frowning a little. Harry could see there were some older students hanging around the lake, but none of them looked up or spotted the hidden Harry. Neville made his way to a staircase that lead to a high tower, which was probably the owlery.

"I'll stay here." Ron said, while looking around, and Neville nodded, starting the climb. Harry smirked. This was going to be easy. He hid himself behind a bush, took some stones and threw them in Ron's direction. One of them hit the red haired boy. Ron yelped and turned around, trying to pinpoint where his attacker was. Harry snickered, crawled a bit further and threw a rock at the bush behind him. Ron immediately went to investigate and Harry spurted (keeping his body low) to the stairs. He looked over his shoulder and could see that Ron hadn't spotted him. This was going very smoothly! Maybe he should suggest to Voldemort to become a spy!

He stuck his head around the doorframe and could see Neville walking in circles in the owlry, yelling his owl's name. Harry smirked. He felt excited and he almost grinned when he thought about the reaction Voldemort was going to give him! He knew how he was going to present the wand to him! All naked and horny…The man would reward him greatly and probably laugh his head off when Harry told the story of how he had 'defeated' the great Savior. He pushed himself of the wall and stepped into the owlery, closing the door behind him.

"Ron, I thought you were…" Neville said while turning, but he fell silent when he saw Harry. The boy turned a little pale and swallowed, his eyes scanning the tower in search of an escape. Harry smirked at him.

"Hi Neville."

"Harry! Why are you here? Is V-Voldemort here?" He reached up and scratched his scar, frowning while he did it. Harry left the question unanswered and stepped forward. Neville backed away but his hand went to his pants and Harry knew what was coming. He lunched forward and pushed Neville against the dirty wall, making the owls screech and fly up. Neville had the wand clenched in his hand and Harry slammed the boy's elbow against the wall. Neville yelled and his hand sprang open, letting the wand fall to the floor. Harry wanted to go after it, but he felt a fist close around his arm and with a strength he hadn't expected from this boy, he was slammed into the ground. Neville was on top of him, balled fists and face completely red. He was heavy and Harry flinched a little in pain.

"Why are you doing this?" Neville lowered his hands and placed them over Harry's wrists. Harry arched an eyebrow. As if this kid could push him down!

"Because I want to use my magic and I can't because you have my wand!" He yelled the last words at this chubby savior and he used every muscle he had to get the boy of him. Neville seemed lost for words but he eyed his wand and opened his palm, letting one of Harry's hands go.

"Accio wand!" But the wand didn't obey and Neville's face fell into a frightened expression. His breathing became heavy.

Harry wriggled underneath him and succeeded in pushing Neville of him. He lifted his fist and took a swing at the boy, making the savior duck in alarm. Harry smirked, crawled upright and ran to the wand.

The door to the owlery burst open and Harry felt a strange wind pushing him back, until his body slammed against the hard wall. He hissed in pain but opened his eyes to see his attackers. Hermione was crouching down next to Neville, while Ron had an ashen face and a wand pointed at Harry. Both of them looked powerful and in full attacking mode. It was both scary and awesome to see. Harry felt the wind subside and he got his footing back, but his legs gave out and he fell down.

"What are you doing here?" Ron yelled at him.

"What has he done to you, Neville?" Hermione asked Neville and the boy shook his head slowly.

"He's a danger 'Mione! I can't believe you're friends with him! He tried to steal my wand!" The wand! Harry scanned the floor and could see it lying their innocently. He jumped at it, hand and fingers stretched out, as if touching the wand would make everything right!

Ropes and what had to be a stunning spell came at him, but they came too late. It was as if the wand jumped in his open palm. His fist closed around it.

An enormous explosion was followed, a bright light illuminated the owlery. To Harry it felt as if his whole body was being ripped apart. Something in his body was being shredded to pieces, something that hurt more than anything he had ever felt before. He was aware of someone screaming, before he became aware he was the one screaming. He trashed around but his hand did not let go of the wand and somewhere in his mind he realized that letting go really wasn't an option. It felt as if the wand itself was changing something within his body. The pain lessened gradually as did his screams, and he was left panting on the ground, the wand grasped tightly in his hand. Around him everything became blurry, and the last thing he saw before he passed out, were the bright white feathers of Hedwig.

Somewhere, quite far from Hogwarts and its owlery, a little prophesy that had been innocently sitting on a shelf, started to glow again.

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