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Interesting. You're afraid of insects and women. Ladybugs must render you catatonic - normal speech

Interesting. You're afraid of insects and women. Ladybugs must render you catatonic - parsletongue

(Quote by Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory)

Chapter nine
Building trust

After breakfast, the Lord had to leave. It was the first time Harry had the idea that the Lord did not want to leave, but the man couldn't not go.

Harry ventured back to their room, he wanted to do something for the man. To let the man know that yes, Harry wanted to build a relationship with him. But first, he needed to choose a safeword.

"Master gone now." Harry looked down at the snake that slithered into the room. He nodded. Nagini looked up, her beady eyes almost boring into the emerald ones of Harry.

"I guess he'll be back soon." Harry answered. Nagini nodded, which was strange for a snake.

"Yes, he will be. I sensed he was pleased. You chose to be Master's pet?"

"I guess."

"Good choice pet."

"Thanks, I guess." Harry placed himself on the couch, looking around a bit. The snake kept staring at him and Harry cleared his throat.

"I need a safeword, you know to keep myself from harm when we are…mating." He scrunched up his nose at the word, but knew that Nagini would understand it. She hissed, but it sounded as if she laughed.

"Silly boy. Master does what Master wants. What kind of word is a safeword?"

"It's a word that needs to draw attention, to make sure the other hears it." Nagini nodded thoughtfully and then seemed to perk up. Harry thought she looked a little mischievous.

"I know a word that will draw attention."

"What then?"

"If you say the word to Master, he will certainly listen. The word is horcrux."

"What does that mean?" Nagini shook her head, as if she didn't know.

"It doesn't matter, it will certainly draw attention and will take Master his mind of mating." Harry nodded. If that was what it would do, it probably was a good safeword.

Harry knew when the Lord was back, he could see it from the way Nagini slithered to the door. Harry didn't let her out though, he had other plans. He didn't know if the Lord would be in the mood, but being a sub didn't always mean having sex. Harry just wanted to make sure that the man knew Harry was trying to be His.

He lowered himself on his knees in front of the fireplace, his hands on his thighs and his heart almost in his throat. Nerves were racing through his body and he only hoped he wouldn't screw up.

The door opened and the Lord stepped inside. Harry bit his lip, not really knowing what the Lord wanted from a sub.

Voldemort closed the door, but Harry could see that the man had already noticed him. He walked further into the room and threw his cloak on the ground, the same way he had done a day ago. Harry waited until the man was in the bathroom. He stood and walked to the robe. He lifted the garment, and he tried, he really tried not to but he couldn't help it…he sniffed. A muscular scent came to him, no sweet perfume or slave-boy sweat. Harry smiled a little and walked to the closet. He placed the cloak in it and closed the door. In the mirror, he could see the Lord coming out of the bathroom.

"You are trying to prove yourself, I see. Though you are not doing anything different from what I want from a simple husband." Harry frowned and looked down for a second, before he looked back up.

"I am sorry my Lord, since you have not yet told me the rules I must obey I do what I think is safe." The Lord pierced him with a fierce glare, but Harry did not give away.

"On your knees boy." He barked. Harry almost went rigid when he heard the stern, loud voice but he swiftly knelt. The Lord looked at him with something strange in his eyes. Harry couldn't tell if it was interest or not. Voldemort stepped closer until he was standing in front of Harry. He was big from Harry's point of view.

"You speak when I tell you to, understand? You may speak."

"Yes Sir." The Lord stepped around him, but Harry kept sitting very still. The floor bored into his knees, but he could only revel in the feeling.

"Have you picked a…safeword yet?" Harry swallowed.

"You may speak." The Lord mumbled. Harry didn't turn around, but he heard the Lord rummage in the bookcase that stood against a wall.

"Horcrux, Sir." Something crashed and Harry did turn. He immediately flinched when furious red eyes bore into him. He fell back into his position, closing his eyes and shivering a little bit when he felt strong magic lick at his body.

"Where did you hear that word?" Voldemort sounded more than angry and Harry lowered his head a little, clasping his hands behind his back. He felt fear and he was reminded why he hadn't wanted the Lord as a Master.

"Well? Speak boy!"

"Nagini told me!" Harry bit out. He kept his shoulders low, but his tone was very clear. Voldemort was not to mess with him. The man muttered something and Harry dared to look up again. He scowled a little at the Lord his back.

"I do not want you to use that word." Harry noticed that he was glaring at Nagini.

"Pick another." Harry looked down.

"Why is it a bad word?"

"Did I ask you to speak?" Harry rolled his eyes and unfolded his legs from underneath. He crossed them indian-style and glanced around the room.

"Orphanage." The Lord, who had apparently been talking very softly with Nagini, straightend up and looked at Harry.

"Fine." Harry shook his head.

"We're doing it wrong you know. You already scared me." Harry sounded mad and Voldemort smirked at him. He walked to the plush armchair and placed himself in it.

"You are overdressed." Harry felt a blush creep on his neck, but he forced himself to be brave. He had never been a coward with other Doms, so he wasn't going to be one now.

"Shall I fix that, Master?" The heated look Voldemort gave him was enough.

"I should gag you, this is the second time you've spoken out of turn."

"I apologies, Master." He answered with a little upturn of his lips. He lifted himself up and undressed surely before the Lord. He let his clothes fell and didn't stop until he was standing in his socks in front of the man.

Lord Voldemort's red eyes roamed over his body.

"Come closer." Harry did and when he stood in touching distance from the man, he placed his hands behind his back and looked down. Voldemort lifted his hand as if to touch Harry, but he didn't. His fingers were like butterflies that tried to land, but didn't dare. They fluttered over his belly, his chest, his nipples and even his penis. Harry bit his lower lip, watching those fingers and he gasped when they touched him. Ice cold digits that pressed in his stomach. Harry didn't move but he closed his eyes. The fingers turned into hands that stroked his stomach and went up to his chest, flat over his nipples which made Harry shiver. He felt so vulnerable and yet…He could feel heat crawling down to his cock and his penis stirred. The Lord chuckled.

"Eager." Harry shivered when his dark voice flew over him and he opened his eyes again. Voldemort shifted, not much, but a little and one of his hands pressed right above Harry's cock. The boy stifled his moan and he leaned closer. Voldemort's hand grasped his cock, bolt and confident and Harry almost fell forward. Voldemort chuckled again and encircled Harry's waist with one arm.

"N-nh Sir! Please." Harry moved his hips but the Lord his grip was firm and Harry couldn't find any friction within the heated confines of those fingers. The arm around his body kept him in place. Harry had never felt quite so small in the arms of another. The Lord let go of his cock and Harry sighed at the loss. The Lord drew his wand.


"Hush boy." Harry followed the movement of the wand and swallowed when ropes appeared and encircled his wrists. He tugged a little, but his arms were bound firmly behind his back.

The Lord wasn't done. He whispered a spell and Harry could see a little red ribbon appear in the air. Voldemort placed his wand away and took the ribbon with his free hand. A little bell hung from it. The Lord smirked up at Harry.

"Stay still."

"Yes Sir." He whispered. The arm left his waist and the Lord started to bind the little ribbon around Harry's cock. The boy couldn't do anything about it but stare in embarrassment. The ribbon was not hurtful and didn't even constrict. It looked decorative, almost pretty but it made Harry blush to the tips of his toes.

"A little kitten." The Lord said with a smirk and he tipped the dripping tip of Harry's cock, making the bell shim. The young orphan moaned and almost pressed his body closer. Voldemor's arm came back around and pushed Harry down. He straddled the Lord, his knees next to those broader legs.

"Sir I…" A harsh slap came to his backside and he yelped, falling against the Lord his shoulder.

"Silence." The man whispered in his ear. Harry nodded while Voldemort pushed him a little straighter.

"Keep yourself up." Harry did, lifting his body from the man his legs and balancing on his knees. A hand crawled under him, ignoring his cock that was tinkling because of the bell. It made Harry blush but when those fingers pressed behind his balls he moaned. Pleasure zoomed through him and Harry could hear the bell again when his cock bounced in excitement. The Lord pressed and tugged, played with his balls until Harry was writhing on his lap. He moaned because he couldn't beg and he tried to push his cock against the rough fabric of the Lord his clothes, but whenever he came to close, the man pushed him away.

"Please Sir…Please. May I come Master?" He gasped. The hand stopped their wonderful doings and slapped, hard against his arse.

"Stand up." Harry tried to obey and with a push from the Lord, he could. His cock was standing completely erect, the little bell tinkling away.

"You want to come, pet?" Harry nodded.


"I want to come Master, please." He whispered blushingly. Voldemort leaned forward and grasped his penis. It was a feather light touch and Harry almost screamed in frustration. The fingers made the bell go louder and louder, pressing and tugging far too lightly. Harry whimpered and the Lord had mercy with him. He grasped the base of Harry's penis and stroked harder. The orgasm was ripped from him, the bell tingling loudly while he coated his Master's hand with his semen. He almost fell, but could keep himself upright. He did notice the large hand on his chest that would be there to catch him. It made Harry smile and he opened his eyes. Voldemort slowly let him go, the ropes fell from his wits and Harry reached forward. He lowered himself on his knees, trembling a little, and took the coated hand in his. Voldemort let him and Harry could swear he heard a groan when he licked his own semen from the hand.

"You are trying to impress me, are you not?" The bell shimmed, as if his cock agreed and Harry smiled around the digits he was sucking on. He let go when he was done and looked up through his fringe.

"Do I please you, Sir?" Voldemort could sense uncertainty in that voice, in those green eyes.

"You have certainly earned the night to sleep in my bed tonight. Do not think that will be a courtesy given to you every night. Get up, it's late and we need our sleep. Tomorrow we have an appointment in the ministry." Harry looked down a little, a bit afraid that the Lord wasn't that happy with him. A soft reassuring touch to his head made him smile though and he swiftly stood.

"Yes Master. Will you…sleep with me in the bed?" Voldemort nodded.

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