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Heavy warning: rape

Chapter nine
One can never truly change

Harry felt uncomfortable standing in an office like this. There was a strange bird staring at him with black eyes, the portraits were whispering about him (who knew portraits could whisper?) and he had tried to take a piece of candy but had been bitten by it. No, Harry wasn't liking his visit to Hogwarts so far.
He knew the Headmaster was talking about him with two other professors. They were standing outside the office so Harry couldn't hear. He didn't know what they were saying about him. He himself was worrying about Lord Voldemort. Was it wise to mention him? Did Dumbledore already know? Was it even forbidden to have contact with the Lord now that he was pardoned by the ministry?

The door opened and a woman with a stern face and grey hair pulled in a tight bun walked in, followed by what had to be Headmaster Dumbledore. The man smiled kindly and motioned for Harry to take a seat.
"Hello my dear boy. Welcome to Hogwarts." Harry nodded politely.
"This is professor Mcgonagall and I am professor Dumbledore. How are you feeling today Harry?" Harry frowned a little.
"Dizzy from the trip." He replied honestly. It made the Headmaster laugh.
"Yes my boy, I can understand. It's a strange feeling, to apparate with another wizard." Harry stored that piece information where he stored everything he knew about magic. So the thing he had done with Snape was called 'apparation'. Would Voldemort be proud if he heard Harry had learned a new word? That made him blush a little.

"So Harry, do you know why you are here?" He didn't but he could think of several reasons.
"I think because my parents were magical and I'm not, but you think there's still some magic left in me and you want to help me retrieve it." The headmaster blinked but didn't seem surprised at Harry's knowledge.
"Yes, you see… to provide your safety when you were born a spell was put on you so the Dark Lord couldn't track your magic. The spell ensured your magic was hidden for that time being, but it seems the spell was more effective than we realized." Harry kept frowning at the man. Really? After all those years that was all the Headmaster could say?
But Harry berated himself. If Voldemort hadn't already told him all of this, this whole conversation would go differently. Harry would be thrilled about having magic in him. He would be impressed by the Headmaster and thankfull for this opprtunity. But Voldemort had come earlier and had already told him this. Dumbledore was too late.
"You see Harry. You are not a squib. You are very much a wizard and I would like to offer you a place at Hogwarts as our student. Here we can find out what it is that keeps your magic locked away. My professors and I will teach you everything you need to know about magic, you will be an official student at our school." Harry felt his spirits lift. That sounded awesome. It sounded even better than awesome!
"I only ask for one thing." Harry swallowed. Dumbledore wasn't going to ask to marry him, was he?
"That you decline the Dark Lord's offer and break every contact you have with him."

Miss Carter closed her door and sighed. She wasn't on night duty and she was happy for it. She was tired and nervous. She hadn't expected Dumbledore to react so swiftly after the letter she had sent him. But here she was, one orphan less. Harry Potter would enroll at Hogwarts and never return to the orphanage. Not even during the holidays. Of course, the boy didn't know that yet. But he would, soon enough. She slipped out of her clothes and walked into the bathroom. She had believed every word Aaron had told her when he had said the Dark Lord had appeared in Harry's room. None of the other caretakers had, but miss Carter had always known something was going to happen around Harry Potter. She had immediately written to Dumbledore and sent her memories from her talk with Aaron to the man. She had been right. Aaron had seen the Dark Lord, although now just called 'Lord'.

Miss Carter couldn't believe it. The nerve that man had. Well, if one could call that creature a man. No, she didn't buy the 'we'll stop the war and be friends' game he was playing. She doubted any witch or wizard in their right mind did, except for the minister of magic apparently.
Something creaked in her room. She froze. Her wand lay in her bedroom. She waited and listened for several seconds, but nothing happend. It was her imagination. She looked up in the mirror and sighed. Wrinkles and worrylines was all she could see, she was getting old. She looked down at the bowl she had filled with water and dipped her hands in the warm liquid. She looked back up.
A hand was in front of her mouth before she could even scream.
"Don't." A wand pressed against her naked back. Her nostrils flared in panic. The man, a rough, bearded person with dark eyes grinned at her image in the mirror and pushed her out of the bathroom. He let go of her and she fell to her knees.
"Hello miss Carter." No words could describe the fear that ran through her body when seeing the Dark Lord stand so casually in her room. He had brought three man with him. One leaning against her door, the other standing in the doorway to the bathroom and the third was reclining on her bed. She recognized them all.
"We need to talk, don't we?" She couldn't answer. The Lord stepped closer and drew his white wand. She felt shivers ran down her back. Cold sweat broke through.
"I like the silent ones." The one from the bed said.
"Keep quite Rabastan." Voldemort answered with a smirk. Miss Carter whimpered when he pushed his wand underneath her chin.
"I'm aware I never asked you, specifically, to keep my visits to young Harry a secret since I reasoned one would be smart enough to know. Alas, I was mistaken."
"I-I'm sorry. I- I- please – Dumbledore – he said to always conta-" Her sentence broke when he pressed his wand deeper in her throat. She coughed. He took a step back.
"I know, I know. Faithful slaves must always listen to their masters and Dumbledore is a demanding master, is he not?" Her eyes were wide. She couldn't answer, she didn't know how.
"It's not really you I'm angry with actually. You see, you are just one of the pieces Dumbledore uses to hinder me. It's not your fault. But I don't have Dumbledore here to punish nor the person who helped him get to my Harry. I only have you." He smirked.

"Lets play, shall we? Crucio." It was horrible. She screamed and thrashed on the ground. The men were laughing, she could hear it through the red-hot pain.
It stopped and she was left on the ground. Her muscles didn't want to move anymore. She couldn't even remember how to make her legs work. Everything hurt and nothing seemed right.
"Stand bitch." She was pulled up by her hair by the bearded man. On instinct, her hands flew to his arm to push him back, but there was no strength left in her. Fenrir Greyback licked his lips and sniffed on her neck. She was shivering so strongly and while the pain of the torture curse was ebbing away, the pain of him pulling on her hair was now replacing it. She scrambled to get her feet underneath her but she couldn't really feel them anymore.

"Let me show you how bad children are punished in this orphanage." It made her attention snap to the Lord and she shook her head as much as she could, tears running down her cheeks. She could feel her feet again and pushed them underneath her. The effort had been for nought, Greyback lifted her and threw her on the bed without even showing any effort. Rabastan climbed of with a sigh, as if it was her fault he needed to stand. She lifted her arms to keep Greyback's massive chest away from her, but it was of no use. He was far too heavy.
"Please no…" She tried to plead but Greyback ripped her knickers of, grinning like a beast at her. Rabastan crawled back on the bed and placed himself behind her head. He looked like a schoolboy, sitting with his legs drawn up and his hands in her hair. He soothingly massaged her temples, which only made her cry harder. Her hands pushed against Fenrir's chest and she even clawed at him. He growled in his throat and chuckled a little, as if the pain made it all the sweeter for him. He breached her. It hurt so much her whole body went limp. Her hands fell down and Fenrir placed his on her wrists, it hurt her bones.
"Good little girl." Rabastan said and he pressed his fingers against her mouth, pushing until she felt them pressing against her tongue. Fenrir felt thick and wrong and all she could do was whimper and wishing for it to be over. It seemed to last forever but then he came, spurting his release in her. The two of them crawled out of bed and she curled up in a ball, tears dried on her cheek. She couldn't believe this had just happend.

"My Lord?" They asked, as if not sure how to proceed. She had forgotten Voldemort was still here and she made herself go very, very quiet. What if he…
"My Lord, if I may?" Lucius Malfoy stepped forward, his eyes only on the Dark Lord. Voldemort nodded.
"Would it be wise to kill her? If I may, I could come up with a better…" Voldemort stood. He had broken Lucius' speech of with a wave of his hand.
"Don't fret. I will not kill her. In fact, she will prove to be very helpful when morning comes. Move aside boys." He pointed his wand at her and her vision became black.

"I'm sorry." Harry stood from his chair. It was dark outside.

"I can't. If you know he contacted me, you also know he was the first to offer me magic. The first one who cared since the time I didn't receive my Hogwarts letter. Where were you, six years ago? It's too late now… I already accepted. I said yes to Lord Voldemort." Dumbledore looked grave and the woman behind him was shocked. But Harry stood his ground. This was his answer. Dumbledore inclined his head.
"Very well. But be aware, Harry… One can never truly change."

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