Glee Mommies and Babies Volume I

Description: F/f, F solo. Quima, Sugar, Brittcedes, Quitany, Quiana, Sugelby, Sugerri, This is an adult baby series of stories. Quinn, Emma, Sugar, and Shelby are the main characters in this Volume. Side Characters of Brittany, Mercedes, Rachel, Santana and Terri are included. This story contains, lesbian sex, masturbation, adult babies, spanking, diapers, pull ups, strap-on anal sex and more.

Disclaimer: I do not own glee or any of the characters in this. Also this story contains strong sexual stuff and Adult baby and Grown women and Teenage girls (all of my characters are 18 and up) wearing diapers and having sex. There is some force and rape like events in this as well. If this does not appeal to you I suggest not reading it.

Chapter I

Quinn just got out of the first glee meeting under Shelby's coaching. She was trying to figure out what had happened between Will and Emma. All was going good they were engaged to be married then out of nowhere they broke up and 3 days later no one knows why. Will left town the next day after coaching his last glee practice and announcing that Shelby would take over for him.

The cheerleader knew that to get the gossip she and the other glee students needed someone would have to talk to Emma about it. So she decided she would goto her office after school and talk to her. After her last class she walked to the councilor's office, she looked through the glass window and saw her crying. Quinn knew she was not taking this well. It was obvious that Will had called it off...but why?

Quinn knocked on the door and opened it. "Miss Pillsbury?" she said looking inside at the sobbing red head.

Emma turned to look at her trying to dry the tears from her eyes. "yes Quinn, may I help you?" She asked. The look of hurt and fear was plain to see on her face.

"Actually I came to check on you. I have been worried about you since..." the young blond saw the tears coming faster down the councilor's face. She walked over and embraced her with a hug. The older woman collapsed in the young cheerleader's arms and cried like a baby. Quinn held her and stroked her hair. Holding the crying adult was actually oddly enough turning the young teen on in an almost sexual way.

{outside the councilor's office}

The women didn't know but Sugar was actually outside the room watching all of this unfold through the window of the office. Being careful not to be seen as she listened in and watched. Sugar saw the two women's body's pressed together. Quinn holding her and comforting the crying older woman as their breasts pushed together. Even though both women were fully clothed sugar felt turned on by this.

Sugar opened up her legs her hand drifted up her skirt. She rubbed her pussy through her panties. She was wearing a pink tank top and a blue jean skirt. She had on a thickly padded bra and was wearing mini mouse cartoon panties. They were little kid panties but her small waist could still fit in them. Quinn was in her cheerleader uniform and Emma was in a s sun-dress.

Sugar kept rubbing through her quickly wetting panties as she watched Quinn hold and comfort the older woman. She imagined the two of them having sex. She could see their bodies in her mind already. Both girls had bigger breasts than hers. Sugar was only an A cup. She padded to make them look like B's. Quinn since her baby was born has grown to have C's and Emma is a B cup.

Sugar was very turned on by larger breasts and had always been attracted to Quinn's twins. She imagined Emma and her sucking on Quinn's large breasts. She wondered if Quinn would lactate after having the baby over a year ago. The girl was lucky that nearly everyone had left and that the only person who noticed any of it was Shelby, who didn't do anything about it.

{Inside the councilor's office}

Quinn decided to ignore her urges to better help Emma. She figured she would just masturbate later. As the sobbing woman in her arms started to calm down she calmly whispered to her. "Its okay, I know it hurts, I know your scared." Just knowing that someone cared enough to empathize with her made Emma feel a lot better.

"Let me drive you home" said Quinn. "We can talk on the way if you like. I just don't think you need to be alone, okay?"

"That is so nice of you Quinn, thank you" replied Emma as she nodded her head in agreement to the girls offer. Quinn took Emma's hand and walked for the door.

{Further down the hall}

Sugar who had cum twice already decided to run down the hall where she could not be seen as she watched the women leave together. As they walked down the hall Emma dropped something.

Quinn bent down to get it and Sugar got a good look at her sexy ass in her black lacy booty shorts. Sugar laid down and sucked her thumb as she masturbated again. *She imagined that Quinn had been a naughty girl and had peed in her panties at school. When Emma had found out she decided to bend Quinn over her lap and spank her. She imagined Quinn crying as she received her punishment. In Sugar's mind Emma decided to strip Quinn and herself down naked to punish her more. As Emma spanked her red ass she pulled out a strap on and fucked Quinn in her tight asshole. *Shelby was near by and had been watching the young teen since she had first noticed her masturbating outside the councilors office. She did wonder why she was sucking her thumb. Bu the site of Sugar as she saw her reach orgasm and the thought of her soaking her panties in her juices made Shelby a little wet herself.

{The car}

In the car Emma was very quite, Quinn decided she would start the conversation. "Okay so what happened?" She asked Emma. "I figured out that Mr. Schue broke it off. I think it would help you if you talked about why it happened."

"Well thats personal, the whole thing is more than a little embarrassing for me. You were right when you said I was scared. Scared would be the perfect word to describe how I feel. I am scared others will find out what Will did. I am scared that every man will react the same way. I can not say I blame Will for leaving me. Or for wanting to distance himself from dealing with it."

"Maybe no man can understand but maybe I can. You don't have to be alone I can be here for you. I can keep a secret"

"I know you can and you have matured so much this past 2 years. I know you have also been through a lot." They pulled up to Emma's house. "why don't you come in and maybe I can work up the courage to talk to you about it. Be as mature about my problems as you have been about yours.

"Sounds good Miss Pillsbury"

"We aren't in school... please call me Emma."

"Okay Emma" Quinn said as she walked with Emma into the house. Emma made them some tea as the girls sat and talked. Then Emma worked up the courage to tell Quinn what happened. She took one last sip of tea and put the cup down and looked Quinn in the Eye. She swallowed the tea and opened her mouth. She had Quinn's full attention.

"Here is the thing...I can't believe I am saying this...I have always kept it a secret...I wet the bed."

"Excuse me?" Quinn asked shocked

"I AM 33 YEARS OLD AND I STILL PEE MY BED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL! There I said it." She yelled. She started to cry again. It felt good to get it off her chest but there was an awkward silence she felt she had to fill. "I don't do it every night. My parents used to make me wear pull-ups to bed till I was 18 and moved out. I stopped wearing them until me and Will were together. I would put them on once he fell asleep and woke up early to change. He didn't find out till 3 nights ago. I was tired and I fell asleep before putting on a pull-up. I guess it was one of those nights I had an accident cause when I woke up 2 hours later the bed was soaked and Will was angry. He then found my pull-ups and asked why I had them and why I peed in the bed. When I told him I always have just only once or twice a month, I told him I started wearing the pull-ups again for him so he wouldn't find out. He stopped listening to me and walked out the door. We have not talked since." Emma waited for Quinn to respond.