Daiski VOL 1 chapter 1

My Sad Life

Sila - Hi my name is Sila Shikinaro and I'm 20 years old. And I'm the author of this new book called Daiski.

Sila - And yes I really am the author of this book. I started looking for a website of author who experience writing or drawing manga books. And then I found this page. I can see that all of you been doing a great job! And my book will be publishing in 2013 and I'm sorry that it's going to be available in Japan. I'm half Japanese and French.

Sila - I'm going to tell you people who maybe American in English version.

Sila - The characters of Daiski are Tasukamo, Tanaka, Diachi, Daichi, and Ebony. Those are the character in this chapter so far but there will be more later. So let's begin.

I remember the day my parents died. The horror of blood everywhere. So now that my parents are gone I'm now alone. Even though I still have my brother. I was crying so hard that people didn't even bother to care. I was at the Summer Festival because my parents use to take me here to watch the firework I didn't bother to watch it I was too busy crying.

Suddenly a boy with blond hair came over and said "why are you crying?" and I didn't bother to answer. And then he asks me another question "where are your parents?" and I didn't dare answer that question I really wanted to punch him for reminding me about my parents. And then he said "I'm so sorry I didn't know….." and then he had the sorry expression look in his face.

And then he asked me "Do you want to join me and my family?" and then I shake my head meaning no. and then he said or yelled "you can't always be sad like this forever you need to let the past go and open up to the future! If you won't smile nobody around you will, Will you smile for me?" and then I shake my head and then he had a blank look in his face. And then I speak in a low voice and said "just kidding….." and then I smiled. And then he had both a mad and happy look in his face. And then he curves it into a sad face. And while I was laughing he hold my two shoulder with his two hands. And said "I would like you to close your eyes cause I have a surprise for you." And then I closed it and then I felt something really warm on my lips I then open my eyes and saw that his lips were on mine!

My very first kiss stole by a boy I just met! I wanted to push him away but this feeling I had warm inside me and I didn't want to let it go. And after that he let go and ran away with a red face. I guess this was his first kiss too. I liked that boy I think I want to find him and be with him forever but where does he lived and how old is he even is and what is even his name! Oh my god I don't even know much I about him! Well I guess I figure it out sooner or later!

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sila - I'm really sorry that this page is really short but just bare with me!

Tanaka – When sila meant she is half Japanese and French she just move to America a few month ago.

Tasukamo – Sila you didn't even mention what Tanaka brother name is which was me!

Sila – Oh sorry Tasukamo! I just wanted the viewers to find out later. And you just spoiled it!

Tasukamo – Sorry!

Daichi – Yo Sila! When are Diachi and I coming in?

Sila – Probably the next chapter or after the next one.

Diachi – Hey Sila who was the one who kissed Tanaka?

Sila – I can't tell you you'll just have to wait!

Ebony – We'll see you next time!

Daichi – Hey! That's my line!

Ebony – Oh I'm so sorry!

Ebony and Daichi – We'll see you next time!