Author's Note: Okay, I know I keep putting up stories and then taking them down after the first chapter, but can you blame me? I have a short attention span. Hopefully, I'm planning to stick with this one. So anyway, what is this story? Well, I rewatched Dumbo the other day, and decided to check out if the movie had any fanfiction. And it does, just not a lot. Someone actually started writing a sequel for it but never finished, so I've decided to do a... well, more of a spin-off than a sequel. I came up with the idea of Dumbo meeting the ugly duckling, which is what this story is about. I also did some research and found out that Disney did actually do a short based on the ugly duckling (actually, they did two, but I used the later one for this story) I watched it and it's really cute ^^ So I decided to use the beginning of that for the story (of course I changed it a bit to fit in with the Dumbo universe) I hope you enjoy this. Please tell me what you think.

Disclaimer: Dumbo belongs to Disney, and Ugly Duckling belongs to Hans Christian Andersen. I am gaining nothing from this story, other than my own amusement.

Chapter 1: An Obvious Mistake

"Dear, please do stop pacing," Mrs Duck told her husband.

"I can't help it, Matilda," Mr Duck replied, concern obvious in his voice. "He should have been here by now!"

Mrs Duck shook her head. Her husband had never been the patient type. She glanced up at the sky and her eyes immediately brightened as she saw what they had been waiting for. "Henry!" she called. Her husband looked round and then followed her gaze. A huge smile formed on his beak.

Mr Stork came down from the sky with five bundles of cloth in his large beak. As he landed on the ground, he stopped to catch his breath, brushing sweat from his forehead. He then looked up and smile. "Mrs Duck, I presume?" he addressed the expecting mother.

Mrs Duck nodded her head. Mr Stork approached her, placing the bundles in front of her. Mr Duck came over to inspect them.

Mr Stork took of his hat and gave a little bow to Mrs Duck before taking a small book out of his hat. He opened the book and cleared his throat. "Straight from heaven up above, here are many sons for you to love," he exclaimed.

Mrs Duck smile and lowered her head to open the bundles but was stopped as the stork waved a notebook in front of her.

"Sign here, please," he said, holding up a pencil.

Mr Duck made an impatient noise but his wife ignored him and took the pencil graciously with her wing. She drew a cross over the dotted line before returning the pencil to the stork. She then began to tug at one of the bundles before the stork once again stopped her.

"One moment please," Mr Stork said gently. "This still part of the service." He took out a harmonica and blew into it before beginning to singing. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear..." he paused. "Dear..." He frowned and looked at Mrs Duck. "Dear me, what are their names?"

Mrs Duck smile. "Bertie, Bill, Henry Jr. and Colin."

Mr Stork frowned. "What about the fifth one?"

Mrs Duck blinked and then her eyes came to the fifth bundle. "Fifth?"

Mr Duck, sensing trouble, interjected. "We were only expecting four," he told the stork, a slight edge in his voice. "It's obvious there has been some mistake."

Mr Stork looked nervous. "No, sir, I assure you. I mean, I can ask my superiors but I'm pretty certain that this is your child."

Mrs Duck looked at the bundle again. Before she had simply thought it was a baby the stork was delivering to someone else. Was it really hers?

"Are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes!" Mr Duck shouted.

"Sir, p-p-please, calm down," Mr Stork stuttered.

"Henry," Mrs Duck spoke up. "Please."

"But Matilda-"

"Whether we were expecting it or not," Mrs Duck continued. "We have five sons. Let's take in the child. What's the worst that could happen?"

Mr Duck thought about this. He reluctantly gave a grumble of agreement.

Mrs Duck looked at the stork. "We shall name him Hamish."

Mr Stork gave a sigh of relief and continued his song. "Happy birthday Bertie, Bill, Henry Jr., Colin and Hamish~" he sang struggling to fit all the names in. "Happy birthday tooooo~" He gave a deep breath before saying the last word. "YOU~!" He then shot up into the sky, tilting his hat to the couple.

Mr Duck turned to his wife excitedly. "Hurry up, my dear," he urged her.

Mrs Duck opened the first bundle to reveal a beautiful and fluffy golden chick. "Welcome to the family Bertie," she said to her child as he greeted her with a little 'quack'. She then turned to the next three bundles. One by one she opened them and greeted each of her new sons, Bill, Henry Jr. and Colin, who all quacked at their mother. Each duckling was small and bright yellow in colour. Mr Duck's heart swelled with pride and nuzzled each of his sons. Mrs Duck then turned to the fifth bundle and slowly untied it. She looked down at her fifth son... and gave a gasp of shock.

Mr Duck turned. "Matilda, what is wrong?"

"Henry," Mr Duck pointed. "Look."

Mr Duck looked at the fifth duckling and his beak dropped. He glanced at his other sons, then back.

The young duckling in front of them was a bit bigger than his siblings, and his colouring was rather different. Instead of golden feathers, he was pale grey in colour with a black beak and feet. His beak was different shape and his neck seemed somewhat longer than that of his brothers.

Mr Duck walked over to inspect his unusual son. As he saw his father for the first time, young Hamish, as they called him, gave a little smile, his eyes brightening. He then opened his beak like his brothers had when they had quacked. However, the sound that came out of his beak was not a small quack but a loud and almost unearthly 'honk'.

Mr Duck's eyes widened. He then turned his head to his wife. "What... what... is it?"

Mrs Duck waddled over next to her husband. "I have no idea, darling."

Mr Duck huffed. "Then get rid of it, woman," he said to her.

Mrs Duck stared. "Henry!" she gasped. "You can't-"

"I don't care what the stork said," Mr Duck cried out with rage. "THAT is not our son. I don't even think that thing is a duck at all!"

"But you told me that you would let us keep him!" Mrs Duck felt tears forming in her eyes.

"That is before I knew how... ugly... he was," Mr Duck shuddered.

"HENRY!" Mrs Duck cried.

"Matilda," Mr Duck ignored her. "I'm telling you get rid of it."

"No!" Mrs Duck shook her head. "I refuse to do such a thing to my own son."

Mr Duck straightened himself up and looked his wife right in the eye. "Matilda, you either get rid of that thing... or I'm leaving!"

Mrs Duck's eyes widened. "Henry, you don't expect me to able to choose." Her eyes watered.

Mr Duck's rage worsened. "Fine!" he shouted. "Keep your pile of filth, just don't come crying to me when it all goes wrong!" He then stormed off.

Mrs Duck cried after him. "Henry!" she called. Mr Duck didn't look round. "Henry!... HENRY!"

Mr Duck never came back. He left his wife alone to care for their five chicks. Mrs Duck tried her hardest to be a good mother to her sons, but her heart never healed after the incident. What she was ashamed for the most, however, was that after the arguement, she found herself blaming Hamish for her husband's abandoment. She hated herself for thinking such a thing, but couldn't help it.

This is where out story begins.