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Chapter 1: Leaving

I was terrified, that's all I could say. I, Caroline Forbes, would be going back in time to kill the horrifying Original Hybrid. After searching and searching for a way to defeat him, this was the solution that Bonnie and Damon had found. And now I am being sent back to before the Original Witch turned her family into vampires and either stop that or kill Klaus. And the thing that I couldn't tell anyone was that I have no idea how I was gonna pull it off.

"You sure you're up to this, Barbie?" Damon asked from behind me. I sighed as I turned around to face him.

"It doesn't really matter, does it? Either way, I'm the one with the best shot of getting him to trust me. And you know it's true." I told him as Bonnie walked in and nodded to both of us, then turned and returned to the spare bedroom in the Salvatore house that she was in. I looked at Damon and followed Bonnie into the room and saw everything she needed for the spell, set up. As Damon came in Bonnie began to speak.

"The spell will only last for 7 days before it will bring you back, but time will be different between here and there. Every day here will be a month there, don't rush. My suggestion would be to fake amnesia, and I will try to send you messages when I can." she said, and then pointed at a bench under the window. "There are the clothes that Stefan ferreted out for you." She referred to a light blue dress with sandals. Then she turned to Damon, "Can you grab the bag from down stairs?" He nodded and headed down stairs. Bonnie turns back to me and I saw a depressed look in her eyes. "Are you sure you're able to do this? I can't guarantee that you'll return safely, if at all. And what about Elena?" Bonnie spilled out worriedly.

"I'll be fine, I never would have agreed if I didn't think I could take the risks. And you and I both know Elena would not let me go if she knew what was going on, but she will eventually deal with it. Thank god that Stefan is keeping here distracted at the Grill." I told her, answering her concerns. "I have to do what I can to help. If I can change this, no one else will have to suffer like we have." I sighed, "I need to get dressed."

Bonnie gave me a comforting hug and then left the room, to give me some space. She knew this was hard for me, even if I would never admit it to anyone. Here I was, about to time travel to a world I knew nothing about, to kill a man who had caused me so much pain, and maybe even die doing so. Tyler was gone, and I had no idea if he would ever come back. He saw the picture from Klaus on my bedside table and freaked. He disappeared and I haven't seen him since. Why had I been stupid enough to keep it or the bracelet for that matter? But Klaus deserved to die, after trying to kill me, all of the people I care about, and so many innocent people. I slipped of my jeans and t shirt, and switched it for the blue dress and sandals. Then I noticed voices from down stairs, I was thankful for my heightened scenes that came with being a vampire, and I listened in.

"Do you think Blondie will be successful?" I heard Damon say from the living room.

"She'll give it her all, that's who Caroline is. Even if she thinks she can't, she'll do all that's in her power not to let us down." Bonnie told him, very sure of her answer, "But are you sure your willing to risk losing Elena to finally defeat Klaus?" She asked curiously, "If Caroline does kill him who knows if you'll ever become a vampire."

"Wouldn't have helped if I wasn't." He replied emotionlessly, "We better go cast the spell before Elena comes back." He said and headed up the stairs. I shook my head and sat down, at least they believe in me, but will I really be able to pull it off? Will I actually be able to kill him? I sat down, and soaked in my surroundings, since I wouldn't see it again for a while. Then Bonnie and Damon walked in.

"Ready?" He asked looking me straight in the eyes.

"As ready as I'm ever gonna get." I told him and then I laid down on the bed. Bonnie lit some sort of spice and began chanting in some odd language as she held her hands over my torso. She brought down one hand placing a ring and bracelet on my hand before squeezing it and saying something else. But I could barely hear it before I felt dizzy, everything went dark and the room began to spin. Then I realized what she said.

Good luck, Caroline.

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