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This is what would have happened if Annie had been stopped before she managed to blow up the Old Ones.


Annie looks at the baby in her arms. So innocent, so simple, so tragic. Braving back tears, she tells the infant with more honesty than she's ever mustered, "I love you."

But Mr Snow is quicker as she reaches for the detonator. With a surprising agility so predatory it would better suit a wild cat, he whips forward and grabs Annie, pulling her back.

"No!" she chokes, as Mr Snow's immaculately uncreased sleeve prises the detonator from her fingers. Desperation starts settling in, as Eve clings tighter to her ghostly gaurdian and whimpers. "I've seen the future! I can't let this happen!"

Mr Snow regards her with a half-smile. He says gently, almost sympathetically, into her ear, "I'm afraid you don't have a choice, Annie."

He releases her from his grip, and she sinks to the floor, hugging Eve as tight as she can. Mr Snow wipes down his suit, and slings the bag of explosives over his shoulder. "Now," he addresses the Old One nearest to him. "I believe we've misplaced some of our friends. Would you care to bring them back?"

The Old One nods, and as he and two others leave the warehouse, Mr Snow adds, "Oh, and be sure to mention that if they refuse, this baby will be harmed."

"You can't kill her." Annie murmers savagely, wrapping the squealing baby in her shrug. "She's the War Child."

"I didn't say kill, did I, Annie? I said harm. There are plenty of ways to harm a child without killing it. Which, actually, would be worse than a quick death." Mr Snow replies nonchalantly, settling himself back onto his chair.

"So what'll happen? To Tom and Hal? And Alex?" asks Annie shakily, standing back up. "Once they're brought back?"

Mr Snow grins again, viciously. "Well, dear young Tom will go down the same street as Milo, once the latter decides to return. But they're alike, really. Both survivors. Tom will be fine. As for Hal, well, you told me you saw the future. Where was he in the future, Annie?"

"Hal is..." Annie begins slowly. "Hal becomes their leader."

Mr Snow then simply nods, still smiling. "He will run Britain for me. I won't stay in the long run, you see. Far too dismal here. No, shortly after the metaphorical seeds are planted here, I'll move on. Of course, for you, him running the country means you'll be under the rule of a friend. So not all bad, is it?"

Shouting sounds from outside, and a moment later the Old Ones that left previously returns, dragging a defiant Tom behind him as if he were nothing but an an inanimate object. Hal walks unescorted behind them, as does Alex. There isn't any sign of Milo.

"You may find it inconsequential, Alex, but I think your powers are quite impressive. Considering you've only been dead... what? A day?" Mr Snow says, clasping his hands together. "Very, very impressive."

"They're only impressive 'cos Annie's the one who taught them to me." Alex says steadily.

"Nevertheless, I think you'll be a handy addition when it comes to the protection of the baby," he chuckles. "Well, after earlier's staggeringly pathetic attempt at presenting me with a tribute, this is all a rather welcome surprise. Shame he didn't stay around, that fellow from before. Anybody know of one Mr Cutler's whereabouts?"

Annie puffs her chest. "I killed him."

Mr Snow sighs and throws up his hands, "What a typical pity. Now let's get started," he clicks his fingers at Hal and Tom. "You two, stay with me, no arguments. Annie, Alex, little Eve, you're free to go."

Annie raises her eyebrows. "What? I'm... I'm free? I can go back to the house?"

"I don't think baby Eve would enjoy it here, not at the present time, anyway. And as long as my earlier threat is still valid, I see no reason for you not to return to that B&B of yours," informs Mr Snow softly. Just as Annie's lips tug upwards in pure relief, he adds, "Oh, with a guardian, of course. Don't worry, he has orders not to lay a finger on any of you. No, he'll just be there to... make certain my words don't lose their impact."

Annie opens her mouth, but Mr Snow cuts her off. "No more questions, Annie. There will be plenty of time for that in the months to come. I will send said guardian later. Just remember what will happen if you disobey me until he gets there." nobody moves, and Mr Snow raises an eyebrow. "Come on, Annie. Don't tell me you decide to be still now of all times."

Eve had started to cry halfway through Mr Snow's speech, and her parental instincts taking over, Annie makes a beeline for the exit. She pauses, her hand hovering over the handle, and catches Hal's eye. He nods sadly and gives her a reassuring smile. Annie secures Eve against her chest and takes off from the warehouse. As fast as her legs can carry her, it's amazing how fast one can run when unimpeded by taking breath.

She reaches the B&B, and Alex rentaghosts beside her.

"Sorry I didn't run with you," murmers Alex. "But this is too much. I mean, what are we going to do? They have Hal and Tom, they have that raisin-toothed psychopath for a leader, they're vampires! Shit, Annie, what can we do?"

Annie shifts Eve onto her shoulder and hugs her tight, trying to get rid of the sense of terrified dread stabbing at her thoughts. Because for the first time since George left Eve to her, Annie truly doesn't know.

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