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Stoker Imports and Exports

Mr Snow's plans have escalated. Just a day ago, a few of them went on a killing spree, this time focusing on areas not massively public, but enough so to cause incredible panic. Of course, people had run screaming. A few of them had even had the odd mindset to film it.

"We want to cause doubt," Mr Snow had told the vampires who objected to letting the filmers live. "Of course, the witnesses will claim to have seen savage men with fangs, but the footage will show nothing."

"Why do we want to cause doubt?"

"Humans are their own worst enemy. They shun people whose opinions differ or contradict. It will make things more fun for you."

"What about you, sir?"

"Oh, my fun will come. But not quite yet, I want to let them simmer. Now, can somebody fetch Hal for me, please?"

The B&B

Annie's footsteps seemed to amplify in sound every time she'd ever tried to approach somebody without their knowledge. Now was no exception, as the cautiously opened the door to the kitchen - where Eve's 'guardian' was sitting, casually flicking through the newspaper.

"I think this is the first time I've seen you down here," he tells her, not looking around. "So far it's only been Alex, and I'm sure those trips have only been to use me as dig practice."

"Anything she says... please ignore her. She's just upset about her family, and-"

"It's okay, Annie. She isn't provoking me, if that's what you're worried about. And honestly, I don't blame her." he clears his throat, taking a sip from the steaming mug on a coaster next to the paper. Grimacing, and very deliberately, he adds, "I am horrible at making tea."

Annie's eyebrows raise in a combination of disbelief and nervousness. "Are you an Old One?"

Matthew sighs and turns in his chair, "I'm sure Alex brought up the little fact that 'All Old Ones are bastards' to you, too?" He waited for Annie to nod before continuing. "Yes? Well, firstly, I'm not an Old One."

"You're not? Why did Sno- Mr Snow send you, then?"

"I believe you're familiar with John Mitchell?" Matthew asks tentatively. Annie says nothing, but the look of remorseful pain that crosses her face answers for her. "Then I'm sure you know of his... rather monstrous reputation. See, he didn't get that by being an Old One, he got that by being especially ruthless. He got it by never getting enough of what he did."

Annie turns away, in order to wipe the tear threating to drip down her cheek away from her eye. "Is that what you did, then? Were you ruthless, too?"

Matthew smiles forlornly. "To cut a long story short - I had to to many a terrible thing to be entrusted with the job I have now. Because you are no stranger to what people do in desperate times," he gestures to the front page of the paper, which outlined the possibilities of terrorist involvement in the recent attacks. "And once the vampires are revealed and the cat regarding the War Child is out of the bag, you will need assistance."

"Milo already said so," sobs were threatening to burst their way from Annie's mouth as she spoke. "He came to Alex after we came back to the house."

"Well, then, Milo was right."

Annie then heads back to the door, and as she pushes it open she spits out, "Thanks for all that, but Eve will be completely safe as long as she's with me."

Stoker Imports and Exports

Mr Snow stands over the body, as it falls heavily to the floor. Blood spurts like a geyser onto the floor, as all he did was pierce the skin. The metallic stench of the thick liquid overpowers the air.

"Well?" Mr Snow asks tiredly, regarding the figure standing rigidly in front of him with a suggestive raised eyebrow. "You aren't going to let it go to waste, are you?"

Hal licks his lips, and in desperation finds a patch of grass growing from a crack in the floor behind Mr Snow's chair to focus on. His voice is shaking, "I already told you... I don't want any part in this. Just... just get rid of it. P-please."

"I'm growing tired of this, Hal. You've had your break, but now is the time to come back to work."

Hal stutters, but doesn't say anything else, his fingers stumble with his jacket pocket in an attempt to find the domino. There's always a domino. So where is it?

"Drain her." Mr Snow hisses, losing his patience.

It's as if his words equivalent a switch. Hal drops to his knees and grabs the body, lapping up the blood from her neck with a fierce hiss. The majority of blood is gone from the body in seconds, but Hal's lips don't leave her throat, as they continue to extract every single drop. Eventually, sodden, Hal lets go of the woman's body, gasping in a sudden wave of euphoria.

Mr Snow nods in approvement, and smiles.

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