Hey, so I haven't written anything One Direction related before, so I'm hoping people like this. I am just trying this out, so if you like it, please let me know and I will continue it! Every kind of feedback is appreciated.

He stares at it, twisting it through his fingers, allowing the sunshine flowing into his hotel room to glisten off it and make the gold sparkle even more. He brings it closer and inspects the tiny scratches that cover the surface, put there by years of wear. This beautiful gold ring, filled with so many stories and memories, sitting in his hand, waiting to find its way home again.

He lets out a sigh. The girl who dropped this ring, the most wonderful girl, is out there somewhere. He is determined to find her again.

"Zayn!" Liam is knocking. The knock startles Zayn, and he almost drops his treasure. "It's time to go, man."

"Coming," Zayn says. He places the ring slowly and carefully in his pocket.

I'll find her, he thinks one last time before grabbing his jacket off of the chair and abandoning the room once more for another interview with the boys.