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Chapter 1: HOME

"Hey, Izzy. Pretty lady."

Good god, it's only been one day. My flight had just gotten in last night and I already had the idiot, Mike Newton, heavy breathing in my ear. I leaned closer into my laptop to get away from him. Honestly, all I wanted was a hot cup of coffee and some free Wi-Fi. I must have forgotten that Forks is the land that time forgot and the diner would definitely not have the internet connection that I craved. It would have a random selection of idiots parading interrupting my attempt at relaxing and regrouping. Mike Newton being the most random and idiotic of them all inhabiting the diner this day.

At least the coffee was strong. I was grumpy after getting no sleep the night before. It was so quiet in the little room at my father's house, a little room that hadn't changed a bit, since I ran away from Forks after graduation. I needed the sounds of beeping taxis, deafening sirens, and drunks yelling outside of my apartment to lull me to sleep. I also needed the members of New Kids on the Block to stop with their penetrating boy band stares. It was creepy and made me severely question my early musical taste. I had a feeling that since I moved back I would never get a restful night's sleep again. To make matters worse, Mike Newton was practically sitting in my lap, yammering away at something I wasn't paying attention to. "It will be simple, Izzy. Lots of balls. You know soccer, basketball, base…"

What? Balls? I had an intense desire to kick Michael in the balls and send him on his way. Thanks for the inspiration there, Mikey. Of course, Mike would figure that to be a come on. He was WAY too close. Mike reeked of Stetson cologne. I felt a small amount of pity for Mike, balding with a rounded beer belly and wearing a track suit. Time had not been kind. Make that a very small amount of pity, because he was annoying as hell.

He kept talking, "When the Chief said you were coming home, it was like fate. Newton's Sporting Goods needs a professional flyer and the two of us needed to reconnect."

"Listen, Mike. I will be happy to help your parents with the…"

Mike, obviously never learned about personal space, because just like in high school he wouldn't leave me alone. Mike stuck a finger to my lips and leered at me, "Shh…Izzy."

Before I got a chance to pour my coffee over his head, a twinkling voice interrupted, "Bella! Bella! Bella! I missed you! I need hugs!"

Sprightly Alice, my former best friend, bounded in and shoved Mike out of her way. For someone so petite, I had forgotten how freakishly strong she was. Alice then grabbed me into a hug that was so tight that I gasped for breath. It had been years since I had seen her, but she still acted like me had just hung out at the bleachers at our school the day before.

"My best friend is back! I missed you so very much!" She stepped back and held my shoulders to get a good look.

"Wait...I...need to talk to..." Mike tried to tell Alice. The small woman just pushed him hard.

"Mike, get out of here. That guy cannot take a hint, Bella! He hasn't changed a bi, since high school. Look at you, finally listening to my advice. Those are some nice curves," she remarked appreciatively. She took in my fitted black V-neck sweater and charcoal pants, and then smiled. She proceeded to pull the back of my sweater to inspect the label. "Banana Republic is a pretty good choice. However, now that you're back, I'm getting you into some designer clothes."

I laughed looking at her tight yellow dress. "That would be very unnecessary. Thanks anyway. Also, don't you think your dress is a little much for Forks?"

"L.A.M.B., baby."

"Ahh, I don't know about crazy Al at the gas station, but Gwen Stefani would approve," I said.

"Bella, she would LOVE it. I make her stuff look good." She began to fluff her dark, pixie hair.

Mike grabbed my arm. "Umm…Izzy…we were discussing…"

Alice shot him a dirty look. "Get out of here, Mike. Wedding plans must be discussed. Does Jasper need to help you?"

I had made myself forgot about Alice's event of the century. I had more on my mind to read her countless emails concerning the subject. I heard incoherent sounds next to Alice and finally noticed Alice's companion. Jasper, Alice's fiancé, stood behind her stoically. I wasn't surprised that I didn't see him. Hurricane Alice dwarfed all that was around her. Jasper stepped up to Mike and mumbled something that I couldn't catch. Mike held up his hands and backed away.

Jasper then looked at me, shaking his blond curls, and mumbled again.

"What?" I asked.

"Hi-uh…I…uh…umm…uh, Bell…uh."

"Hey there, Jasper." Oh no. He was still doing the unintelligible accent. Jasper had this incoherent southern accent that was impossible to understand. The funny thing was, Jasper and his sister, Rosalie had been born and raised in Forks. I was pretty sure that they had never crossed the Mason-Dixon Line. It was going to be a long afternoon.

Alice pulled me back into my seat, sat next to me and asked, "Bella, why did he call you Izzy? Oh never mind, he was wearing velour. He's so not important. What is important is that you are now my Maid of Honor! Congratulations!"

"Wait a second here, that's Rosalie's job!" I looked at Jasper for help. I wanted the least possible to do for the wedding. I was planning on getting drunk, getting stuffed into a hideous couture dress and trying to stand upright next to Alice without out having a sneezing fit from the evil flowers she had chosen for the bouquet.

Jasper mumbled, "I…uh huh ...jknngknfgfgnfkgnfkngknjnj."

"What?" I asked. I couldn't understand a damn thing coming out of his mouth. This was frustrating.

Jasper replied with absolutely no accent, "Emmett and Rosie broke up. Alice is mad at Rosie. She was fired. You've been moved up to the number one position."

Why couldn't he always talk like that?

"Listen, Alice. I love you. But it's one thing being a bridesmaid. Being a Maid of Honor takes a lot of work. I have so much to do with moving into the apartment and setting up my design business. I just don't want to let you down."

"You won't! We'll help you with everything! Right, Jazzy?" Alice stated doing her excited twitching.

"Uh huh, darlin'," Jasper replied. Oh joy. The accent's back.

"I guess. If I have to," I finally relented unenthusiastically, as Alice nearly knocked me over with a bear hug.

She flashed me a grin and started her excited wiggling again. "Great! It all starts tonight at the engagement party Emmett is throwing for us at the new club in Forks, you know, at the Cannery? We'll pick you up promptly at nine. Then tomorrow night, dinner at my parent's house. Esme and Carlisle miss you so much! You and Edward have so much to discuss."

"Excuse me, Edward?" I asked with an edge to my voice.

"Of course, you silly girl, he's the best man and you two need to coordinate! Do you still have a crush on him? I always thought the two of you would be perfect together! We could be sisters! Oh fun!" She was so excited by this thought she started bouncing in her chair. She appeared to be having a seizure, but that was just her excited movements. Jasper was smirking next to her.

"No," I said. "Simmer down there, lady. No crushes for this girl. I am planning for flying solo for a while. I've been over that nonsense about your brother for years."

Just the mere mention of him reminded me of his green eyes, wild copper hair, and beautiful face. I just rolled my eyes. If I wasn't running away from Baltimore, Edward Cullen would have made me run to the airport and take the next flight back to Charm City.