Sara/Greg one-shot inspired by the song 'Find a Way' by Safetysuit- italics are lyrics.

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Change this Atmosphere

She stopped sobbing in his arms and the air stilled in the room surrounding them, the atmosphere weighed heavy on their chests like clouds in stormy skies. Her eyes sought his- sought some sense of stability. Her gaze travelled to his lips, her own quivering in response.

She could almost taste him- the coffee, the dark chocolate, the flavour that was unique to him. It seemed to settle on her tongue before their lips had even met.

The thought terrifying her, as his breath collided with her skin, as his eyes washed over her sending shivers to her core. He was looking through her, he was looking into her. To the very depths of her soul. To the doubts and secrets she had longed to hide.

Glinting in the dim light was the gold of her wedding ring, standing definitely against her skin for why it would be oh so wrong. But from the look in his hazel eyes she could tell- he wanted to be wrong. He wanted to do the things that were clearly playing out in both their minds.

Hold on, what's the rush, what's the rush we're not done are we
Cause I don't need to change this atmosphere we've made if
You can stay one more hour, can you stay one more hour

"I should go..." The words appeared into the air and even though it had simply been seconds she realised she could barely remember saying them.

"Stay..." He whispered to her- and it was as if he could tell what it was she really wanted. "...What's the rush?"

"No rush..." She replied realising that there was no one at home, there was no one waiting for her but an empty house and the sound of silence.

His hand found the curve of her hip stroking it suggestively, gently even but soon his finger tips had snaked under her shirt following the arch of her back slowly.

"Greg..." His name settled on her lips like perfection and he couldn't tell if she wanted him to continue or if she was begging him to stop...

Hold on, I'll be here when it's all done you know
Cause what's the point in chasing if I can't enjoy your face and
We can't be wrong tonight, can we be wrong tonight

"I want bad..." He muttered into her ear, the words making her shake with anticipation as she lost her balance collapsing into his arms. She was almost straddling him- giving him a glimpse of what could happen; her legs curled up either side of his.

"I know..." She replied as she sat in his lap, her back arching into him, her hands on his shoulders to brace herself.

"I wouldn't ever let you go..." His voice was husky and thick with desire, every cigarette he had ever smoked almost undeniable in the low growls that seemed to escape his lips. His hands hand settled on her hips, his fingers slowly inching upwards.

"I know...but we can't..." She whispered back but showed no signs of stopping him as he cupped her breasts giving them a squeeze.

She titled her head back, her eyes closed, her lips parted and the delicate skin of her neck on display. She involuntarily rocked her hips against him, the friction causing her stomach acids to fight against her.

He felt sudden blood rush, convinced by the lust. But it didn't faze her as he pulled her down against his...

You know I'm going to find a way to let you have your way with me
You know I'm going to find a time to catch your hand and make you stay
I don't care what clothes you wear, it's time to love and I don't care
You know I'm going to find a way to let you have your way with me

"Greg..." She gasped at the feeling of being pressed up against him but made no move to leave, her words contradicting everything she was doing. "...I should really go..."

"You should..." He uttered through gritted teeth.

"Uh-huh" She rocked her hips against him again, rubbing herself over him at a burningly slow pace.

"" He expired as his hand slide underneath her bra pinching her nipple while the other hand cupped her ass helping her movements against him...

Sara rotated her hips in small circles against him, her breathing coming in small pants as she focused on nothing but the feeling.

"Sara..." He groaned erotically to her, taking her ear lobe between his teeth. "Don't stop..."

And she didn't with all intentions of driving him wild she changed her pace and actions moving skilfully over him.

And if I was running, you'd be the one who I would be running to
And if I was crying, you would be lining the cloud that would pull me through
And if I was scared, then I would be glad to tell you and walk away
But I am not lying, I am just trying to find my way in to you

Sara collapsed in his arms, her head resting on her shoulder as she took ragged breathes her body throbbing. She clung to his shoulders crinkling his shirt beneath her hands, holding onto him as if he were a source of oxygen. He rubbed her back muttering into her ear, his hands still underneath her top...

"Sara...if you ever want to talk know you can come over any time..." He told her breathlessly.

"I know..." She nodded pulling back, studying him with dark eyes. She brushed her hand across his cheek delicately as if she was expecting him to change- for this moment to be different. But there was no transformation- he remained in front of her with tired eyes surveying her with concern.

"I'd like more with you." She whispered shyly, her eyes focus on her hands she fiddled with one of the buttons on his shirt.

"Me too" He tucked her hair behind her ear. She nodded in appreciation at his effort and pulled herself to her feet.

She made her way towards the door, her eyes focused on the ground out of indignity. Even though she hadn't removed a single item of clothing she realised that she had never felt so exposed.

"Sara..." his voice came weakly from behind her- he had not move from his spot on the sofa watching her leave; his heart breaking at the thought of her disappearing into nothingness.

"Yes?" She asked forcing herself to meet his eye.

"I meant what I said...I would never let go of you...if you gave me a chance..." He seemed to be pleading with her to see his worth- to really see him.

"That's what I'm afraid of..." She shivered slightly clasping her hands together, before she began twisting her ring around her finger. "...I'll break your heart Greg..."

"...And I'll let you..." He shrugged showing little regard for himself. "...I just want you to know that I'll be waiting for you Sara..."

If I was running
If I was crying
If I was scared
You know I'm going to find a way to let you have your way with me

The End