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The next day, Tintin woke up, dressed up, and met a very sleepy-eyed Captain in the breakfast area of the hotel. Being the earlier hour of seven o'clock, not many other hotel guests sat in that area. Tintin sat across from the Captain and offered Snowy a breakfast sausage.

"Good morning, Captain."


"What do you plan to do today?"








Tintin reached across the table and waved his hand back and forth in front of the Captain's face. Upon receiving no reaction, Tintin sighed and looked at Snowy at his feet. Snowy only whined, exasperatedly. Finally Tintin reached across and flicked the Captain's nose.

"Gah!" he yelled, earning a glance from one or two passerby.

"Captain, what do plan to do today?" Tintin asked immediately. The Captain looked at him oddly.

"I'm gonna relax, of course lad!" he replied.

"Well, what about Eleanor?" Tintin asked.

"What about the lass?" Now Tintin gave him a strange glance.

"Aren't we going to work on this mystery a bit more?"

"Laddie, we came here for a holiday," said the Captain.

"But what about Eleanor?"

"What about the lass?" Tintin rubbed his head. This seemed so much easier last night when Eleanor was around.

"Captain, we need to help Eleanor. I know we came for holiday, but we can't just leave her like this."

"Like what?"

"Captain, do you remember anything about last night? When we discussed the trap?" Tintin whispered.

"Oh, right. Well... I suppose we should keep an eye on the lass then?"

"Of course, we should make sure she made well through the night."

"The lass is probably at work now, laddie." Tintin considered this.

"You're probably right. Well, I don't really intend to go on a walk with her again, I just want to check up on her."

"Perhaps you could visit her, then?"

"I suppose so. I'll do that right now. I'll see you later, Captain."




Tintin shook his head as he left, Snowy at his side.

Before long, Tintin had made it to the Chemical Works in the steam and pipe forest and was before a once again very busy Eleanor.

"Hello, Eleanor," he said cheerfully. Her pleasant face looked up.

"Oh, hello! What brings you here?"

"I just came to see how-" suddenly Tintin got cut off.

"Hey, Elly!"

"Oh, hello, Amber, Jean, Nattie," Eleanor greeted the three girls walking up.

"Hey, Elly, who's this?" the one Eleanor called Amber asked, pointing to Tintin.

"That's Tintin, he's a friend of mine."

The girls seemed to form a triangle around him, leaving Eleanor out. Tintin stuck his hand out to shake, only to start in surprise when the girl with crimson hair slapped his palm instead of shaking.

"Hey," she greeted casually.

"Um, hello."

"I'm Amber." Tintin nodded at her slowly.

The girl with black hair slapped his hand next.

"I'm Jean."

Then the sandy-blonde.


Tintin absently rubbed his now slightly stinging hand.

"So, whatchya doin' with Elly?" asked Amber.

"Er, I was just checking up on her," Tintin replied. Jean snorted.

"Why does Eleanor need checking?" she asked.

"Never mind girls!" Eleanor called. All three girls gave Tintin a rather suspicious look. He blinked.

"Okay, we're going to Section C now," said Nattie.

"Alright then," Eleanor replied.


"See ya, Tintin." The three girls retreated. A moment after they were out of sight, Tintin turned to Eleanor.

"Erm, Eleanor, did I … do something wrong?" Tintin asked.

"Wrong? With what?"

"To your friends?"

"What do you mean?" Eleanor asked, adjusting her glasses with her small finger because her wrench was in hand.

"They slapped my hand instead of shaking."

"Oh," Eleanor chuckled. "That was called a 'high-five'. Its a very casual way of greeting."

"You're sure?"

"Of course. They do it to me all the time."

"You Americans certainly have your own way of doing things," Tintin commented.

Eleanor adjusted her glasses. "Indeed, we do."

Tintin shrugged. "Anyway, I came to see how you were faring. Did you make the night alright?" he asked, a little concern edging his tone. Eleanor only smiled brighter.

"Oh yes, very quiet last night. I think we were right in they are planning a trap-" Eleanor involuntarily shivered at the thought. The whole concept seemed to put her on edge. "How about you? Did you have a peaceful night?"

"Well... aside from the Captain snoring, it was rather quiet," said Tintin jokingly. Eleanor's shoulders shook a little as she chuckled. Suddenly, Amber and Nattie came running back up from the path they had left.

"Elly! Come quick!" said Amber, putting her hands on her knees and panting a bit.


"Major pressure problems in Section 'C'! The whole thing could blow!" Amber shouted.

"Jean is doing her best to stabilize. We need a gear expert!" added Nattie.

Eleanor quickly adjusted her glasses and tightened her grip on her trusty wrench before running off with Amber and Nattie following close behind.

Tintin hesitated, then ran off after them into the cloud of steam. He didn't really know what was going on, but whatever it was, he could probably be of some assistance. After a ways he stopped when he saw Eleanor climbing a ladder, with Nattie and Amber watching from below.

"What's happening?" he asked them.

"There is something blocking one of the pipes up there, that or the gears that control the chemicals flowing through the pipes are jammed. That could cause the whole section to explode, not to mention the control gears and all other gears around it could fly out from impact," explained Nattie, pointing up the ladder with a risen eyebrow. Why did this guy really care what was going on here?

"This could be dangerous then?" Tintin asked, looking up the ladder.

"You kidding? Eleanor and Jean could become a permanent addition to the platforms up there! If the platforms survive the explosion," said Amber, crossing her arms. A few passing workers stopped and watched as steam leaked out from some pipes overhead and they rattled as if they were in an earthquake.

Tintin stumbled as the platform beneath him shook. Nattie and Amber easily counter swayed it.

"It looks like an explosion can affect more than just that platform up there!" said Amber, nervously. After a moment's consideration, Tintin ran forward and began climbing up the ladder.


"What are you thinking?" shouted Amber and Nattie as Tintin raced to find Eleanor. His head just appeared above the upper platform as Eleanor and Jean were inspecting nearby pipes. Jean was nearest to a panel that held certain valves.

"Eleanor, the gears are about twenty yards that way," started Jean, pointing down a pathway connected to the platform they were standing on. "They need to be fixed while this valve stays loose!"

"Okay, Jean, I'll run to the gears, you keep that valve loose!"

"Eleanor, are you crazy?"

"You are stronger than me, and I have more experience with gears!" Eleanor yelled above the rattling, adjusting her glasses.


"Just tell me how long I have before an explosion!"

Tintin finally made it to the top of the ladder, unnoticed by Eleanor and Jean who had their back to him.

"I'd say about ten minutes!" replied Jean. A rather large bang was heard and more steam leaked nearby. "Make that two," Jean corrected herself.

"Okay, I'll go as fast as I can! Keep it loose!" Eleanor was already running, wrench in hand as she said this.

"I'll try."

"Jean! Eleanor! How can I help?" Tintin yelled, making his presence noticed by only Jean. Jean turned slightly as she tried to keep a shaking valve steady with her bare hands.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to help!"

"Get lost!"


Tintin got cut short when a very strong puff of steam flew out of a pipe and sprayed Jean's eye. She shrieked and instinctively grabbed her eye with both hands, causing the loose valve to suddenly turn and become tight.

"Oh no!" Jean yelled. She tried to work the valve, but only managed to slightly blister her hands to add to the pain of her now red and half closed eye.

"Eleanor! Get out of there!" Jean screamed before retreating down the ladder. The rattling of the pipes all around droned her out, leaving no hope of Eleanor hearing her. Tintin ran forward and seized the valve, trying to turn it loose again. After a few pulls, he grabbed it with both hands and jerked, grunting as he did. The valve finally gave in and turned. Tintin, with some difficulty, held it steady. Amber looked up at Tintin from the base of the ladder.

"Tintin, what the heck are ya doin'?" she shouted, cupping her hands around her mouth.

"This valve needs to stay loose!" he yelled back.

"Tell Elly to get out of there!"

"Jean! I'm done! You can let go!" yelled Eleanor, running back to see Tintin holding the valve. The rattling around and steam leaking out all slowed to a stop. Tintin let go of the valve, now loose on its own. Eleanor adjusted her glasses and blinked at Tintin in wonder.

"When... What... How-?" she started three times.

"I just wanted to see if I could help, so I followed you. Jean couldn't hold it, so..." Tintin trailed off, gesturing to the valve he had been holding. Eleanor nodded.

"Thank you. I..."

"Hey! Elly and Tin-can! Come on down!" shouted Amber. Tintin just rose an eyebrow at Amber's nickname for him and started down the ladder with Eleanor. When both Eleanor and Tintin were in full view, they found themselves surrounded by a small crowd of applauding and cheering workers. Eleanor and Tintin just looked at each other in surprise.

Suddenly the manager shoved his way through the crowd.

"Okay, what happened here, people?" he asked, clipboard in hand.

"Pressure and gear trouble!" some one called out.

"So that means-" started the manager.

"Gear blockage!"

"How did that happen?" asked the manager. One rather rough looking man that seemed vaguely familiar to Tintin and Eleanor rose his hand.

"I saw it all, sir!" he called. "That girl, the bespectacled one, shoved a screwdriver into the gears!" Everyone gasped in surprise as the man pointed to Eleanor. Suddenly, all three; Jean Nattie, and Amber all stood in front of Eleanor.

"That's not true!" yelled Jean.

"You calling me a liar?" the man challenged. Amber crossed her arms.

"That's about the size of it pal."

"How dare you!" the man shouted. Nattie narrowed her eyes.

"Wanna do something about it?" she asked.

"Ladies, sir, please," interjected the manager.

"I saw it all-"

"You are such a-"

"Please, people!"

Finally Tintin stepped forward.

"If I may," he said as all eyes turned to him. "I do believe you are mistaken, sir. I was with Eleanor all morning. She never went near this area. I have those ladies to support my argument," Tintin gestured to the three girls in front of Eleanor, who had blanched.

"You calling me a-" started the man.

"Look, we'll sort this out later. Though I do doubt that it was Eleanor that blocked the gears. Who repaired the damage?" asked the manager.

"That would be those two," someone else pointed to Tintin and Eleanor once the trio of girls moved. The manager rose his eyebrows.

"Well then," he said, after a moment. "I don't see why Eleanor would jam up the gears only to risk her life to fix it. Along with this young man here..." the manager turned to Tintin. "Who is this?"

"This is Tintin, a friend of mine. He was just visiting me, and when Nattie and Amber told me there was a problem, he followed to see if he could help," Eleanor explained quietly.

"That's right! He kept a valve loose so the pressure wouldn't build up as much. I tried to keep it loose, but I couldn't hold it, so he took over. Those pipes would've blown and take out Eleanor without him," Jean added.

"Quite the pair of heroes," someone muttered matter-of-factly. The manager nodded.

"Alright... everyone back to work... we've resolved this," said the manager, turning around to continue his work. Eleanor adjusted her glasses.

"Well, thanks so much for your help Tintin," she said, a bit awkwardly when everyone else had returned to work.

"Only returning the favor. You did save my life first you know," Tintin reminded with a smile. Eleanor blushed and adjusted her glasses.

"Thank you, also, for checking up on me. I really appreciate it," she added.

"Certainly. Well, now I see you are alright I'll take my leave. Perhaps after work I could walk you to the hotel? I think we should discuss this when you have the time," said Tintin. Eleanor smiled, more pleasantly.

"I'd like that. I'll see you at closing time," she said, switching her wrench to her left hand and sticking out her right to shake.

"Very well, good bye."

Tintin left Eleanor and started down the pathway full of steam. Before long he caught sight of a silhouette of a man, and upon getting closer he noticed it was the man who accused Eleanor of jamming the gears. His eyes widened and quietly followed him to the exit, where he saw the man strike up a conversation with another slightly portly man that was well dressed. He gasped silently.

The other portly man was Reginald. That accusation had been a trap.

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