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Incident at the Forever Blue

Takeshi had insisted on taking him to the Forever Blue, a little bar on the outskirts of Osaka, one night in November.

That was his boyfriend for you. Takeshi made a habit of taking Saguru to bars for their dates. That way, even if he didn't find someone new to leave with, he could still take Saguru home to bed.

Takeshi was busy flirting with a guy in leather pants, so Saguru made himself comfortable on a barstool.

"Irish Car Bomb, please," he sighed, watching his boyfriend stick his tongue down leather pant boy's throat.

He silently asked himself for what had to be the thousandth time why he was dating that sleazeball.

Because he was lonely and no one else seemed interested. Well…no one better, anyway. He had the bad fortune to only attract abusive opportunists.

"Another, please," he mumbled once he'd finished the first.

He glanced over his shoulder, checking Takeshi's location.

Still with Mr. Leather Pants. Dear, sweet Mother Mary, please get a room.

"And a Screwdriver as well. Thank you."

And then a fight broke out. What a classy establishment his boyfriend had taken him to.

Saguru got up to leave just as the fight sent a brunette flying into him, knocking Hakuba to the floor beneath the other man.

"Are you quite alright?" Saguru asked with a groan.

"Y-Yeah," the smaller male replied, hissing in pain under his breath. "Thanks. Listen I'm really sorry. Guess I was standing in the wrong place when the fight broke out. I'll buy you a drink to…" He looked up and froze.

Saguru blinked as a set of violet eyes met his. "Kuroba?" he whispered. He hadn't thought that he was that drunk yet. Usually his lost love didn't show up and start talking to him until drink number five or six.

But this one looked different from the usual magician-thief. This Kaito looked older (though, not by much) than the one Saguru always saw.

"Hakuba?" the brunette breathed in disbelief. "Geez, it's been forever! How are you?"

"Uh…fine…I guess. A little uncomfortable; you're straddling me." Saguru gulped, afraid that if Kaito remained seated on his lap much longer, he'd notice Hakuba's little problem.

"Oh! Sorry!" Kuroba laughed sheepishly as he got to his feet and helped his former rival up. "You got even taller."

Hakuba chuckled as the noticeably shorter brunette blinked up at him. "And you didn't. How have you been?"

Kaito shrugged and motioned for Saguru to sit down on the barstool the former detective had just vacated. "I can't complain. Some good stuff happened. Some bad stuff happened. I'm happy. Are you happy?" his handsome companion sang with a smile.

Saguru's lips twitched, and he tried to make it look like more of a grin than a grimace. "I'm…" He caught sight of Takeshi and Leather Pants still going at it and sighed. "I'm happy for you, Kuroba. My life sucks."

Kaito blinked thrice, and it was the most adorable thing.

"That's my boyfriend." Saguru pointed him out. "The one that looks like a Pit-bull; not the one in leather."

"Does he know you're here?" Kuroba exclaimed, making a face as Takeshi stuck his hand down the leather pants.

"Oh, yes. He brought me here. We're on a date," the blonde sighed.

"Hakuba, why are you even with that jerk?" Kaito growled, giving Takeshi the evil eye.

Saguru shrugged. "You know, I ask myself that question every day, and so far my answer has been that it's better than being alone."

"But you could do better than him," Kaito insisted, getting angry for the former detective's sake. It was heart-warming—touching, really.

"Correction, I could do worse than him." Saguru downed the rest of his Screwdriver. "I don't know why, but I only attract the wrong kind of men. I guess there's just something about me that screams, 'Please walk all over me! Use me and lose me; I don't mind!'"


"Don't worry about it. It was like that in England too. I actually came back to Japan last year to try to turn my life around, but…I thought a change of setting would help, but so far it's been the same old problems one after another. I was really hoping against all hope that Prince Charming would come and save me, but…" He glanced back at his boyfriend and sighed again. "…Prince Charming sure is taking his sweet time. So…how are things with Aoko-kun? Are you two engaged yet? Married with kids?"

Kaito laughed heartily and ordered a Bailey's with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. "Thankfully, no. We broke up a year or two ago. We started going out after I retired, and it was seriously one of the best experiences of my life. We'd fight like cats and dogs and then make up like wild animals. She always made me feel like I was being burned alive from the inside out. It was a scalding experience…really intense…really passionate, but…it wasn't the kind of relationship where you settled down and raised a family together, and that was what we both wanted, so…we broke up. We're still friends, though. We hang out, and we used to hook up from time to time until we started seeing the people we're with now, but…I'm really glad it happened."

"You're seeing someone now?" Saguru tried not to let the disappointment show on his face. Of course Kuroba was seeing someone. He was a hot commodity after all.

"Yeah. I'm actually in Osaka with them visiting their friend." Kaito craned his neck, searching the bar. "Ah. Over there in the corner. You see the guy who could be my brother?"

"The one making eyes at that tan-skinned man? Isn't that Hattori Heiji? I've worked with him before." Saguru blinked. "Sorry. Yes, I see him. Which one of the women next to him is your girlfriend?"

Kaito giggled. "He is my girlfriend. That's Kudo Shinichi."

Hakuba nearly fell over. At least he was drunk enough to use inebriation as an excuse. "You're dating Kudo Shinichi who's making eyes at Hattori Heiji?" He mentally added, "Since when do you like men?"

"Yep. They're in love." The brunette smiled fondly at the pair of private detectives. "Shinichi's reluctant to act on his feelings out of consideration for me, and Heiji's still unsure of whether or not to give up hope on a relationship with his childhood friend. I really wish they'd just sleep together already. It's going to happen regardless, so why not sooner, rather than later?"

"You're…not very emotionally attached to Kudo-san?" Saguru blinked. Well.

Kaito shrugged. "We were really into each other while we were taking down a crime syndicate together, but then we won and they found a cure for…well, this really rare disease he had. He went back to his girlfriend, but at that point he'd already been away for a few years, and things really blew up in the biggest way possible, but I was with Aoko at the time. Once that fell through, Shinichi and I ended up together, and we've kind of been coasting ever since. I like the guy just fine, but…he was more exciting when he wore glasses. Too bad we couldn't be together then; it would have been mind-blowing."

"So…what will you do when Hattori-kun and Kudo-san end up together?" Saguru inquired, trying to be the least invasive possible.

"One more, please." Kaito chuckled, shrugging his shoulders again. "I'm forming a contingency plan as we speak, Tantei-san."

"I'm not a detective anymore," Saguru sighed, a nostalgic smile unfolding upon his lips. "At least…I'm not a private detective anymore. I work for Division One in Yokohama."

Kaito smirked. "Oh, reeeeally? What are you doing in Osaka, then?"

"Takeshi and I are taking a trip together."

They both looked back at the Pitt-bull and his conquest of the evening. Yep. Still going at it.

Kaito was impressed by their stamina.

"You really need to lose that guy, Hakuba. He's dumpster goo," Kuroba snorted.

"Beggars can't be choosers," Saguru sighed, praying to all those listening for his knight in shining armor to show up soon. He'd even take one with rusty armor. He was a little beyond desperate at that point. "He's what I can get, and until something better comes along…"

"You know, I saw this movie once where it said that changing your life isn't about changing your location; it's about changing the way you see things. At least, that's what I think it said. It was a long time ago, and the movie was in Spanish, and my Spanish is only so-so, but… Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that as long as you keep thinking that you're only able to attract the bottom feeders, you're only going to get those kinds of guys. Believe that you can do better, and you'll be surprised at how fast things turn around for you. I've changed my life several times, and I've seen others do it too. All you have to do is change your frame of mind."

Saguru nodded, and swallowed hard. "A-And…how do I do that?"

"You just do it. Just start thinking positive thoughts, like 'I'm an attractive person,' 'People like me,' 'People want to get to know me better,' and 'I can attract people who love me and treat me well.' Start thinking stuff like that, and then you'll eventually start believing it. What's even better, other people will start believing it too."

"Did you study psychology at university, or something?"

"I did." Kaito smirked. "You know, I bet you'll never guess what I do for a living."

"What do you do?" Saguru inquired.

"Guess!" the imp urged.

"I suppose you're not a professional magician. I would have heard of you, if you were. After all, you were an amazing performer back when I knew you," the cop puzzled it out.

"I haven't changed much," Kaito chuckled. "You're correct. I'm not a professional magician, but I do do shows for hospitals and nursing homes every other weekend. Continue."

"You wouldn't happen to be a consultant for companies that do security, would you? I have a feeling you'd be good at that," Hakuba chuckled dryly.

Kaito got a good laugh out of that. "Oh, no. That would be good, though. No, my job is even more ironic."

"There's nothing more ironic than the Kaitou Kid working to secure homes and businesses from break-ins," Saguru snorted.

"Oh, I can think of one thing, and that's what I do." Kuroba smirked, and it was that grin that Hakuba remembered so well from his days working with the taskforce.

"I give up. What do you do?"

Kaito looked as pleased as a cat with a saucer of cream as he dug a police badge out of his pocket.

Saguru had to catch himself to keep from falling off of his barstool. "No way."

"Officer Kuroba of Division Two." His grin was bursting with pride.

"You're not serious."

"I'm completely serious!" Kaito chortled. "What do you think my old friends on the taskforce would do if they ever found out who their beloved little junior officer used to be?"

"So you admit it, then!" Hakuba shouted in triumph. "I knew it! I always knew it, but no one believed me after you discredited me over and over again with your alibis and tricks! Finally you admit it!"

"I admit to being Officer Kuroba Kaito of Division Two," Kaito replied levelly, a small smile still in place on his lips. "That's my true identity, but I will say this much:" He leaned in close and whispered into Saguru's ear. "You were right. They should have listened to you, Tantei-san~"

"May I ask you why? You said that it was my job to figure it out myself, but…I never figured it out, and now I'm afraid the trail's gone cold." Hakuba hesitantly met Kaito's steady gaze. "I mean…I read a little about your—along with Kid, Kudo, and Edogawa's—involvement in the take down of a very large crime syndicate a year or two after I left, but…"

"Sure. I'm drunk, and you're cute, so why not?" Kaito chuckled, making Hakuba's cheeks flush. "My father was murdered by some syndicate members who were looking for this gemstone hidden inside of another jewel. The inner stone, Pandora, was said to cry tears of immortality under certain conditions, but you could only see Pandora inside of the other gem if you held it up to the moon. I found Pandora, smashed it to pieces, and defeated the crime syndicate with the help of Shinichi and his gang. That's your answer. Thank you; come again!"

Saguru blinked. "That's utterly preposterous, but things make a lot more sense now. It really existed?"

"Yep, but now it doesn't. Don't think too hard about it, Hakuba."

Saguru nodded and ordered another drink. He bought one for Kaito as well.

They sat in silence, sipping at their beverages for a while until Kuroba burst into a fit of laughter. They continued their intoxicated conversation after the giggles died down.

"I was thinking about you the other day, you know," Kaito told him with a hiccup. "I always felt bad that you had to leave because of me."

"That wasn't your fault," Hakuba tried to assure him. "You did your best to defend me. It was those homophobic jerks and my own inability to take it that made me leave. I was always really grateful to you. Even when people started accusing you of being gay too, you never backed down. I remember one time when they were throwing things at me, you stepped in front of me and said that it wasn't a matter of being gay or not, it was a question of being a decent human being. You said that decent human beings didn't treat people that way. It hurt so much hearing you say that because it made me love you even more than I had ever thought possible. And yet, I knew you would never love me, even though all I wanted to do was throw my arms around you and kiss y—"

Saguru was surprised to find his lips being crushed beneath Kaito's.

This is a dream, he thought as he closed his eyes and savored the feeling of Kaito's lips and tongue and breath. He tried to ignore the overwhelming taste of alcohol that was probably the catalyst to the Division Two officer's actions.

Just enjoy the dream, he thought until Kuroba pulled back.

Saguru blinked, mind still hazy.

"Do you still love me, Hakuba?" Kaito asked, voice giving no hint as to the amount of alcohol he had consumed.

"Y-Yes," Saguru confessed. "I never stopped thinking of you, loving you."

His cheeks went up in flames (part of which was probably due to the number of beverages in which he had partaken).

"Then go out with me," Kaito proposed.

Hakuba blinked a few more times, begging the room to stop spinning. "But…we both have boyfriends."

Kaito rolled his eyes and pointed to Shinichi and Heiji trying to swallow each other's tongues in the corner. He then indicated Takeshi who had moved on to a new playmate—also wearing leather pants. Huh.

"Go out with me," Kaito urged again.

"I…I don't…we're both drunk. We shouldn't be—"

Kaito cut him off with a kiss. "Go out with me, Saguru," he commanded a third time.

The blonde melted. "O-Okay."

Kaito pinched Takeshi's phone and erased Saguru's information before carefully putting it back from whence it came.

They then quickly dropped by the opposite corner where the great detectives were still sucking on each other's tonsils.

"Shinichi, I found someone else, so I'm breaking up with you," he informed the other fair-skinned brunette. "Congrats, by the way. It took you two long enough to get together. I'll text ya later."

And then the former rivals were off in a taxi to the New Miyako hotel by Kyoto Station, twenty minutes away without the bustling traffic of the daylight hours to slow them down.

The next morning, Hakuba had a splitting headache, but he still clearly remembered the events of the previous night.

He lay awake for an hour or two, trying not to move, least he wake his bedmate. Saguru remembered everything—every touch, kiss, sigh, and oath of eternal love—but what if Kaito didn't?

He silently beat himself up. He knew better than to start a relationship with someone when one or more parties were inebriated, so why had he gone and done it anyway?

Because it was Kaito, the man he had been in love with for half a decade.

And now all he could do was pray that it had really been Kaito and not the Bailey's talking last night when the brunette had asked him out.

A little sigh was the only warning Hakuba got before Kaito's gorgeous purple eyes flickered open. Lord, they were even prettier than he remembered in the rays of sunlight drifting in through the windows.

Kaito blinked and then smiled, giving Saguru's lips a little peck. "Morning. How ya feeling?"

"Absobloodylutely fantastic," Saguru chuckled, affectionately nuzzling his boyfriend's hair.

"Really?" Kaito laughed. "Not sore or anything? No hangover?"

"The pain doesn't matter when I've got you."

The brunette snorted. "What is this? A shoujo manga? Where do you get your corny lines from? I love them." He slipped the blonde another kiss. "I love you."

"Since when?" Hakuba asked tentatively. "We hadn't seen each other in years before last night." Not that Saguru really minded their whirlwind courtship.

"I fell in love with you when I fell on top of you," Kaito informed him, rolling over onto his side. "But…you've been in the back of my mind ever since that day I went up to the roof to check on you. Seeing you so emotionally raw like that really had an effect on me. I'd never really thought much about the real you behind the deerstalker and the inverness coat before, but that day made me see you differently. You left before I could fall for you, but you left an impression on me that's lasted these past five years. You know what they say. 'Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires.' Francois de La Rochefoucauld."

"Kuroba…" Saguru mumbled, staring at his hard-won love.

"Okay, after last night, do you really think that's what I want you to call me?" The thief-turned-cop rolled his marvelous eyes.

"Kaito…I love you too," Hakuba declared, looking the other young man right in the eye.

Kaito could see the deep-seated passion and dedication in those golden orbs. "I know you do," he chuckled, playfully nipping his boyfriend on the ear. "You said so a million times last night. Now, let's get up, get breakfast, and get back to Tokyo so that we can move you out of your ex-boyfriend's place before he comes home. He really does look like a Pit-bull, and I don't want to be introduced."

"Wait. Where am I going to stay, if I move out of Takeshi's apartment?" Saguru blinked. They hadn't quite thought this through.

"With me. With your dad." Kaito shrugged, sitting up. "I don't really care as long as you're safe, warm, and somewhere he can never touch you again. You're mine now." He stated it simply, matter-of-factly, and it made Saguru absolutely giddy.

He liked having a possessive boyfriend…well, one that actually cared about his wellbeing rather than being concerned about their 'property' being handled by another.

"Oh, yes. You said that we would be returning to Tokyo, but the apartment's in Yokohama," Saguru remembered.

Kaito blinked. "Oh, yeah. You did say Yokohama, didn't you? Oh, well. Even better, since the Yokohama stop comes before Tokyo on the Shinkansen."

The brunette got out of bed and paused. "Where did my pants go?"

Saguru just laughed. It figures that he would get a knight in shining armor sans armor. Though, the night before when he'd been praying for his prince to come, he hadn't really been picky. Considering the circumstances, he'd done exceptionally well.

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