Year 18,300 of the Second Goa'uld Dynasty

Alloa a Goa'uld Queen in service to Nirrti looked over her creation, her daughter, not a symbiote like so many. Jamilla a tiny little girl, less than a half of a kilogram in weight, Alloa had birthed her today. Her lord Nirrti had commanded the creation of a new host that would be suitable for a system lord. Not just a system lord but a supreme system lord and Jamilla was her first prototype. Jamilla was going to be the host to one of the symbiotes that she had spawned and during her life the symbiote was going to be tested to see what effect the changes that Alloa had performed while the child was in her womb had wrought, how it affected the symbiote.

Jamilla wasn't just a human child; she bore within her the entire genetic memory of the Goa'uld. Alloa had lain with another Goa'uld in order to conceive her. Beyond that Alloa had adjusted Jamilla within the womb so that along with the genetic memory of the Goa'uld her muscle and bone density was increased, along with these adjustments Jamilla's immune system was adjusted so that her immune system functionality was improved. Along with increased functionality it would also no longer produce antibodies to repel the goa'uld, not that it worked of course however it was tiring for the Goa'uld. as such it was one of the leading factors that led to Goa'uld aging.

Year 18,308 of the Second Goa'uld Dynasty

Evelat writhed in agony as she waited for her God. Her prim'ta had matured and she was waiting to be implanted with a new prim'ta. Her God had chosen her to protect a special new prim'ta. It was the strongest prim'ta of her God's latest spawning. Jaffa did not have an immune system and she was suffering the effects of having no prim'ta. She was too hot, she was shivering and convulsing, and she had a hacking cough.

She was the high priest of Alloa, she knew that she had not betrayed her God, but she was beginning to wonder why her god expected her to suffer this.

She heard the door open and out of the corner of her eye she spotted her God. Following her was two Jaffa priestesses carrying a symbiote tank. Her new prim'ta, "Thank you my God," she muttered.

Evelat saw her God open the symbiote tank and withdraw a prim'ta. She heard her God's voice resonate, "This symbiote is important. It is your responsibility to defend, protect and nurture. If you fail me Evelat you will know my wrath. When I am finished with you Evelat you will beg for your next death to be your last and at this point I will give you to Nirrti and she will make me look generous."

Evelat shuddered but confidently answered "Yes my God." At this the priestess folded back the flaps of Evelat's symbiote pouch and the God placed the prim'ta in the symbiote pouch. Suddenly Evelat began to cool, her fever was breaking, her muscles calmed as she stopped shivering and she felt no need to cough.

Year 18,312 of the Second Goa'uld Dynasty

Muscle memory, the process of accustoming your body to a set of movements through practice and trial and error. Alloa intended on providing her chosen symbiote with the perfect host by preparing the host to perform in combat by drilling combat abilities into the host. Jamilla spent six hours a day with one of Alloa's personal guard practicing combat. Jamilla was born with the knowledge of how to fight, she was an expert in various martial arts, however Jamilla's body did not know how to fight. Sometimes the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Year 18,315 of the Second Goa'uld Dynasty

Alloa was standing in front of a communications globe. Within the globe was the face of her master, the System Lord Nirrti. "Is the host ready for implantation?"

Alloa nodded, thinking over Jamilla, and of the symbiote within Evelat. "Yes my Lord, as is the symbiote."

Nirrti's eyes glowed, "Then it is time. I hope it proceeds well and that you have a suitable host for me soon."

Alloa smiled, it was time for all the she had prepared to come into being. Jamilla was going to be implanted with the symbiote within Evelat. A Harsesis like Jamilla with the adjustments made by Alloa would make the perfect host for the new Goa'uld. When it worked Jamilla would be the first of a new generation of hosts for all Goa'uld.

Alloa called for her personal guard 'Have Evelat to report to complex J, also gather more of my personal guard and meet outside complex J.

Jamilla sat on her bed; she knew that it was going to happen soon. She was old enough to be implanted. She didn't understand why she was going to be implanted, she had the genetic knowledge of the Goa'uld but that wasn't good enough for Alloa. She needed to be implanted and a Goa'uld would take over her mind. Despite having the genetic memory of the Goa'uld she didn't recognize within herself the characteristics possessed by her Goa'uld progenitors. She was too human for the Goa'uld.

Jamilla heard her door open and saw four Jaffa enter the room in full armour. They were not Jaffa that she was familiar with; none of them had been involved in her physical education. After the Jaffa guards was Alloa accompanied by High Priestess Evelat and two of her attendants. The Jaffa guards grabbed Jamilla and dragged her into a kneeling position, and Evelat came to position in front of Jamilla so that Jamilla face was in front of Evelat's symbiote pouch.

At this time Alloa smiled and spoke clearly, "Hello little one, its time."