Chapter 11:

The next few days went by pretty fast.

Katerina came to live in the castle and Klaus gave her a room far away from his quarters so that she would cross Bella's path as little as possible. He also gave Rosemarie specific instructions to keep Bella and Katherine apart as much as possible.

The young doppelganger spent a lot of time and energy trying to flirt with him and it annoyed him greatly. She tried to drive a wedge between Bella and himself but it didn't work. Bella had been warned and so had Elijah. Klaus had a really hard time not killing the young Bulgarian girl but he needed her and he knew that his wife would be disappointed if she was to die.

What they didn't know is that Katerina had managed to make Trevor fall in love with her, thinking that she was just an innocent little girl being used against her will. She had told him that she was here because they had threatened to kill her family and Trevor was so malleable that he had believed her without questioning it.


That particular afternoon, Rose and Bella were walking in the gardens, slowly. Indeed, Bella had been sick for the last few days and it worried her friend.

"I'm so tired Rose…and the nausea doesn't seem to leave me… It's always here, all day long..." Bella told her friend as they sat on a stone bench to rest.

"What else is wrong with you?" Rose asked her.

"I cry over nothing and… I don't understand Rose but I'm late…" Bella was crying now.

"What do you mean?"

"This morning I looked at the date… I didn't bleed for over two months… But it's impossible for me to be pregnant Rose… I swear I didn't cheat on Klaus. You know I couldn't..."

"Off course you didn't! No one in their right mind would believe such a thing…" Rose reassured her friend kindly, her face not hiding her worry.

"I'm scared…" Bella's voice was breaking.

Rose looked at her and realised that Bella truly looked scared.

"Did you tell Klaus?" Rose was now allowed to call him by his nickname, being Bella's best friend, she was now in their inner circle.

"No, I didn't… I don't really want him to worry... what if there is something really wrong with me?"

"He's not stupid Bella, I'm sure he's noticed…"

"I think he heard me when I got sick this morning… When I came back, he was awake and looked slightly worried…"

"Well, come with me, one of the witches had training as a doctor from her grandfather..."

The two women left and went towards the quarters where the witches lived. They were welcomed warmly, mainly because they loved Bella so much. They once told her that when she entered Lord Niklaus' life, she changed the future for the better, that's why they loved her so much.

They went to the doctor witch and explained everything to her. After an hour of exams and diverse spells, the witch was in some sort of Trans. By that time, Rose had decided to go and get Klaus. Bella had been asleep for the spells to work so Rosemarie left, telling the witches she would be right back.


"Rose, what are you doing here? You know that it's important for you to be with Bella at all times, especially now with Katerina plotting against her and her being sick…" Klaus said before she could say anything else.

"That's the reason I'm here. Bella told me she has been sick for over a week… she is with the witches right now, they are trying to find out what is wrong with her… They just put her to sleep for a spell to work, but I thought that you would want to be there…"

"Let's go" Klaus said before leading the way, followed by Rose and Elijah.


When they arrived, Bella was just waking up and the witch doctor was coming out of her trans like state.

"Bella, how are you, love?" Klaus asked, rushing her in his arms immediately.

"I'm… I don't know… I'm scared Klaus…" Her loving husband erased her tears with his fingers and looked her in the eyes:

"Everything will be alright my sweet Bella, I promise you."

The witch looked both surprised and happy.

They all looked at her expectantly as she said:

"This is unexpected… Lady Bella, do you remember when I told you that by entering Lord Niklaus' life you changed not only his future but the future of the world for the better?"

Bella nodded, not understanding what this had to do with her being sick.

"Well, it seems that the higher spirits of nature decided to reward you…"

"Reward me…by making me sick?" Bella asked as Klaus tightened his hold on her.

"Not sick miss… You see, the spirits told me that your dream was to have a child… They saw your decision to adopt and save a supernatural child when the time came and were pleased… They decided to give you your dream… Both you and Lord Niklaus have been dreaming of it… You being pregnant with his child…"

"But I'm a vampire…" Klaus protested.

"Yes, you are. The higher spirits are very powerful, they made so that Lady Bella is pregnant with you child… your human child…" The silence in the room was deafening.

"Is this a joke?" Elijah asked, breaking the stunned silence.

"No, it is not. Lady Bella is pregnant with Lord Niklaus' child… Soon to be 3 months pregnant with a human baby… Congratulations!" The witch said as the reality of her words sunk in.

Then, all of the sudden, it seemed like everyone awoke at the same time and Bella found herself in a giant group hug.

They realised that the witch had left the room when she came back with a bag of herbs.

"You should drink this tea everyday, it will make the sickness go away."

"Thank you so much…" Bella managed to say between the tears of joy as Klaus was promising them a pay raise.


They soon went inside and Elijah ordered a celebratory diner to be prepared for that night.

During that time, Klaus and Bella were writing letters for their family. Bella wrote the letter that would be sent to Sage and Rebekah while her husband wrote the one for Kol and Finn. They were explaining Bella's situation and how it came to be, that it was a gift from the higher spirits, and that they would love for them to come and visit for the birth… It was the beginning of May, so the birth should take place around September or October. The letters were given to the witches to send magically.


At dinner, the entire staffs of the castle were invited and Katerina was furious. Not only Lord Niklaus and his brother seemed impervious to her flirting but the Lady was now about to give birth to an heir… She absolutely could not let that happen. The pure joy and complete bliss on the lady's face had to go soon. She couldn't allow her to be this happy and have a child when she had to give up her own. It was unfair. The full moon was fast approaching and she knew the witches had completed the elixir already… Yet she couldn't take that chance… She wanted everything and she would do anything to have it.

That night, Trevor and Rose had an argument.

Trevor wanted Rose to take Katerina's defense, to help her escape… Rose was telling him he was being used but he didn't want to believe it. She ended up leaving their small cottage to take a room in the castle.

As she left he told her "You're going to have to choose who you are loyal to Rose… Me or Lady Isabella…You cannot be loyal to us both now…"

"I hope you wake up before you end up dead." Was her only reply on her way out.


In her bedroom, Bella and her husband were in bed, naked, after a little private celebrating of their own.

"I can't believe that this is happening…" Bella whispered.

"Neither can I… I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met you… I can't imagine my life without you anymore…" Klaus told her before kissing her lovingly all over her face.

"I can't imagine it either… I love you so much…"

"I love you too… Bella, promise me you will be careful please… I can't trust Katerina… I don't like the way she looks at you… I don't know what I would do if something was to happen to you…"

"I promise you… I will be careful."


The next day, Bella, Rose, Klaus and Elijah were talking. Rose asked:

"Why can't we send Katerina away then, if you don't trust her around Bella? You said yourself that you didn't need to break the curse…"

"Yes and another doppelganger would be born in a few hundred years…" Elijah said pensively.

"But she knows about us now and she is on vervain… Trevor gave her some…" Bella protested.

"The idiot fell in love with her." Rose explained, furious at her friend's betrayal.

"She knows what kind of power she can have now and she won't stop before she gets it." Klaus guessed.

"We just have to be careful then, make sure she is watched…" Elijah suggested.

"It's decided then…" Bella said as she sat down on her husband's lap.

"You're tired?" Klaus asked her.

"Just a little…"

They all went their own way and Klaus took Bella to their room for her to nap. He decided to stay with her.


Walking in the gardens a few days later, Katerina was waiting for Trevor. He was completely under her power and she knew it. She had spent the last few days watching Lady Isabella and her family in a complete bliss. They were happy and Bella was even prettier now if possible… She shook her head as she saw her puppet approach.

"I apologise for my being late Miss Katerina. I had to feed." Trevor informed her.

"I understand completely Trevor, it's natural…" she put on a sad face.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just that… don't you think it's unfair that Lady Bella is expecting a child when mine was taken away from me and that they refuse to find her for me?" she had fake tears down her cheeks and Trevor fell for it completely.

"You are right… She doesn't deserve it… The lady came here and stole all the attention…and my best friend fell for it…Rose is being used and she doesn't see it… She is not a nice person…"

"I'm sure she is bewitching everyone with some sort of heavy magic… We should take care of her…" Katerina looked up in Trevor's eyes and knew that he agreed with her.

"I wonder what the best way to do it would be…" Trevor wondered.

"We have to target the baby…We need to kill her unborn child." The devious woman suggested, knowing that he would agree with everything she suggested.

"You're right… I know a man in town who is good with poisons… I'll go ask him immediately."

Nobody had heard them and when Trevor came back a few hours later, he had in his possession a little vial of poison. He had also gotten Katerina a medallion that would protect her from any witches detection spell.

They now had a plan.


On the opposite side of the castle, the eldest of the witches went to find Klaus:

"You need to start giving your blood to Bella daily… Something is coming… Someone is going to try and kill her from the inside… I can't see the details, all I know is that if you feed her your blood, she will either heal or complete the change…"

"Thank you… Thank you for protecting my love…"

"You're welcome… We all love her very much… Like we said, she is going to change the world for the better…"

After that, the witch left and Klaus went to find Bella. He told her about the talk he just had with the witch and she agreed to start drinking his blood every morning. Since it was the middle of the afternoon, he gave her some already, saying that you could never be too careful.


The next day at lunch, Katerina sat next to Bella.

She had to speed things up if she didn't want to die...the full moon was that night and everything was in place on both sides…

Everything was going fine until a maid, obviously compelled, tried to pour the vial into Bella's glass.

When she was spotted, Katerina was really irritated. Trevor could have chosen a better maid to do his dirty job. She would have to finish it herself later...

"It's not really her fault, someone compelled her." Elijah explained later.

They decided to be even more careful and they took Bella into her quarters to rest. Seeing that they were all leaving her behind, ignoring her, Katerina was overtaken with rage. While they were with Bella, she took one of the knives on the table and killed the maid so she didn't say anything to anyone. She soon after left and went in her room.

As the afternoon came to an end, she left her room and went to Bella's quarters. Klaus and Elijah were just leaving. She knew that Rose was on vervain somewhere in the park so it meant that she was now free to finish the job. She had everything planed, after she killed the Lady, she would leave and change…


Katerina entered the room and the new presence awoke Bella. She knew that she was alone, everybody was downstairs or in the back yard preparing for the ritual. She was surprised to see Katerina standing here. She knew it meant she was in trouble. She had to stall because she remembered Klaus promising to come and see her before the ritual.

"Katerina, what are you doing here?" She asked, trying to look braver then she felt.

"You know, I don't understand how you got Klaus' attention… You're nothing special, yet he loves you more than anything…" Katerina said disdainfully, ignoring Bella's question and looking down on her.

"I love him too…" Bella replied softly.

"I don't care! You don't deserve him and you don't deserve to be with his child. You don't deserve this wealth." The doppelganger was acting like a spoiled child now.

"I don't know what is wrong with you Katerina, but I'm sure we can talk about it…" Bella was once again trying to be the better person.

She really hoped that Klaus would come fast. She knew that yelling for help wouldn't help since the room was spelled to keep the loud noises in so that nobody could hear them during the night…

Katerina kept the furious look on her face and as she neared Bella she said:

"You won't live to see another day. Once you're dead, I'm leaving. I will change and once Klaus has forgotten all about you, I will come and find him and he will give me the world shall I ask for it." She was now close enough that she was speaking in Bella's ears.

"You don't stand a chance. If I die he will never forgive you. He loves me too much." Bella protested before she was daggered in the stomach.

While Bella was falling on the floor, bleeding and unconscious, Katerina ran away. She had Trevor's blood in her and all she had to do was to die. They had planned for her to hide in a small farm nearby. As she got there, she saw that everything went as planned. She looked up to see the full moon high in the sky with a satisfactory smile before entering the house to see that Trevor was not here. He was probably wasting his time, and probably his life, trying to convince Rose to take his side. Just when she was about to go on and die without waiting for him, he arrived, alone.


As she felt the knife entering her body, Bella knew that something terrible was happening. She was scared for not only herself but also her unborn child… She knew he was dying… She was crying, unable to call for help, not knowing if she was going to die or not... If she kept on bleeding out, she wouldn't get the option of changing... Her child would probably die...


At the castle, Klaus was the first to smell his love's blood.

The witch that was with them called magically for her "sisters" while Klaus and Elijah ran upstairs faster than ever before. They had spent a good part of the afternoon looking for Rose and just found her in the basement full of vervain and just as Klaus could start to smell his love's blood, she whispered:

"Bella's in danger… Katerina…Trevor…betray…kill…" They ordered a maid to take care of the brunette vampire before running upstairs.

Klaus burst through the door and the sight of his love, unconscious, pale and bleeding on the floor was killing him.

The yell he cried out was so loud that Elijah was sure the town's people had heard him and were wondering what had happened or if some sort of beast monster was around.

"The witch doctor is on her way, they will heal her Klaus… Don't worry, she is strong…" Klaus had now Bella on the bed, in his arms.

He was crying and couldn't say anything to answer his brother.

"I will direct the searches myself brother. I promise you I will do anything in my power to bring Trevor and Katerina to you."

As he said that, Elijah kissed Bella's forehead before turning around. He was about to open the door and leave when Klaus said:

"Thank you, brother…" Elijah gave him a sad smile and went to lead the searches for the traitors as the doctor witch came in, followed by all the other witches of her circle.

You know what to do,


Lorelei Candice Black