Epilogue :

The years had passed and Elena, Bonnie, Kol, Caroline, Tyler, Rebekah, Stefan, Lexi and Matt had graduated. They had all decided to go to college together to prolong as much as possible the human experience. Damon and Rose decided to follow them to enjoy a change of scenery.

Jeremy and Anna were still going strong and instead of going to college immediately, Jeremy had decided to become a vampire and tour the world with Anna for a while. His parents let him make his decision and supported him, knowing that Klaus and his family wouldn't let their precious elder son grow out of control or be alone in his forever. Since they had had other children, they didn't need Jeremy to carry on the Gilbert name anymore and all they cared about was that he was happy.

Jenna had given birth to a little boy they named Noah and after they got married had gotten pregnant again, with a girl this time, that she called Vanessa. Alaric and her were very happy together. She was a doctor in psychology while he was a high school history teacher. They were the perfect human couple.

Lucy and Zack got married a couple of months after Jenna and Alaric and they had a boy that was Vanessa's age. His name was Joseph 'Joe' Salvatore and he did show signs of magic, just like his mother. Vanessa was his best friends until they got into High school. There they drifted appart. While Vanessa hung out with her old friends and was top of her class, Joe joined the sports team and ignored his old friends.

Elena was happy with Elijah. He was giving her everything she needed and seemed to be happy with her. They had decided that she would become a vampire after her college graduation. She kept on putting her human blood aside and she gave it to Klaus for safekeeping. They all joked saying that in a way, she was the mother of Klaus' hybrids and it wasn't that surprising to learn that the hybrids that did exist, did whatever they could to protect her.

Speaking of Hybrids, Mason was happy in this new life and spent it touring the world, looking for werewolves who needed help. He was known to the werewolves and the vampires as Klaus' first hybrid and close friend. If they wanted to become hybrids, he sent them Klaus' way, otherwise he just did his best to help them. He hadn't found love yet but he had time, he saw no reasons to rush. Right now he didn't feel like he needed love in his life, he had enough love drama when he came home and had to deal with Tyler and Caroline's drama.

Tyler and Caroline had had a lot of ups and down in their relationship but they were on the way to become the future version of Tyler's parents. It kind of saddened their friends but there was nothing they could do about it. They would probably get married after college and have a few children but wouldn't be completely happy, not all their lives.

Kelly Donovan had finally gotten it together and was a pretty good mother now. She had welcomed Lexi in her family and the three of them were pretty happy together. Matt and Lexi decided to go to College in California. They could afford it since Lexi had a lot of money from her numerous vampire days and they enjoyed it. Lexi decided to become an elementary school teacher while Matt became a lawyer. They eventually distanced themselves from their friends in Mystic Fall's and led their human lives together, away from the supernatural. Their children never learned that their mother used to be a vampire or that their parents used to know the heroes of their favourite fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast".

Bonnie took the herbs for many years and when she graduated college, she looked just like she did the day she graduated High School. She decided to become a vampire a few years later, knowing that the Bennett line of witches was assured now that her parents had gotten back together and that her mother was pregnant again. She was very happy with Kol and couldn't imagine her life without him. They were too good together for her to let something like humanity get in the way. She didn't need her powers.

The Gilbert twins and the Mickealson's twins grew up together and were so close that the Council members, their parents and their supernatural friends started calling them the 'four elements'. They were the best of friends, always together, having fun and playing pranks. When one got caught, he never gave away the others, even though everybody knew that they were also involved. At school, they hung out in different circles but always ended up gravitating back to each others. When one didn't understand a lesson, the others always helped him and because of that, they were the top of their class.

Miranda and Grayson had other children after that. First they had a girl that they called Dawn, then another boy that they called Jason. After that they got false twins that they called Simon and Lucy. For a couple who used to have trouble getting pregnant, they seemed to be much more prolific when the Originals where in town. Miranda was convinced that it was because of Bella, that she was their lucky charm. Grayson didn't mind the reason, he was just happy to see his big house filled with children and his wife happy.

Klaus and Isabella stayed in town so their children could grow up in one place and if everyone else left at some point, they always got together for big family meetings.

As the twins grew up, it became obvious that they could swim as fast as mermaids and could breeze under water, could connect with the elements like elementals and that they could connect their minds together like fairies. They were really gifted but fortunately, they were raised the right way and never used their gifts for wrong reasons.

When they became at an age where they stopped growing up and reached the body they would keep forever, Candice got worried that she would lose the boy she loved forever, her best friend, Georges Gilbert. She could never explain why she loved Georges and not Kevin but since he loved her too, nobody really cared to find an explanation. All that mattered was that they were happy together.

Eventually, Georges grew the courage to talk to his parents about becoming a vampire to be with Candice and his parents surprised him when they agreed, knowing the Mickealson's, Elena and his big brother Jeremy would keep an eye on him forever. They had been getting ready for this conversation to come up ever since they had realised just how close their elder twins where with the Mickealson's and when Candice and Georges started dating, they knew that he would eventually become a vampire.

When they went to talk with Kevin about it the young man assured them that he wanted to stay human. He would spend his life in contact with his brother and their friends but he wanted to get married and have children. He didn't want to live forever and everyone accepted this too.

Lucas was happy for his sister and he wasn't too worried about the fact that he hadn't found love yet. He had time. He had forever to find someone and because his sister found Love early it didn't mean that he was ready for it because he knew that he wasn't.

Alice and Jasper were also doing very well together. They travelled a lot and if they come back home often to keep in touch with everyone, they loved being independent. Sometimes, they would travel with family members or join them in college but most of the time, they loved travelling, getting to know other supernatural species and making more friends.

Bella and Klaus were pretty satisfied with the way their lives went and forever looked even brighter than the past had been.

"Our family circle just keeps on growing..." Bella noticed the night it had been decided that Candice would have forever with Georges and that Jeremy would be the one to change him.

"It's hard for me to remember how things were before you joined us... Everything was so dark and I was so alone... Now I look around and see people I care for, our family and most importantly, you... I don't think I could be any happier." He replied, hugging her from behind as they watched the sun set together.

"Neither could I." Bella replied with a happy sight.

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