Summary: The senior class of 2012 are about to graduate and junior class wants to do something special for them.

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Alli Bandhari pulled up into Degrassi's parking lot. She looked around and saw only a few parked cars. From the distance she could see Connor and KC making their way up to the school. Checking her hair in the rear view mirror, she turned to look at passenger seat where her best friend, Clare Edwards, sat. The two girls had apologized to each other about the Jake incident and were now back to BFF's. "You ready for this?"

Clare yawned and gazed at the school, "I can't believe you talked me into doing this." She stepped out of the car and looked around. The sky was dark and there was not a single car on the street. Why would there be. Seeing that it was two in the morning. Clare followed Alli to the trunk of her car.

"Well it was your idea to begin with." Alli opened the trunk getting the things she needed.

"I was joking about it." Clare retorted.



A couple of weeks ago, Clare was over at Alli's just hanging out. The duo was in Alli's room. The radio was turned up playing the latest song from One Direction and the two girls were singing along to it. Clare was lying on Alli's bed flipping through an issue of Sizzle Teen magazine, and Alli was sitting on the floor painting her toenails.

"Can you believe the year's is almost ending? In less than a month Drew, Eli, and the rest of the seniors will be graduating. And three months later we will be seniors. "

"I know." Clare replied. She tried not to think about Eli graduating. Clare and Eli had got back together at the Frostival, but were taking things slow. When Clare found out Eli was accepted to University of Toronto she was happy for him but at the same time a bit sad. Eli would be away in college while Clare was stuck at Degrassi. But Clare kept reminding herself, it's just for one year. After that she will be at U of T with Eli.

"You know what's funny? I'm going to miss this senior class than past seniors. Sav's senior class was kinda "meh"…" Alli said breaking Clare out of her thoughts.

"I know what you mean." Not only was she going to miss Eli. But many of the seniors, like Bianca. Even though the two girls never talked to one another. She was known as the school slut but wanted to change when unimaginable things happened to her. "You know we should do something special for the seniors."

Alli looked at Clare curiously, "Like what put on a play or something? Hey, maybe we can ask those two niners if we can use that friendship song they did."

Clare laughed, "Or maybe we can put a little something special in their lockers."

Alli' eyes grew wide, "We should totally do that. And we can ask our class to help out. Be like a gift from the juniors to the seniors. And the best part we can incorporate it with the Junior vs Senior wars."

The Junior vs. Senior Wars was tradition at Degrassi. At the end of the year the juniors and seniors would pull pranks on one another. The pranks were always unexpected and would surprise the intended target(s). Eli told Clare he was going to get her when she least expected it. In turn, she threatened him, if he pulled a prank on her there will be no more make-outs sessions in his room or at the abandoned church.

"Can you just imagine the looks on their faces when they open their lockers. It will be priceless." Alli grabbed her phone and began texting.

"Als, I was just-"

"To late, sent the text to all the juniors." She waved her phone at Clare.



Clare and Alli approached the school and saw a handful of the juniors standing at the front entrance. Clare had to laugh when she saw Adam sprawled out on one of the benches asleep and Liam was poking him with a stick. Dave and KC were leaning against the wall talking about the basketball game that was on the night before. When Dave saw Alli and Clare coming up to them he smiled. "About time you showed up." He said giving Alli a chaste kiss.

"Sorry, I had a hard to getting Clare to get up. That girl sleeps like a rock. And when I did get her to wake up, she wanted to kill me."

Clare rolled her eyes and she moodily asked. "Is everyone here?"

Dave was surprised at her tone of voice. She quickly apologized to him, "Sorry, not fully awake yet."

Dave chuckled and looked around, "I think everyone is here."

"So, how exactly are we going to get in?" KC replied as he pulled the front doors of Degrassi.

Adam who had just woken up gazed up at the school, "We're not going to break a window to get in are we?"

"No breaking windows. Because I have these." Clare took out some keys from her pocket.

Adam gawked at her, "Edwards. How did you get those? The only student that has a key to the school is Katie."

Placing the key into the keyhole. Clare looked at Adam, "Having a sister that use to date an old principal son has its perks. And what's more surprising. They never changed the locks. Even after Vegas Night. I wouldn't be surprised if these are the same locks for when Simpson went here."

Clare unlocked the door and went inside, the rest of the juniors followed right behind. Looking around, Clare couldn't help but shiver. The school looked eerie with its empty and dark halls. Connor strolled over to the light switch and was about to turn them on. But Alli stopped him.

"Don't turn them on we don't want to get caught. In case a cop car decide to stroll by and see a lit up school at two in the morning."

"How exactly are we to see then?' Connor asked.

Alli took out a flashlight from her bag and handed it to Connor. "This." She turned to look at everyone. "Let's get started."

She took out some papers and handed them to everyone, "Everyone group up. Three per a group."

Once everyone was grouped, Alli instructed where each group was assigned too. "And KC, Jenna, and Liam. You guys take care of the ones in the left hallway." She strolled over to the bags that she and Clare brought in. "All the things you need are in here. And if you need anything from the storage or science classroom let me know."

Clare watched as her fellow classmates looked through the bags getting the items they needed. She saw Wesley and Hannah walking down the right hallway both carrying boxes. The two were talking excitedly about something. "I think that could work, Wes." Clare heard Hannah say as the two disappeared down the hallway.

Adam came up to Clare, "Ready for this, Miss Delinquent?" He handed her a can of silly string.

Clare couldn't believe she was doing this. Sneaking out of the house in the dead of night and breaking into the school. She thought she should feel guilty for doing this but she wasn't. She reminded herself, she was doing it for the seniors and also she's a teenager. She's entitled to act out of rebellion once in awhile. Taking the can, Clare grinned. "Let's do this."

First of all I never heard of One Direction, I had to Google them. And after listening to one of their songs... I well... shut it off after listening ten seconds of it. Sorry, One Direction fans. I don't understand the big hype of them is about. I only used them because it would seem like Clare and Alli would be big fans of them.

Now that you know what this story is about. This will be one-shots of the seniors opening their lockers and getting surprises. So what will be in store for Katie, Marisol, Eli, Mo, and the rest of the seniors?

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