A/N: Wow... I really don't know what to say about this. It's not completely obvious I guess but this is a Murtag/Eragon piece wich means INCEST. If you don't like this then leave now because I won't be humoring flamers- they piss me off. Anyways, to those of you who like this, please enjoy. It just came to me in the middle of the night and I did my best to fix it up.


By Jaysnow-Silverblaze

It was painful.

I loved him, loved how humble and unsure he was, how loyal, how proud. I loved our spars, the way we would collapse in exhaustion after them, how I could stare into his eyes for hours and he never seemed to find it awkward. I loved that I could be rough, wrestling him to the ground just so I could claim his lips, or gentle, stroking his hair away from his face so I could see him better.

I hated the truth. He was mine. Mine and only mine. Mine to hold, mine to please, mine to protect; but he didn't know the truth. If I had my way he never would.

Seeing him grinning at me with that wide dopish grin makes me want to ravage him- and I have done so multiple times- but today all I do is cup his face and kiss him tenderly- I know what you're thinking, 'Murtagh? Tender?' but it is true, there is one person, and one person only, who I allow to see me this way.

My chaste thoughts began to be contorted into lust as his tongue- oh so demanding- urges me to allow him entrance. I find myself responding, my hand traveling down his shirt until I can reach under it; stroking my scarred fingers against his stomach, his chest, his hardened nipple- he lets out a muffled moan into my mouth.

I loved this feeling of complete perfection I had whenever he responded to my attentions. I chuckled darkly at his reaction and judging from the pressure against my leg, the dark voice goes straight to his cock.

Truthfully, this is wrong, I know it to be wrong and yet the bronze haired Dragon Rider tempts me just so! How could I possibly reveal to him the truth? How could I possibly allow him to escape from me?

Almost viciously I thrust my hand into his pants and drag a finger across his moistened head. The lust filled moan that fills the air solidifies my resolve. No one can have my beauty, no one will take him away from me.

Not the elf girl.

Not the Varden.

Not even our father.

Eragon, is mine.

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