this will be an interesting one, this chapter introduces you to me and the whole plot of the story, Vegeta's 17, you can figure my age if you read the chapter and this isn't necessarily an A/U, it could go along with the timeline at least as of now. This is like a pg or so because of some low level swearing but it'll go up later for blood death and gore!

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Broken spirits

He entered the room. It wasn't unusual to say, he'd been called in here before. Many times, Frieza just seemed to like annoying the hell out of him. All the time he wanted him to do something, this or that. When he became the legendary super Saiya-jin he'd make Frieza do everything he wanted!

He was so distracted by his plots of revenge that he hit into a person in front of him, that, till now, he hadn't realized was in the room. "Watch it!" He screamed before he could think.

"ME! You hit into me!" A feminine voice hissed out. "You watch it brat!" He took a good look at the person he had hit into. She was shorter then himself, most likely a little younger too. Her skin was so pale, but it glowed, away from her silver hair and garnet red eyes. Those eyes. They reminded him of someone's, but they looked bigger and more innocent then anyone he ever met could have made them look. But what would someone like that be doing on Friezas ship.

He looked her body over now. She was smaller then him but in an elegant way. Long legs for someone small as she was and very well shaped. She wore saiyan armor with one strap nonexistent and the other leading from the left plate across the right shoulder to the right back. The suit underneath it only showed at the bottom of the armor, almost like a body suit but on her left leg it was like a short shorts leg. He legs were bare from there on till her boots which also had a new style to them. The right went up to the thigh and the left only slightly above the ankle. And on her hip hung a sword, some type of rocky blue gem sitting upon the elegant white marble handle with a gold trimmed, white sheath. "Got a staring problem!" She leaned forward, putting her hands on her hips.

"Just getting a better look at the little bitch who thinks she can tell me off." He smirked.

Her face grew red and her hands balled into fists. "Don't ever say anything about my height shorty! You're four years older then me and you aren't that much taller then I am!"

"How do you know how old I am?" He said unbelievingly. "I've never even seen you before shorty."

Her face grew even redder for a moment but she regained herself and bottled up her anger again, her face regaining its normal color. "My mother told me about you."

"I don't believing I ever truly met any woman that knew much about me, unless she died on one of those planets I cleared."

Her face grew even paler but only for a moment. "No, she knew you but not personally. You didn't kill her.." She gave a smug look and turned away from him. "I doubt you could've."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes until something caught his eye. A fluffy brown tail, attached to her body! "You're saiyan!"

"I thought you would've seen that the first time you looked me over." She turned back around but she didn't look to smug now, more like a little amazed he hadn't realized it before. "I thought you knew."

"You can't be! Who put you up to this trick! Tell me and I might let you live."

"It isn't a joke! I really am a Saiya-jin!"

" Nice try, only me, Nappa and Raditz survived the destruction!" He grabbed her tail roughly to rip it from her but stopped when he felt the bones below the surface cracking under the force. She had fallen to her knees her head bend down, her forehead touching the ground. His eyes wide, he let go of her tail. It finally hit him, another saiyan!

After a minute or two the girl got back up.

"You're a saiyan...You really are." She nodded her head. "How?"

"lord Frieza saved me I was trained privately for the past thirteen years. I never saw anyone but him and my trainers."

"Vegeta regained himself and his face turned from surprise to its normal emotionless cover. "What's your name."


"Original." He laughed.

"My mother wanted it to have meaning! Flameandria means fire! It symbolizes courage, strength and passion! More then I can say for your name."

Vegeta was pissed now. "My name is the name of the planet of the greatest worrier race ever."

"It's not there any longer so it's not the name any longer now is it? Sorry but it's the truth. We should just realize it and deal with it, we're both ruled by the ice-jins now. For the rest of our lives we'll serve another. We both need to see that."

Vegeta growled. "You can serve him, but I refuse to! Soon he'll be begging for his life at my feet."

"You still believe you can get away? You truly are amazing You've got more determination then anyone I've ever seen."

The door opened suddenly and Frieza came in. Vegeta bowed and knelt on one knee. Flameandria bowed at the waist but did not kneel. 'Get down you idiot, you'll get yourself killed!' He thought.

"Well you two have already met I see. Chiller, come here." Flameandria was the one to respond, walking up to him and bowing, taking a place by his side. "I see you've met my daughter Vegeta."

Vegetas mouth dropped. He stared at her eyes. He saw it now, their eyes are the same, but suddenly Flameandrias eyes looked hopeless and sad, no longer innocent and happy as they were a few minutes ago. Her eyes looked...dead.