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Broken Spirits

Chapter 8-

Vegeta entered her room once more and laid her on the bed. "Are you going to do this every time you get out of this room woman? I'm really tired of having to haul your ass in here and take care of you every time you get in over your head."

She did not look up, her eyes closed in the pain and her body unmoving. She tried to concentrate on something other then the pain, keep her mind as she felt as though her body was being ripped apart. Her head throbbed and she was almost certain she would die of the pain. She tried to move her tail to only have a pain worse then anything she'd felt before tear through her body, from the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes. She cried out as much as she could, her throat so sore it could barely make any sound at all.

"You fool!" He put his hand over her mouth to stop her from crying out more. When she calmed and lowered her voice to a whimper he removed his hand from her moth. He looked her over. "You've really need help. I don't know what to do with you... even if I do get you the help you need your father will kill you for getting the help you need..."

She cracked her eyes open. She pushed her back up a bit, whimpering with the pain that ran through her body again.

"What are you doing!" Vegeta placed his hand behind her head and help her to sit up though he still kept her leaning back a bit. "are you stupid! Why do you keep trying to move?!"

She looked at him, giving a weak smile then closing her eyes. He looked at her with concern as she began to chant. A brilliant pastel shade of green surrounded her and flared out.

Vegeta backed away in shock, almost fear as her body lifted into the air. The light that surrounded her body illuminated the room, filling it with a greenish glow. The light seemed to be piercing her body as it flew right into her making her body jerk with the force, but it did not exit the other side but disappearing into her body. Every inch of her body was glowing and absorbing the light into it, like a sponge with water.

While the sight was scary he could not tear his eyes away. He found himself mesmerized by it, utterly dumbfounded. He soon realized the scrapes and cuts she'd received were closing and healing. the bones that had broken or snapped out of place snapping back together where they belonged.

The light flared once more, more vibrant and larger then ever and her head was thrown back as the light slowly started to fade back within her body. Her body slowly lowered to the bed once more. All signs of her fights, her wounds, they were gone. She had healed perfectly in a matter of seconds, right in front of him.

She lay on the bed, however, lazily. Her body was exhausted and she could barely maker her muscles to move for as simple a task as breathing. The small smile, however, could not be helped when she found Vegetas stare towards her.

"Tiger. clan..." She managed to rasp out. "Healing..."

Recovering from his shock Vegeta shook his head in attempt to shake it off. "Just hurry up and heal your energy now. You're no use to anyone if you're half dead." He sighed and stood to leave. She watched him. Somehow she didn't want him to go...

"Vegeta." She called, causing him to stop and look back to her.


"I.. I mean I..." She was stuttering, she knew it. It was only irritating Vegeta more that she was not spitting out her words.

"What is it?!"

"I.. uh.. thanks...."

Vegeta replied with a 'hmph' and left her alone, closing the door behind him and leaving her in darkness.

The dark room filled her senses. The cool sheets and blanket about her comforting, she was soothed and relaxed. The pure silence of the room soon brought to her exhausted and sore body the rest it so needed. And in her deep sleep the images of all she was and all that was to be came to her, like a movie.

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