Chapter 8

"This is… interesting." Discord said to himself.

The draconequus was currently sitting on top of the tallest spire in Canterlot, observing the curious sight below him. The city itself looked like it had just finished a massive battle. Some of the buildings had been reduced to rubble. Smoke rose from a spare few locations, indicating that there were either still a few small fires, or they had only recently been put out.

In the streets there were ponies. But they were not happy, smiling, or even looking snobbish. This is Canterlot after all. No, they looked miserable, weary, and humbled.

All of this was fine and dandy for Discord, but what really caught his attention were the giant bipedal monsters that patrolled the streets. They all appeared to wear some sort of armor, their faces vaguely resembled primates, and for the most part were twenty to thirty feet tall. They strolled down the streets much like how Celestia's guards would. However, unlike Celestia's guards, these giants did so in a much more dictatorship- like fashion. They ordered ponies to move out of their way regardless of what they were doing, and occasionally threatened them by pointing strange looking sticks at them, which the ponies seemed to fear very much. It was very clear to Discord that these giants had invaded Equestria, successfully defeated Celestia…

…and had caused enough chaos for him to break free again.

"Well, it would be rude of me to not give my thanks…" Discord mused to himself as he twirled his beard. "Then again, they do look dangerous, and it would probably be in my best interest to not give them a head's up. Then again, trolling them would be quite fun, and I am very curious as to what these things are. Besides, I'm the Spirit of Chaos! What could they possibly do to me?"

His mind made up, Discord began searching for a target. One giant in particular caught his attention. It was noticeably a little taller than most of them, was a purple- ish blue color, and had a pair of tall horns on its head. Also, it appeared to be giving orders to some of the other giants. This meant it was a figure of authority, so perhaps Discord could get some answers out of it. Maybe it was their leader?

Discord snapped his fingers, disappeared in a puff of smoke, and reappeared on the shoulder of the horned giant a second later.

"Why hello there my friend, do you have a minute to talk?"

The giant jumped a little. "What the?!" The giant attempted to swat away Discord with his hand, which was easily dodged by the draconequus.

Discord was casually floating in front of the giant's face. "Now, now, let's not be so hostile. There's just a few questions I would like you to answer."

The giant looked Discord up and down. "What the pit are you?" The giant asked with a hint of revulsion.

"Oh of course where are my manners? I am Discord. And who might you be?"

The giant narrowed its eyes. "I am Cyclonus, second in command of the Decepticons. And you did not answer my question, organic. I asked what are you, not who are you."

Discord was slightly taken aback by "Cyclonus'" response. Not only did he reply in a rude and blunt manner, but he replied in a tone that implied that he was superior to him. "Hmph. Very well, since you want to know so much. I am a draconequus, or, more specifically, the Spirit of Chaos!"

"The Spirit of Chaos?"


"As in the physical embodiment of chaos?"

"Yes, you could say that."

"I don't believe you."

"No? Well then, could the Spirit of Chaos do this?"

Discord snapped his fingers. Smoke appeared over Cyclonus' head, enveloping his horns. When the smoke dissipated, Cyclonus' horns had been replaced with a pair of rabbit ears.

"WHAT THE SLAG?!" Cyclonus roared out in fury and horror at what Discord did to him. Pony and Decepticon alike turned their heads to see what was going on, and stared in shock.

"It's Discord!" Fancypants cried out. "Run for your lives!" Every pony in the general area scattered. Any Decepticons who were present stared at Discord, curious as to how this one freak could install so much fear. Well, he did just give Cyclonus rabbit ears.

"REVERSE THIS ATROCITY! NOW!" Cyclonus demanded.

"Alright, alright, I was just proving a point." Discord snapped his fingers, and Cyclonus' ears were turned back into horns. "So, now do you believe me?"

"I will admit that you… have magical talent, but you are not the physical incarnation of chaos."

Now Discord was becoming angry. "And just what exactly makes you think I am not chaos, hm?"

Cyclonus stared at Discord for a moment, and then a sly grin appeared on his face. "That is something best explained by my leader, Lord Galvatron."

Discord cocked an eyebrow. "Lord Galvatron? Never heard of him."

"You will soon. Follow me."

His curiosity piqued, Discord followed Cyclonus to wherever he was leading him. They passed by Scourge, who approached Cyclonus. "Cyclonus, what is that?" Scourge asked pointing to Discord, who was casually floating in the air on his back.

Cyclonus pointed his thumb to Discord. "Get this, this Discord fellow here claims to be the "Spirit of Chaos". I'm taking him to see Galvatron."

For a moment Scourge seemed confused, then realization dawned on his face, and he gave a dark chuckle. Discord couldn't but help feel a twinge of nervousness for whatever the two giants seemed to know about.

Eventually the three were at the doors of the Canterlot throne room. Cyclonus opened the doors, and Discord noticed a few changes since he last visited. The lights were slightly dimmed, the stain glass windows were covered over with some metallic looking material, and Celestia's throne and stairs had been replaced with one giant throne chair. Sitting in said throne was a giant. This giant was slightly more bulky than Cyclonus or Scourge, had three horns crowning his head, and was armed with a large cannon on his arm.

"Cyclonus, Scourge, why have you brought forth this pathetic organic before me?" The giant said while eyeing Discord. Discord glared at the insult.

"Lord Galvatron," Cyclonus said, "This organic is a curious specimen. And he claims to be-"

"-The Spirit of Chaos!" Discord interrupted. He disappeared in a cloud of smoke and reappeared in front of Galvatron's face. Cyclonus and Scourge gasped, expecting the draconequus to be incinerated there and then. Instead, Galvatron remained calm, and narrowed his optics.

"What is your name?"

"Discord, oh purplely one."

Galvatron's left optic twitched in annoyance, while Cyclonus brandished his gun. "You insulted Lord Galvatron! Prepare to die!"

"Scourge, hold him back." Galvatron ordered without averting his gaze from Discord. Scourge did as ordered and held Cyclonus back from killing Discord. "So, you are Discord, the Spirit of Chaos?"

"Right you are." Discord smugly replied.

Galvatron folded his arms. "Show me what you can do. Impress me."


"Impress me."

"Well I-"

"Impress me."

Discord snapped his fingers. A small cloud made out of cotton candy and raining chocolate milk appeared out of nowhere. "Behold! Chaos!"

Galvatron remained unamused. With another snap of his fingers, Discord made a rabbit with out- of- proportionally long legs appear.


A bison in a tutu started dancing.


A pile of apples formed to create a face.

"Are you not entertained?" Discord announced.

Galvatron's optics shifted from Discord to the various ridiculous sights before him. Then, he started laughing. "Heh heh heh… heh ha ha ha ha! HEH HA HA HA HA HA! YOU? CHAOS? WHAT KIND OF PATHETIC JOKE IS THIS?"

Discord growled. "Show some respect, you stupid brute! Whether you believe it or not, I am the physical incarnation of chaos! I hold power beyond imagining! I once ruled Equestria for millennia, and now, I shall take it over again!"

"You call your little tricks chaos? Ha! This is mere child's play!"

"Oh, and I suppose you know what true chaos is?"

"Actually I do, as I not only witnessed it first hand, I also personally met and fought the true physical incarnation of chaos!"

"And who might that be?"

"The Chaos Bringer… the Planet Eater… Unicron, the Destroyer."

"… I'm sorry, but did you just say "Unicorn the Destroyer"? Even for me that sounds quite preposterous."

"UNICRON YOU IMEBECILE! Not unicorn! Unicron! CRON!"

"Cron, shmron, what makes your so called "Chaos Bringer" more qualified as the representation of chaos than I?"

"What part of "planet eater" don't you get?"

Discord felt a chill run down his back. Planet eater? Surely that was an exaggeration. "Pft, it's not like you can prove anything to me."

Galvatron darkly grinned. "Look into my eyes. I will show you something."

"This isn't a trick is it?"

"No tricks. I only wish to show you who Unicron was, through my memories. Now shut up and stand still."

"What are you on to- HIGAGURKURK."

As soon as the beams that shot out from Galvatron's optics hit Discord's eyes, the draconequus began spazzing out. A bright light obscured his vision, and then all became clear.

There was no sound, but Discord could see everything. From what he was seeing, he was viewing events from Galvatron's perspective. Galvatron was standing on a metallic gold and grey landscape, devoid of life. Two massive curved spires stood far away to Galvatron's right and left, and a strange thin- looking ring arched over him in the sky. That is, if there was a sky. Black space stretched on above Galvatron, with billions of stars blinking in the distance. Discord realized that Galvatron was in space. Galvatron held up some sort of trinket from a chain around his neck, and appeared to be trying to open it, but to no avail.

Discord noticed that the ground had started shaking. Then, the landscape started shifting and changing, as if it was a giant machine. A wall rose up into the air in front of Galvatron, and Discord realized that the landscape was in fact a machine. The ground beneath rose up and flung Galvatron over the changing gears. He landed, and looked up. Discord nearly wet himself.

Whatever Galvatron was on at the moment, it had transformed into a monstrous titan. It looked like Galvatron in terms of body shape, but it was impossibly huge. Gold and grey armor adorned its body, green soulless eyes stared down upon him, a pair of curved horns rose from its head, and two demonic wings flared out from its back.

And Galvatron was standing right on its chest.

'W-what… is that?' Discord thought to himself, barely forming the words as fear took over. He wanted to run, to leave, but he couldn't. He could only leave once the Galvatron in the real world deemed that he had seen enough.

The titan took flight towards a nearby metallic orb, with Galvatron barely hanging on. When the titan finally reached its destination, it brought its hand down on the orb, smashing whatever it was attacking. Discord realized that the orb in question was a planet, and that the titan had crushed part of a city. And now, the inhabitants of the planet were fighting back.

Streamlined flying creatures darted around the titan, firing energy blasts. Discord witnessed the titan swat away, blast apart, and even devour the flying creatures. A large vessel which appeared to be a flying ship of some sort came too near the titan, and was destroyed with a single blow from the titan's arm.

Something caught both the attention of Galvatron and Discord. A giant purple ray gun appeared and began firing a series of high- powered blasts at the titan's face. The titan noticed this new challenger and swiped at the ray gun, but somehow missed. The ray gun transformed, and turned into a purple Cyclops.

Shockwave raised his arm cannon and bravely fired several times upon the titan without hesitation. The titan breathed a burst of green fire from its mouth, which Shockwave also dodged. The titan appeared infuriated by its opponent, and fired two beams of raw energy from its eyes.

One of the beams hit Shockwave, and completely vaporized the majority of the left half of his body. The light in Shockwave's eye, which was only inches away from being hit by the beam, flickered, and went out. What was left of Shockwave drifted away from the battle, and disappeared into the empty void of space…

Discord's point of view suddenly shifted when Galvatron turned away from just witnessing the death of one of his most loyal followers, transformed into his cannon mode, and fired at the titan's face.

'No! Don't draw its attention!' Discord tried to yell out, but could only say it in his mind.

The titan looked down at Galvatron. But to Discord, it was looking down at him.


The titan reached down and picked up Galvatron, who returned to his robot form.


The titan dangled Galvatron over its mouth, and dropped him into the darkness.


A flash of light blinded Discord, and he found himself back in the Canterlot throne room. He was on his knees and hands, hyperventilating, shaking. He looked up. Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge were glaring down at him.

"W- what… was that?" Discord asked.

"That," Galvatron began, "Was Unicron. He is the true Chaos Bringer. He has devoured countless worlds, killed trillions of lives, and is among the most powerful beings in existence."

"But what about me?! I'm the Spir-"

"You are nothing but a clown!"

Discord flinched.

"Do you hear me? You are nothing but a sad, pathetic, clown. A bad joke."

"B- but I-"

"You know nothing of chaos. And do you know why? Because you are not chaos. You saw my memories. That was true chaos. Your little tricks? Pathetic."

Discord felt something within himself begin to change, as if his whole purpose in life had been suddenly extinguished. He did not realize it, but the color of his body changed from its usual bright pigments- to a dull grey.

"And now, you will die for wasting my time." Galvatron aimed his arm cannon at Discord, and fired. Discord gave a yell of pain as he was blown backwards, hit the throne room door, and slumped to the ground.

Now although Discord had lost all purpose in life, he did not intend to die like this. Before Galvatron could finish him off, Discord snapped him fingers, and he disappeared.


Discord reappeared and landed on soft grass. He groaned in pain. That blast from Galvatron had singed some of his fur, and burned his skin. His back ached. He looked around. He was in the middle of a large field. He guessed that he was somewhere west of Ponyville. Not that it mattered. What he had seen… what he had been told… if that was chaos, then what was he fighting for? His entire view on life had been shattered. He felt useless, pointless. He felt sleepy all of a sudden, and his vision began to fade out.

Discord could faintly hear voices. He couldn't see anything, but he could tell someponies were nearby.

"Hey Hot Spot! I found something!"

"Be careful First Aid! We don't know if it's dangerous."

"But it's injured! Besides, it looks like a pony. Maybe it escaped from the Decepticons?"

"Fine, we'll take it back to base for medical attention…"

Sometime later…

Discord started waking up. He mumbled. He could see blurry figures surrounding him, looking down at him, speaking in unintelligible voices. Everything started to become clearer. From what he could tell he was lying down on a bed with a light over his head. He assumed he was in a hospital. He looked up to whoever was observing him, and would have panicked had he been his "normal" self. However, given his current state, he just didn't give a damn.

Princesses Celestia, Luna, and the Elements of Harmony were staring down at him with stern hostile looks. Behind them were several more of the giants Discord had met earlier, although they seemed somewhat different than the likes of Galvatron or Cyclonus. In fact, they seemed rather curious of him.

A red and white giant was closer than the rest, and seemed to be reading a piece of paper. "According to my analysis, you should need only a few more days in bed, and then you should be all better."

"First Aid, the buck are ya doing?" Applejack bluntly said.

"Treating my patient. Why?"

"That is Discord, the Spirit of Chaos." Celestia explained. "He is one of our greatest enemies, and we must end him before he can start trouble again."

Celestia approached Discord, her horn glowing, when First Aid stepped between her and the draconequus. "And just what do you think you are doing?" First Aid asked.

"Stand aside First Aid, this is business."

"I'm going to treat my patient, and make sure he gets better. Unless you intend to stop me." First Aid said this in a surprisingly hostile and disturbingly creepy tone.

Celestia blankly stared up at the pacifist medic for a moment, and then took a step back. "No." She simply said, not knowing why she was afraid for her safety.

"Oh well that's good to know." First Aid said in a friendly tone and turned his attention back to healing Discord.

Starscream snickered. "Never thought I'd see a sun goddess feel threatened by a peaceful medic."

"Shut up Starscream." Blades said.